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NYT has an article pointing out how deeply ludicrous the anti-vax mandate criticisms are.



There is a deep inconsistency in that argument. Mississippi has some of the strictest vaccine mandates in the nation, which have not drawn opposition from most of its elected officials. Not only does it require children to be vaccinated against measles, mumps and seven other diseases to attend school, but it goes a step further than most states by barring parents from claiming “religious, philosophical or conscientious” exemptions.


So the "moral uproar" that "forced vaccination is tyranny" is absurd.  Not that it matters;  the article points out later that Biden may do the Republicans a favor by giving them something to rant about, while at the same time not forcing them to endorse vaccinations any more than some have.  And unfortunately that may be true, but not creating the workforce mandates is 100% certain to be a failing strategy.

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On 7/15/2021 at 9:19 PM, Cancer said:

National case counts clearly trending upward again. 


I will hazard a forecast that one of two scenarios will occur:

  • there will be a peak in case counts about a week into August, and then they'll trend downward again.
  • case counts will go level in mid-August, and then spike hard in late August/early September.  Not a big a spike as last December & January, but much higher than anyone currently thinks possible.


At the risk of jinxing, if I fudge my 2nd scenario into mid-September, seems to be coming true.

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8 hours ago, Cygnia said:

What I have to put up with in this state...


Fewer Than 1 in 2 Vaccinated Against COVID-19 in Most Ohio Counties


Ohio is a sharply mixed state;  there's multiple good-sized urban centers but a LOT of rural territory.  The rural areas are where this is happening;  the story gives a graph of vaccination rate versus voted for Trump, and the correlation is scary good.  Overall, Ohio's in the middle of the pack in terms of full-vaccination rates.  


Both sides are lying with statistics, of course.  The headline makes it sound worse...those 66 (of 88) counties account for how much of the population?  The overall rate misses the fact that large swathes of the state...like many others...are lagging behind badly.  The ranking number alone...Ohio would be 30th of the 50 states...blows up very MINOR differences...Ohio's rate is 49.3%.  8 other states are within 1% of that.


We're still at the same question we've had for multiple months:  how to convince the skeptics to accept the vaccine.  They've proven too intransigent to accept the ongoing cost, so........



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