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I tested positive.

Fever broke last night. I'm going to be okay.

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Just now, Old Man said:



I've actually lost five pounds since this all started, eating less fast food and whatnot.  Got a ways to go though.



I'm working on similar (since I can't get into the forge and hit things, currently) -- figure I'm either coming out of this ripped, alcoholic, or some strange combination of both.

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Which reminds me - that is one thing that's changed: prior to all of this, I'd head down to the pub for "happy hour" once or twice a week.  Meet folks there, have a few, chat, etc.

Now everyone wants to do that remotely.  Everyone.  Separately.  I think I've had 6 happy hours this week...and most of them went over an hour.  Work has one scheduled for 10am tomorrow (most are in the UK)....and then there's the local Friday afternoon one...and then the family on Saturday...and a virtual Sunday brunch.


Plus side, local distillers (and brewery) have taken it on themselves to drop off emergency supplies at my house.


Diet may not be going as well as I thought.

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2 hours ago, L. Marcus said:

Scheduled to work at the local COVID-19 ward next weekend. That's going to be fascinating. 

Every day is COVID-19 day at the grocery store. You frontline health workers need to suck it up. 

14 minutes ago, Hermit said:


We're #1! U-S-A! U-S-A!"



(NFSW at 1:46. Just so you know before you press play.)


. . . So. Youse guys know that this isn't actually the victory condition, right?

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We have more *reported* active cases.


They (China) kicked off a pretty strict travel ban today after getting some imported cases.  And yet their reported numbers are essentially flat for the entire month of March.

Only 0.01% of their population got the virus?


I call shenanigans.




However, if the numbers are somehow accurate then we're totally ... winning?



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8 minutes ago, Pariah said:

Do you mean to suggest that the government of the People's Republic of China was less than entirely forthcoming with the facts in this matter?


What kind of government would lie to its own people in the face of a global pandemic?


One motivated by paranoia and fear of losing their power, leading to hyper-control and repression.

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14 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:





all of them....?




Nah.  Probably not even most.  I think the more common mindset is "we know what's best for you, so we are going to force you to do it" on one side, and the "if we leave things alone things will work out on their own"....which largely means "no one can stop our exploitations" IMO...on the other.  China and North Korea's leaders make no pretense, as far as I can see, of serving the people;  the people serve the government.  


Plus, when the state has 100% control of the media, their job's much easier.  

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