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Robinson Crusoe Quarantine

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1 hour ago, Badger said:


YOu have a 34-month stockpile of toilet paper.  So, you are THAT guy.


"Everybody get your pitchforks, I have an answer to the situation"

 not 34 months, but 3-4 months. My place isn't big enough for 34 months unless I fill my office with them.

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   Climbing back to the original topic....  

   I’ve always found the book Farnham’s Freehold very useful for the sequence detailing the contents of the fallout shelter. It is a very well thought out list of supplies needed for any long term quarantine.

   While I myself love the works of Robert Heinlein,  I realize the book in total is not one of his best and that some parts are very problematic by today’s standards.

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