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56 minutes ago, Old Man said:


Leaving is a risk, there's no guarantees, but life is too short to work at a shitty job.  You're a better person and you deserve to work with better people.


That said, I was kind of hoping you would finally snap and start kicking people in the head.  There's a lot of people that need that particular service.


Leaving is a risk, and I'm not known for being lucky in getting a new job when I need one. But yeah, I decided life is too short to go through that grief again.


I would kick people in the head if I can figure out how to avoid getting arrested and/or sued.


47 minutes ago, L. Marcus said:

Now now, that'd be a disservice! Tkd probably doesn't have the calluses any more, and his legs are already all achy. 


My legs have been achy all day. I don't know if the soreness is a reaction to the vaccine or  if it's exacerbating the effect


40 minutes ago, Lord Liaden said:

And his coworkers' heads sound like they're particularly thick.


Yes, but it's not just that which made me decide to leave. There are other factors as well.


I could have stuck it out. I'm not getting a lot of hours (another reason for wanting me to leave), and I stated I intend to keep working online for health reasons. But I have reason to suspect things may turn out to my disadvantage if I stay. And I feel I could have acted been more diplomatic about this issue, but it was the sudden change that spurred me on.


But enough about me. Let's get back on topic.

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Fever broke last night. I'm going to be okay.

I tested positive.

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12 hours ago, Pariah said:

My school held Prom last night, with a couple of differences from previous years:


1) It was held outdoors on the football field;

2) Everyone was required to wear masks for the entire event; and

3) Everyone had to have a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the event.


We've been doing a biweekly testing event for athletes and those in performing arts at my school since January. We expanded the testing on Friday morning to include Prom participants (who had to sign up and buy tickets in advance). I spent 7:00-11:30 Friday morning checking kids in for testing. We processed and tested almost 1500 kids that day.


Thank you for doing what you do for those kids.  If I think of better words I'll send them, and I know the previous sentence sounds trite, but it is at least sincere.


12 hours ago, tkdguy said:

Not on topic, but I just want to thank everyone who supported my decision to leave my job. My family doesn't think it's a good idea at this time, and they may be right. But the die is cast, and there's no turning back now.


You've gotta take care of you, man.  I'll go out on a short limb and guess that your employer sure won't.

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That's the value of that "deaths above normal."  Causes of death can be intentionally mis-stated;  they can simply be missed (nursing home deaths a year ago, for example) or they can be indirect and therefore misunderstood, such as when a heart failure death is counted as a Covid-19 death...because it caused the heart damage.  (Or whatever.)  One denier asserted that causes of death were being deliberately shifted to Covid-19 for financial/insurance reasons.  This was...dunno, a couple months ago now.  


Deaths above normal doesn't discuss causes...but, it's still a massive red flag.  WHY are these deaths happening?  


I doubt anyone ever believed the Russian stats...the cases *might* have been possible, but the death rates were really dubious.


And yeah...the story quotes numbers as of the end of last year.  If the real number is more like 400,000 today, that's 1 death per 350 people...which would be on par with Czechia, which suffers from the highest per capita death rate right now.


More unpleasant news from Axios:  the new variants are causing more problems;  infections among children are rising.  And the story makes a point that I'd not considered..."the more widely a virus can spread, the more opportunities it has to mutate."  Welll, smack me upside the head...yeah.  That's long past effective containment now...and probably has been for months...so the New Reality may be that we can return to a more-or-less normal life...but figure that the New Best Case might well be Every Year Is A Bad Flu Year, for quite some time to come.  If we can get Covid-19 deaths down to the level of influenza and pneumonia...that's still around 50,000 a year.  And that might be the *best* feasible outcome.




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3 hours ago, Old Man said:


That'll be good for sales of Moderna, AstraZenica, and Pfizer since they're talking about buying those in bulk and mixing with the less effective Chinese vaccine.


On the bad side, the Chinese have been pushing exports of their vaccine to their trading partners in the third world since summer of last year (or at least the idea of exports because I don't know how much they've actually sold/given away to this point). If some place has gotten a fairly ineffective vaccine, it'll make it tougher for them to accept taking a more effective vaccine. Plus taking a second vaccine is almost certainly going to mean more side effects than someone who didn't have any COVID antibodies at all.


I also wonder how effective the Chinese vaccine is against all the new variants. The Chinese were making vaccinations of essential workers mandatory for months before the first reported case of a variant. So there's no way in hell it was tested against the most widespread variants before release.


And will the Russians step forward with data about their vaccine so we can see the effectiveness of it in comparison to the Chinese and the Western versions?

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33 minutes ago, tkdguy said:

I'm not ready to go back to the outside world. I think social distancing heightened my social anxiety, especially since I rarely leave the house these days.


Yeah, I get disoriented when it gets noisy in a crowd and my balance/sensory aphasia is so bad that if someone lightly brushes up against me when I'm not expecting it, I go reeling as if they shoved me. 


Social distancing made getting out of the house a lot easier at first. But after my wife insisted I quit going to the store just before Thanksgiving, I've gotten used to not having to go through the ordeal of being around others. 


I'm having a real problem getting back into the swing of things like going to the bank or the grocery store.


I was pleased when I had to go to the DMV last week that despite the governor lifting the mask mandate that the DMV was still "masks required.

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Considering the fact that I was always ill at ease around strangers, and I don't take kindly to any perceived slight, readjusting myself to society will take a bit of time. Of course, the prospect of unemployment may be the motivation I need to get back out there.

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So the notification for registering for the 2nd dose came today, about as I expected...registration is for slots next Mon-Thurs.  Got mine set up for Monday...and it actually works out that, on my usual schedule (4 days' worth of groceries each trip) Sunday will be a shopping day.  

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8 hours ago, unclevlad said:

So the notification for registering for the 2nd dose came today, about as I expected...registration is for slots next Mon-Thurs.  Got mine set up for Monday...and it actually works out that, on my usual schedule (4 days' worth of groceries each trip) Sunday will be a shopping day.  

Interesting. When I came in for my 1st dose, the site scheduled me for my 2nd dose as part of the sign in process. 

Studying the variety of processes around the country is sure to be a fascinating project for somebody.

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