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1 minute ago, Tjack said:

 I thought of something last night...when was the last time you heard of somebody having a cold?  Nobody in my family’s had one all summer.


There are several articles out there about flu cases in the southern hemisphere being way down due to Coronavirus precautions.

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I tested positive.

Fever broke last night. I'm going to be okay.

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54 minutes ago, Cygnia said:


No, on balance I think this is good. This is why we have studies of new medications before releasing them to the general public. Many risks don't show up until more subjects are exposed to the med.


Personally, I'm comforted and reassured that AstraZeneca caught this and initiated an investigation. They should take the time and effort to get it right the first time.

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Yeah, it's fine.  Potential vaccines require FAR more rigorous testing, because they'll be offered to...well...basically everyone.  And most won't be sick at the start, and most wouldn't get the underlying disease, so adverse reactions are a major problem.  Vaccine testing usually takes an age and a half because the approach *is* to be very cautious.  The severity of Covid-19 is such that they're probably moving into clinical trials earlier than normal in the process, but this is going to happen often enough that there's a well-established protocol (as noted in the article) and things aren't stopped.  Perhaps the vaccine recipient had an unknown condition that interacted badly;  the vaccine candidate isn't automatically going to be scrapped.


This is just good medical practice.

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10 minutes ago, Matt the Bruins said:

It's not so much the leather and chrome as the idiocy, which has a large Venn diagram overlap with people who like to put multiple riders atop a high performance engine with no protective frame and race down the highways ignoring traffic laws.

Hey! Motorcycles are only dangerous because of other people, like drivers. And advertisers, for making billboards that you can run into. And road engineers, for putting the road right where you'll hit it when you fall off your bike. And Isaac Newton, for inventing that stupid "gravity." Without those guys, motorcycles would be safe as houses. 

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3 hours ago, ScottishFox said:


Yeah, we're not containing this thing.  It's so contagious we need close to 100% compliance with safety protocols and we're just not going to get that.

America in particular has a cultural issue with authority. Look at how many times evil government agencies figure in our fiction, film, TV, and gaming. Nobody trusts anyone. I know I certainly have trust issues when it comes to certain things, and a lot of people have trust issues about different things.


Then there are the people who believe, unlike the star of the cartoon Eek! the Cat, that "it always hurts to help."


In a lot of ways we did this to ourselves.



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2 hours ago, archer said:



Some news articles are speculating that people acting rashly by not wearing masks or observing social distancing with acetaminophen usage. 



I smell a future legal defense brewing in this research. :(


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40 minutes ago, Lord Liaden said:

I have to conclude Trump really is too stupid to comprehend the implications of what comes out of his mouth. Let alone saying it knowing it's being recorded.


There could be another explanation...


(courtesy of Alex Marino)

[Trump walks into Oval Office alone. Shuts door. We hear a whoosh from off camera]

TRUMP: I don’t get it Al, why haven’t I leaped!?

AL: Stay at it, Sam. Ziggy says there’s a 95% chance you’re here to get this guy impeached.


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2 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:

I have to conclude Trump really is too stupid to comprehend the implications of what comes out of his mouth. Let alone saying it knowing it's being recorded.


On the contrary, I think he knows it and revels in the unwillingness of anyone in power to do something about it.

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