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16 hours ago, unclevlad said:

My neighborhood app just proved its worth big time.  One of the 2 local hospitals announced a fairly significant free vaccination event;  news of it got posted onto the app.


Next Wednesday for the first shot.  Fortunately NOT Thursday;  that seems like tempting fate just a bit too much.......


Now I have to think of an appropriate celebratory dinner.


What,  it was not on Tuesday?🤗

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I tested positive.

Fever broke last night. I'm going to be okay.

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I'm on a couple of waiting lists. After April 1, I will be eligible for the vaccine as I'm over 50.


My company did a partial reopening last year and will probably increase capacity soon. But I told my supervisor that I won't come in until after I've had the vaccine because I have to take public transportation, and I live with people who are at high-risk of getting COVID.

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Post-acute COVID-19 syndrome


Warning: technical article.  Even Nature labels it a 50-minute read for its readers.


Similarly to post-acute viral syndromes described in survivors of other virulent coronavirus epidemics, there are increasing reports of persistent and prolonged effects after acute COVID-19.


Box 1 is near the top, and includes an almost-readable summary of the reported longer-term (beyond 4 weeks) effects of COVID-19 survivors.  "Dyspnea" is shortness of breath or a feeling of not being able to breathe well.


There already is, and will continue to be, a population of people who didn't "get over it".

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It's happening in Canada, too. New cases in Ontario are reaching levels rivaling before the last lockdown. British Columbia just instituted new lockdown measures for public gatherings for the next three weeks. New variants of COVID-19 -- mostly B117 first identified in the UK -- now account for 67% of new infections.

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