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What are the typical starting point/power levels these days?

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I have been away from Hero for so long, I had forgotten even whether we needed to roll high or low to hit. I probably need to dig my rule books out from storage and do a whole reread. What I like doing best though is building characters, and especially, creating write ups for them. My Hero Designer still works just fine, and rather than spend an hour just looking for the books and then days rereading, I'm hoping one or more sympathetic souls will just write a short response sufficient to give me some basic guidelines, so I can quickly get to the fun part.


How many points do you typically start new characters at? Teen superheros maybe? Do you enforce hard caps on active points in any given power, if so, what caps?

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I'm using sixth edition. I prefer the earlier ones, but I suspect more people playing are using the sixth. I did get invited to play in a Play By Post game and there the GM has stipulated characters starting with 300 points, including 50 in complications. That is a game of teen supers however, just coming into their powers. Having already started in that game with one character, it seems redundant to build another one for just that, but for now I figure if other people start with more points, a character I build initially with 300 will be able to easily grow into it. So the one I am working on right now is 300 points and I've got 100 points of very character appropriate complications down for her.

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I use 6th Edition rules from Champions Complete. Instead of running a campaign, I host sessions at game conventions and RPG charity events where players select a pre-generated character from the DC or Marvel Universe for a scenario. The scenario is designed so that characters from different universes can participate in the same adventure.


In terms of points, I follow the general guidelines in the Champions Complete rules. Here's a quick run-down and examples of characters I've developed using those general benchmarks:


300 CPs = Low-powered/Youthful/Street level heroes (Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Huntress from Justice League, Beast Boy from Teen Titans, Jubilee from X-Men)

400 CPs = Standard Heroes (Cyclops and Beast from X-Men)

500 CPs = High Powered Heroes (Captain America, Power Girl, Colossus, Rogue)

600 CPs = Extremely Powerful Heroes (Batman, Green Lantern, Storm, Wonder Woman)

750 CPs = Cosmically Powerful Heroes (Superman)


Hope this helps!



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