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I recently started to have a problem with HD freezing up on me. I can open HD just fine (along with any character file I created) but as soon as I attempt to edit a character, it locks up. When I attempt anything, I only get the dreaded "ding" sound. I can't even get out of HD unless I go to the task manager and use the end task button (while  highlighting Java).


I've tried a couple of things; updating to the most current HD file and install the latest version of Java, which turns out I had already done some time ago. This is a recent problem so I'm not sure if it is Java.


The most recent thing I have done was purchase the Champions Powers HD pack. I've used some of the built in prefabs for some characters but I wouldn't think that would be the problem (though the issue started shortly after installing the prefabs).


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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So after a bit more tinkering, it turns out I can edit elements involving manual entries like characteristics, background information, basic configuration entries (experience points), and such. It is when I try to edit or select powers, skills, martial arts and anything else requiring me to click to open up is when HD locks up. Yup, I'm definitely puzzled (and a bit frustrated).

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The "ding" sound makes me think that you have a modal dialog that is appearing either off-screen or behind the main window.

If it's a modal dialog showing _behind_ the main app window, that's something that I've seen a couple of times with some of the recent versions of Java...but the dialog pops to the foreground as soon as you click anywhere (from what I've seen)...so it doesn't sound like it's that.

A dialog showing off-screen is the most likely, and can happen easily if you move an HD installation from one system to another or otherwise have a different monitor/screen configuration from the last time HD was run.  Simply delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD and you'll reset all dialog positions (among other things).



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Thank you, Simon, that was definitely the problem. I recently started connecting my laptop to another monitor when at home. After your post, I connected my laptop to the monitor and sure enough, click selections were popping up there. It is all fixed now. Much appreciated.

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