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Monster Hunter HERO, ideas?

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So I started researching playing a game like this, and I found EXCELLENT documents for all the monsters in the Monster Hunter World made for D&D 5e. Conversion work aside, what would you think of playing a purely monster hunter -oriented game like this?


I could do it in 5e, but I don't own the books, and the 150 dollar (!) price tag is a little steep for me right now. I could put together something with little conversion work, and use minis (of course) of tyrannosauruses, etc. and some jungle terrain for verisimilitude purposes.


How would you run a monster hunter game like this, based on the video game franchise?

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9 hours ago, Doc Democracy said:

Are you talking about Monster Hunter as in the books by Larry Correia?


This might help...


I think he's referring to the  Video Game , Monsterhunte4r, the one with widly different monsters, and the Hero being assisted by Palicos (short cat people). here:



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Ok here is how I do it. 

Stats are the same, charisma becomes presence. 

For body I give the monsters 8 plus hit dice but every number of 8's above eight is halved. So a creature with 1 hit dice would have 9 body and a creature with 8 hit dice has 16 body. A creature with 12 hit dice would have 20 body and a creature with 16 hit dice would have 24 body, because the first 8 are added and the next number after that is halved. A creature with 18 hit dice would have 25 and a creature with 24 hit dice would have 26 body. 

I halve this number for small creatures and add five for large ones. 


For CV I keep it around half the plus it has to attack on its most standard attack. Modified for size off course. I also add one ocv or dcv after what fits for the creature. Aggressive ones get ocv and defensive ones get dcv. 

For damage im thinking 4d6 (60 dc) Hero damage is about the same as 20 dice of Dnd damage. So that should about 3dc per dnd d6's. d4 would be one dc d8s would be four 


Surebrooks stuff already have a lot of creatures converted you can find that resource by going here: http://surbrook.devermore.com/adaptationscreatures/creatures.html

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