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I tested positive.

Fever broke last night. I'm going to be okay.

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2 hours ago, DShomshak said:

So, first jab yesterday. (Moderna, if anyone's interested.) A lot easier than I expected: The clinic my brother attends called him a week ago to ask if he'd like vaccination, which none of us expected. He got the jab. When he got home, he realized he should have asked if he could set up an appointment for me. I called the clinic, because what could it hurt, and they said, "Sure, come on in." So my brother drove me there right away. Tiresome paperwork, then wait for them to enter the information, then a small prick on my shoulder, then more waiting while they made sure I didn't drop dead.


After all the news stories about people hunting for vaccinatin slots and crossing the state, I'm almost disappointed it was so easy. (Almost, but not quite.)


There was a story late last week in the NYT, praising New Mexico's vaccination efforts...believe the highest rate of vaccination in the country.  This, of course, brought a raft of replies...a subset being "well so many people went out of state, that shouldn't count" from those who hate our governor.  There was some misinformation about how the vaccine rollout was staged.  The big thing, I fully believe, is that those who went out of state, did so primarily in the initial stages.  Or that it was focused on ABQ/Santa Fe, and not southern NM.


Because my first shot, 3 weeks ago...one of the two big hospitals ran a vaccination drive.  300 vaccinations a day for 4 days.  Sign up was super easy.  Paperwork was easy.  2nd shots are this week...they're shooting for 500 a day.  (So, yeah, the line was longer, but we're still talking 10, 15 minutes tops.  Eek.)  Atop that...got some prescription refills Sunday from Walgreens.  They're offering vaccines.  Went from there to Albertsons, to ensure I had food through any BLLEECHHHH days should they arise.  (Not really, I feel fairly good overall.)  Both of those are very recent developments.  


So yeah...by and large, it really shouldn't be hard to find a place to get yourself shot up.

19 minutes ago, L. Marcus said:

Eye blasts! Do the eye blasts!





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2 hours ago, Old Man said:

Instructions unclear, am naked on street but everyone is looking at me now. 


Well, with great power comes great embarrassment...or something like that.  Right? :whistle:

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I freely admit that I am struggling big time with Covid restrictions by now.  Remember back when it was "14 days to flatten the curve?"  I sure don't.  I want to go back to my dojo so badly it hurts, once I am fully vaccinated (April 29!).  It's the only place where I have consistently seen real fitness results, as it's never the same workout twice and never easy.  They've been operating according to Minnesota guidelines on gyms, with masks required, and a moratorium on certain drills (grappling, open hand, and some weapon drills) that require close contact with another person.  The owners have always been meticulous about cleaning the place, and have upped their game in the last year in that regard.  To date there is no known case of Covid that can be traced to the dojo.


Yet...is returning to the dojo wise for me to do?  My better half and I have kept extremely tight bubbles, and we are still healthy.  When I achieve full vaccination, is the dojo a reasonable risk, or am I being reckless?  I don't necessarily expect an "answer" here, as I'm not sure there is a good one.  I'm mostly looking to get this off my chest.  I also know that I'm far from the only person who wants some semblance of "normal" back, but is hesitant to take that next step.

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