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Recommend a Sports Movie

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Many of us here are sports fans...or were, until the quarantines went into effect. So in the absence of sporting events to watch, what sports movies might we watch instead?


This weekend was supposed to have been opening day for Major League Baseball. Let's start with some baseball movies.

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I thought 42 was well done about Jackie Robinson.  That was a solid baseball movie.


When we start talking basketball, Hoosiers will certainly be at the top.  


A League of Their Own has one of my absolutely favorite quotes.  I have it on my classroom wall.  And it is not "There's no crying in baseball" either.  


It is:


"It's supposed to be hard.  If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great."

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   Well, Grailknight, beat me to the punch on Bull Durham so I’ll go with Major League.  Young Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes.(Just try telling him “shut up, Wesley!” I dare ya.)   It also gave Bob Uecker (I had to go to IMDB for the spelling) and Dennis Haysbert their big break in TV & movies.

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Major League; then Bull Durham (though that isn't really a movie about baseball); then Field of Deams.  I've seen a live theater performance of Damn Yankees, but not the movie.


For gridiron, Paper Lion.  That is all.  (The Longest Yard might be worth it, but I haven't seen it myself.)


Not sure I've watched a basketball movie.  Other sports movies ... now things get blurry.  I mean, technically, National Velvet is about equitation, and I remember as a kid being obliged to watch that at my grandparents' once; but I don't put it into the Sports Movie genre.

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All the best baseball movies, and Rocky, have been recommended several times over so I'll go in a different direction:


Raging Bull


Tin Cup

The Wrestler

Million Dollar Baby



I highly recommend all of these.


PS:  The Color of Money is amazing, but many people probably don't count it as a sports movie.

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Baseball: A League of Their Own

Football: Invincible

Soccer: Shaolin Soccer

Soccer: Bend It Like Beckham

Basketball: Space Jam

Hockey: Miracle

Golf: Is not a sport

Boxing: Creed

MMA: Warrior

Roller Derby: Rollerball

Figure Skating: Is not a sport either

Tag: Running Man

Auto Racing: Death Ra--I Mean, Rush

Xtreme Sports: Point Break (2015)

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    If we’re going to break out to other sports already I’ll go with...

Football — Brian’s Song.   The original with James Cann & Billy Dee Williams.  This and Old Yeller are the only movies a tough guy is still allowed to cry at.  (And I do...like a Girl Scout who had her cookies stolen)

Basketball— The Fish that Saved Pittsburg .  An odd call but a good one. Dr. J stars as a pro player who’s entire team is chosen because they were all born under the astrological sign of Pisces. Co-Starring Stockard Channing, Jonathan Winters & Meadowlark Lemon.

Hockey—Mystery Alaska.  A local boy turned sports writer for The NY Times claims that his hometown amateur team could beat the NY Rangers.  Now these ordinary guys have to decide whether or not to answer the challenge to prove it. Russell Crowe and too many other good actors to list.

Track— Chariots of Fire.  For the scene running on the beach with the music alone. The fact that it won multiple Academy Awards is icing on the cake.

Boxing—  Rocky & Rocky Balboa.  Forget the rest of the foolishness.  The first and last of the series will make you cheer and break your heart at the same time.


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For Baseball, Field of Dreams because it is not only about the sport and how you play it but about how it can affect you and heal.


Bull Durham is good showing what it takes to get into the big time and what happens when you drop out of it.


a League of their Own shows that baseball is not just for guys and recognises what was done while the players went to war. It also reminds people of the women who competed.


Major League is fun. I have not seen the sequel.


Moneyball. How to succeed in the sport through trading and using maths.


Eight Men Out. How gambling ruined the sport. Or how the stupidity and greed of the owners caused the B lack Sox scandal.


Cobb. One of the record setters of the game and what a completely unpleasant individual he was.

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Personal top five list in reverse order of Sports movies I enjoy

5) The Cutting Edge (Yes, it's a romantic comedy, sue me)

4) Dodgeball! ("Pepper needs new shorts")

3) A League of Their Own (Great Acting, Directing, everything but I also have a soft spot for the character of Marla Hooch)

2) The Replacements (Mixed in the humor and romp, there's a journey to being the best men you can be)

1) A Knight's Tale (Under rated gem)


(Honorable mention to the Rocky Movies)

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For Boxing, you have Raging Bull and De Niro giving a great performance.


Obviously you have Rocky but depending on what you want from it you can either just go with the first one or start going through the lot of them up and beyond Creed.


Hard Times. This is about bare knuckle boxing and has Charles Bronson as the boxer with James Coburn as the promoter. I recommend it.


Million Dollar Baby and Cinderella Man I have heard good things about.


When We Were Kings. This is a documentary about the famous Rumble in the Jungle match between Foreman and Ali and shows Ali masterfully stirring up the locals to back him

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Auto-Racing: Rush. This is about the rivalry between Nikki Lauda and James Hunt and one of the closest finishes to a Formula one season. Based on the true story and includes the fact that Lauda had a bad crash which could have killed him. 


Senna: this is the documentary about the Formula 1 driver and how he came to be a champion.


Grand Prix: this is a 1966 film and has James Garner and Yves Montand as drivers competing for the Formula 1 championship. It benefits from having actual Grand Prix racers like Graham Hill in it. This is from the time when two or more drivers would be killed in a season.


Road: This is a documentary about the Dunlop family from Northern Ireland..It is sad as Joey and Robert both died racing. Joey is the most successful TT racer of all time as of this typing. 

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Ice Hockey: Slapshot. This is fun. Glorious rotten fun.


Football (Soccer): Fever Pitch. This is about the life of an Arsenal fan as the team challenge for the First Division title needing to beat Liverpool by two clear goals in the last game of the season. I lived through this and know an Arsenal fan so this has a deep resonance.


American Football: The Longest Yard 1974. Avoid the remake as it has Adam Sandler. The original is a prison movie which has a match at the end. Worth rewatching.


Wrestling: Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows. This is a documentary about Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and his last year in the WWF before leaving for WCW and includes the infamous Montreal Screwjob. If you like the WWF/E you'll love this.


Wrestling: Beyond the Mat. This is another documentary looking at wrestlers and includes interviews with notables like Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and Mick Foley. It includes the live reaction of Foley's family to the Royal Rumble match where the Rock delivered a number of chair shots to Foley's head.


Wrestling: The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke is brilliant in this film about a wrestler in the tail end of his career.

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Sports that are not sports movies


 Rollerball: In the future there will be no war just Rollerball. Again get the 70s original not the remake.


Death Race 2000. David Carradine is an ace racer in Roger Corman's film about a race across America where you get points for killing people. Also stars Sylvester Stallone. Lead to the Car Wars game.


The Running Man. Three men compete to survive or be killed on live TV. A fun Schwarzenegger outing


The Hunger Games Movies except Mockingjay parts 1 and 2 as the first two have people participating in the Hunger Games.

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Football:  Remember the Titans.  One of my favorites.  Denzel is great as coach.


Basketball:  Already mentioned Hoosiers.  


Wrestling:  I will toss out The Wrestler too.  It is just amazing.  Also Fighting with my Family, the story of WWE's Paige.  


MMA:  Warrior.  I never thought this was going to be good so I ignored it for years.  It is spectacular.  I watched it last year and could not believe how much I loved this.  If you haven't seen Warrior, it is a must watch!


The Karate Kid: the original.  Classic.  Love the tournament at the end.


Hockey:  Miracle.  "Do you believe in miracles? YES!"


Racing:  Rush.  Ford v Ferrari..  Both a fabulous.  Rush is underappreciated.


Figure Skating:  I, Tonya.  Tonya Harding's story. Great performances from Margot Robbie and Allison Janney





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