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I tested positive.

Fever broke last night. I'm going to be okay.

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23 hours ago, tkdguy said:


You're just making sure my blood pressure rises, aren't you?


And in LA County...where they've completely filled ICUs, where they've had over 16,000 deaths.  WHO THE HOLY MOTHER OF MORONS ARE THESE PEOPLE?  



The NYT Daily Briefing had some numbers I've tried to find without success:



By those measures, all five of the vaccines — from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax and Johnson & Johnson — look extremely good. Of the roughly 75,000 people who have received one of the five in a research trial, not a single person has died from Covid, and only a few people appear to have been hospitalized. None have remained hospitalized 28 days after receiving a shot.


To put that in perspective, it helps to think about what Covid has done so far to a representative group of 75,000 American adults: It has killed roughly 150 of them and sent several hundred more to the hospital. The vaccines reduce those numbers to zero and nearly zero, based on the research trials.


Zero isn’t even the most relevant benchmark. A typical U.S. flu season kills between five and 15 out of every 75,000 adults and hospitalizes more than 100 of them.


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1 hour ago, Cancer said:


That article does raise the possibility that more frequent deaths due to the variant strain may reflect greater lethality, but points out that it could also be because it's just more contagious. And the author takes pains to state that evidence is still at a very preliminary stage.

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Bad news:  we're still at about 20,000 deaths a week in the US.

Good news:  that's actually down about 10%.

Good, if early, trend:  active cases have plateaued and actually started to drop a bit.  WorldOMeters doesn't report # in hospitals but it would seem reasonable to expect that tends to follow the other two.

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4 hours ago, Pariah said:

I hope other sports can do the same. MLS uses some of the same fields as the NFL (the size is roughly similar) but the current paradigm is for soccer-specific stadiums where fans can get closer to the action. I can see Providence Park being used ads a vaccine site for the Portland area.


Hockey and Basketball are in season, so they can only open them on nights where there are no games.

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Minor league baseball sites, possibly...but any single-use NFL stadium will be empty and unused for the next 5 months easily.  That means you can keep your vaccination sites up and running, and dedicate nearby storage and the like, without concern for another event causing disruption.  That won't be true of a major league baseball park for that long.


How about major college football stadiums?  With some, it wouldn't work *that* well;  with an on-campus stadium, adjacent parking can be limited.  But there's a lot of them around.  And you'll often have the same advantage of extensive, covered areas with storage nearby...and, conceivably, facilities to offer reasonable-cost beverages or simple food like fruit.



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