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Form-specific END Reserve state



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Sorry for the delay in responding — the latter part of February was unusually busy, and then food poisoning/a stomach bug sidelined me all last week. I’m only now catching up with things.


If the Endurance Reserve only applies to one of the character’s forms, when he changes into that form the Reserve has its full END. (If he uses some, switches to another form, and switches back before the Reserve would Recover completely, then the rules on 6E1 269 about “Changing Forms And Damage” would apply, as they would if two or more forms had the same Reserve.)


Note:  this answer is easiest to apply when using Multiform, as you probably would in most circumstances that would give rise to this issue. The GM may need to tweak things a bit if a character uses some other way of "changing form" that isn't closely analogous to the way Multiform works.

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