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The Weekly Game: Virtual Edition


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Okay, that went pretty well.


You have to know first that at least one of our gaming group is resistant to virtual gaming, which is what made it interesting when we went online a few days ago to test ZOOM as a viable gaming platform and he wound up sending us an email the next day asking if we want to game online.


We tried a number of platforms but found a lot of them were too complex.  We just wanted to see and hear each other, and potentially to see a map or whiteboard.  So I bought one license to Zoom, set up the meeting, everyone else joined, and we did 4.5 hours today.


The game was not Champions.  It's actually the game GODBOUND, which this GM loves, and which we've found to be kind of fun.  The characters are easy enough to make that we did it quickly and he dispensed with some of the often painful "building up into something" that he does to us in most games.


I think I probably had the most audio/video problems as I experienced a freeze of a few seconds every 40 minutes or so.  Another player opened a copy of MapTool off of RPTools.net and we shared that virtually.  This is a longstanding group (so we're not taking applicants), but this time we gamed from San Diego, L.A. County, Orange County (x4), and Utah.  6 Players and 1 GM. 


I guess I'm saying, keep on gaming.  Don't let the cooties keep you down.

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I'm in a second gaming session now!  With this setup we can do back-to-back gaming days.


I discovered that I can't use one of the spiffy Zoom "virtual backgrounds" without having a green screen, because of the video chip in my computer being subpar.  However, I put on a green shirt, turned on the virtual background and I"m projecting graphics on my chest as result, like when a weather caster wears a green outfit.

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