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Unfortunately, this is inevitable.  Dogs bark;  viruses mutate.


The nightmare is so many countries have had problems vaccinating...and here, I'm NOT talking the US per se.  South Africa's vaccination rate is under 30%, and they're a country of 60 million.  That means a large population base for mutations to arise.  IIRC the WHO is pushing to accelerate vaccine distribution to these countries.


Not something we see that often:




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2 hours ago, Cygnia said:


1 hour ago, Hermit said:



Yup. I believe a lady in Belgium was confirmed to have it after traveling in more than one country in Africa. They're calling this variant Omicron


I'm not looking forward to when we get to Omega. :angst:

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47 minutes ago, Matt the Bruins said:

South Africa's Health Minister declares that current vaccines appear to be effective against the Omicron variant:


I sure hope he's correct about that.

I wonder what evidence he has to back that up. 

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1 hour ago, Lord Liaden said:

When your vaccine conspiracy believer associates start with the silly, I suggest referring them to this video. It will bring a laugh to you too, but it might just make some of them think a bit.




I know what all of the highlighted words mean, but when you use them together like that it just confuses me.

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On 11/30/2021 at 12:54 AM, Lord Liaden said:

That's prudent, but children are walking petri dishes, especially at this time of year. Could be lots of things.


Also mandatory, due to working in a hospital. Good news, it came back negative last night, so I returned to work today (er, Wednesday, since it's past midnight now). Feeling a lot better. I think my niece just discovered a virus that wasn't in this year's flu mix. She's uncannily good at it.

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