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Desolidification and Touch Sense



While desolidified, per 6e1p190 all senses work except Touch.  


1) Does this mean you are effectively Touch flashed while desolid to people who are not?

2) If you have Affects Physical World (+2), does it give you the Touch sense too?

3) It seems to state or infer that if you have Affects Physical World on your strength, you can use martial arts with it.  Just to clarify, that means you prorate the martial damage based on the +2 advantage right?

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My apologies for the delay in responding.


1. No; it means what it says:  a Desolidified character cannot touch or be touched, feel or be felt.


2.  Not necessarily. That’s up to the GM based on special effects, common sense, game balance sense, and other factors.


3.  I’m going to re-state the rest of your question for ease of future reference:


Q:  If a character has the Affects Physical World (+2) Advantage for his STR so that he can use HTH Combat and Martial Maneuvers against solid targets while he’s Desolidified, does he have to account for the +2 Advantage when adding damage from Martial Maneuvers or other methods, per the rules on 6E2 99-102?


A:  As noted on 6E2 97 and 100, when determining the Damage Classes in an attack with Advantages, the GM has to take into account “Advantages that directly affect how the victim takes damage[.]” 6E2 98 has a non-exclusive list of Advantages that fall into this category. Unless the GM rules otherwise, Affects Physical World (+2) should be considered as an Advantage that directly affects how the victim takes damage. 

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