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HERO System Mobile: GroupPlay Beta


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I have been working on a new feature I'm calling GroupPlay for the HSM app which allows you to network your phones together to play games.  This is still very much an experimental feature which means I could really use your help with testing.  


I will be posting links to get into the beta here once I have them up and running.
















How It Works

  1. The GM will host a game server by going to the GroupPlay screen and pressing the "Host Game" button
  2. Players will join the game by going to the GroupPlay screen and filling in the appropriate details (player name and IP of the server)
    • Player rolls will be sent to the GM from this point on
  3. The GM may also specify the active player via a drop down on the GroupPlay screen
    • Messages from other players will be ignored



  • This is not meant to be a remote session tool, you will need to be on the same physical network
  • Only works on IPv4 networks (for now)


If there's enough interest I may expand the tool to be a remote session tool.  No promises because I think there's ample tools out there already an in development that do this job.


How to report bugs

  • Via the in app tools
  • Email me directly at phil.guinchard@gmail.com
  • Post in this thread


If you have any questions about the feature please feel free to message me directly or open up a conversation here in this thread.

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Both the Android and iOS beta channels are now live so you should be able to get the beta build now.  There's a couple of things I know I need to do around the app going into the background and being suspended.  The next beta should hopefully address those issues but for now I would suggest you keep the app in the foreground to avoid strange behaviour while testing.


Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me test this out. 

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The 1.7.2-beta2 build is now available via the beta channels for iOS and Android.


Patch notes:

  • GMs and players may now text message one another
  • Increased the amount of messages which may be displayed
  • Added a notification sound when a player is selected by the GM


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