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Spell Limitation

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I know I saw the 'Spell' Limitation for FH spells, and IIRC it prevents spreading, and possibly bouncing the attack.  But now I cannot find it.  Can someone clue me into the right book and page where I saw this?



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Page 246, FH 5e.


It's not so much a specified Limitation as it is a listing of what you cannot do with Spells in fantasy HERO.  For what it's worth, that list almost exactly duplicates the forbidden list presented with the Limitation "Real Weapon."  I would price it based on that.



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I don't want to violate any copyright laws, but from the text, the immediate "you can't do this" rules are as follows:


"make multiple-Power attacks with spells.
 perform the following Combat Modifiers with spells: Bouncing An Attack; Spreading. 
perform the following Combat Maneuvers with spells: Blazing Away, Grab By, Haymaker, Hipshot, Hurry, Move By, Move Through, Pulling A Punch, Rapid Fire, Snap Shot, Suppression Fire, and Sweep."


And I erred in my earlier comment that the Limitation wasn't spelled out specifically.  Well, it really isn't, but the very last line of that section includes this:


"if the GM feels it would be appropriate, he can roll all the restrictions up into one Limitation, Spell (-1⁄2), and let characters apply that Limitation to attack spells."



Hope this helps.


(and you think that crap would be listed in the index!)



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