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Grade the 1980's  

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Early 80's: Grad school slavery, live in Texas, apartment burns, parents get dumped on by Mt St Helens, I see a tornado.  Saw some good music performances, but prog rock pretty much died out.  Not real great.

Late '80s: Lose a bunch of weight, PhD earned, romance, buy a decent stereo and acquire durable copies of music I like, get jobs, first ever new car, move back to Seattle.  Very strong uptick.


Can't give it an A, but the improvement trend deserves recognition.

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On a personal level, a lot of it sucked. I was bullied a lot, particularly in jr. high. As a military dependent and an introvert I made friends at the speed of rare only to have those rare friends whisked away by yet another move. High school was better, though I would love to be able to go back and warn my younger self of some of the screw ups I was making.


And yet, nostalgia is a heck of a drug. I was proud of my country. I had faith in the future that it would get better.

I miss that faith.



The music was good, I liked big hair bands, and a lot of the movies. The Olympics were awesome, the space shuttle program had me enthused until the Challenger disaster and even after, technology was leaping ahead in amazing ways.


So early 80s C +, Late 80s B-


Or is it the other way around? 😕






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Graduated High school in 1982.  Flunked out of college in 1984, and worked a series of dead end jobs. At this point school didn't matter, other than to learn graphics, and animation skills, because...

I went to Dance clubs. I played a huge amount of games. Got involved in a whole slew of gaming fanzines. Got invited to play with the Hero games folks, and got my first paid illustration gigs.  Worked in Comic books.  Worked the stands as an usher during the 84 Olympics, and saw Brazil beat Italy decisively in soccer. I started collecting the music I ran across in Clubs,  collecting orange crates full of  12 in. Dance singles and Motion Picture soundtracks.


Lots of great action movies, and delectable Trash Cinema (The Sword & The Sorcerer), and I was healthy enough to eat anything (Jack in The Box Ultimate Cheese burgers, with a side of Bacon Cheddar Potato wedges.). Ronald Reagan broke the back of the Soviet union, and it collapsed 6 months after he left office. (Victory over Communism!) Went through three cars.   Started to travel to big conventions, like WorldCon, Gencon, and Comic-con.


For me, the 80's were a grand, young person's Adventure, so I have to Grade it as an A!

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4 hours ago, Old Man said:


Def Leppard



Iron Maiden

Van Halen

Judas Priest

Mötley Crüe


Killing Joke


Faith No More



Guns N' Roses

Beastie Boys



No Thompson Twins?  :)

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I came of age in the 80s, so I feel a lot of nostalgia for that time period. I still enjoy some of the music and movies very much. And I still have and occasionally use several of my 8-bit computers and video game consoles from back then.


And, of course, that's when I discovered role-playing, including Champions. So that's still going on, too. :)


So the decade gets an A+ from the nostalgia perspective.


But outside of nostalgia, it wasn't that great of a decade. I'd give it a C overall.


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23 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

All this history, and no one remembers that it wasn't until the 80s that America discovered Australia.  :lol:




...and the rings of Neptune.  :)


1980's inventions:


- Artificial heart


- CD Player

- Camcorder

- DNA fingerprinting

- Macintosh

- Windows

- Prozac

- DeLorean

- Nicotine patch

- Disposable contacts

- Space Shuttle

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