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Marcus Impudite

People Are Stealing Toilet Paper Now...

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11 hours ago, Mightybec said:

At least I can still get a hold of some fine grit sandpaper for my use.


2 hours ago, Cancer said:

Disk, belt, or loose sheet?


2 hours ago, Old Man said:

Real men use crushed glass.


Um...sand is crushed glass, isn't it?

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1 hour ago, pinecone said:

I've been using the garden hose as a bidet, my girl says that scares the neighbors, me I says "they're supposed to stay inside anyway aren't they?"...😏


That's how my dad got out of changing diapers, he told my mother he'd just spray me with a water hose.  :lol:  (I think he did change like 3, though, mostly when my mother was out, out of desperation)

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