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5 hours ago, Duke Bushido said:

My daughter has stopped singing.  I can hear the dog snoring (he likes to sleep in her room).


I'm going to go cry now.


OMG.  My last post was "shortest Duke post ever" this must be the longest AND the saddest. 😞


Duke, you have lived SUCH a different life from me.  You are probably the epitome of what I think of when I think American. 


So DO cry, that is American, DO look after your family, DO think about and look after your neighbours, DO have hope for the future, DO care about what is right because they too are all American. 


I don't think our leaders have managed this pandemic well but lessons are being learned and nature has given us the benefit of doing that learning on a "relatively" benign disease.  It could have been more deadly and faster moving.  We have seen the amounts of money that actually CAN be spent making things better, it will make scare stories about spending on other things less credible. There are so many stories of people doing good for their friends and family.


You know what made me cry?  It was so many people, all over the UK, coming out of their respective safe spaces every Thursday night to cheer for the NHS.  That simple thing.


So cry now, be strong in everything else you do and remember that your posts here are one of the reasons I keep coming back.




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Just in case UK folk think conspiracy myths around the virus are a speciality of the US, here in the UK they are harassing telecoms workers and burning down 5G towers because 5G either causes COVID-19 or the disease "theory" is a cover-up for the effects of 5G operation....



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4 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:


As long as you're at it, could you make it 2015?


You got it, 5 years to start hoarding TP. Start your panic buying 5 years before everyone else! 

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1 hour ago, Duke Bushido said:

Bazza, my man; I love you.


But I just can't up vote anything from the Sound of Music, even if it spit cash from my computer every time I watched it.







Then you are eligible for my Sound of Music Exchange Program. Life another post in lieu of liking the Sound of Music post. Do you like The Beatles? They are telling you to wash your hands

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