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Hero System Mod for Tabletop Simulator

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As we approaching the release of the Mod I thought breaking off a new topic focused on the Mod itself would be wise.

Here is an update on the current benefits of the Hero System Mod for Tabletop Simulator.

Import from Hero Designer

Onscreen Combat Record with sections for: -

  • Primary and Secondary stats
  • Movement types
  • Distance/range finder
  • Ability to alter stats
  • Skills list
  • Maneuvers/ Martial arts list
  • Locational hits
  • Quick dice roller
  • Custom Dice Roll list with roll editor.


Where possible all of the above allow the "Click to roll" Dice rolls and modifiers for: -

  • Stat rolls
  • Skill Rolls
  • To hit rolls
  • Manoeuvres
  • Normal Damage
  • Killing Damage


Onscreen Combat Turn manager

  • Keeping track of turns, segments and phases for all participants.
  • Displays Speed, dexterity and future phases for all participants.
  • Allows the Gm to activate, hold and abort phases for all participants 
  • Logging all combat activities and times.
  • Can hold a full or half phase till it is activated.
  • Add or remove combatants
  • Display a visual turn track of the next 12 segments including post segment 12
  • Free floating windows for the combat manager and combat records enable players to focus on the action.
  • Gm can have up to 16 active combat records at any time.
  • Each combat record can be used to run multiple characters (mooks)

General benefits

  • 3d environment with lighting
  • Lots of models and easy to make your own 
  • Supports “flat” figures so any digital assets in Roll20 can be moved.
  • Support for maps from any digital source
  • Hex grid in game over any map
  • Can be scaled to meet your needs
  • Pdf support so you can bring in manuals or character sheets (or just use them in the real world)

  • Voice support in game or via discord

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Attached is an example JSON export from Hero Designer. For those interested in how the export is constructed. It is a text file so can be edited with Notepad etc.

In addition there is a basic Export Template for Hero Designer. It is not the final format that will be released with the Mod, but it is close. If anyone wishes to help, please use the Export temptare on 6e characters and PM me the results so I can if any characters cause problems. It should produce the JSON files like the one above, however the more people who try it and give me the results the better it will be at reading characters.

If anyone wishes to help, I have some data entry for charts and tables requirements. If you don't mind entering data into spreadsheets to help it would appreciated. Please PM me if you wish to help

ChargedCrusader.json JSON Full Combat Record.hde

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well that could be this evening David ... Because of the Pandemic I am deciding to go public beta directly rather than private Beta. 
All controllers loaded, all copyright material removed, all characters removed from notebook. Just need to find a GM's screen that is not copyright and put it in. Then release to Steam Workshop.


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You purchase Tabletop Simulator from Steam.


You then subscribe to the Mod


It should then download the mod and store it in your workshop downloads.


You then start a game


once in the game you click on the "game" icon top right 


select workshop


choose the mod.


If you need any further help look for me on the discord (the link is on the Workshop page)




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8 hours ago, Brennall said:

Next Tutorial  - Loading characters, using the combat record and turn controller 




Hi Brennall


I'm new to Steam and have been having trouble with Tutorial 2; I get a character transferred to the TTS and rename the file, but it doesn't come up with the Load character screen at all. I'm obviously missing something


Also I joined Discord as Amorakca#2721 but don't know how to find a link to talk with you.

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5 hours ago, Brennall said:

The latest JsonExporter.hde has been released in the Downloads here, Hero System Fans on Facebook and the Hero-Champions-RPG discord.

You want version 1.7 it fixes a problem with Martial arts.


Hi Brennall. I went to the Download page and tried to download the new version fo the JsonExporter.hde file, but it shows 3 files to download. It only had one file last time I downloaded it, so I'm wondering which one is the current version? They aren't distinguished from each other except by size (two of which are identical).

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