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Contradictions about Healing; half effect on BODY?

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I was reading the rules on Healing and Adjustment Powers, and noticed something odd.  Under the general rules about Adjustment Powers, it says


Defense Powers: To balance the usefulness of
defenses in the HERO System, the effect of any
Adjustment Power that increases or decreases any
of the following is halved: any Defense Power;
the Characteristics CON, DCV, DMCV, PD, ED,


Healing is listed as an Adjustment Power, so would Healing have half effect on BODY?  That doesn't sound right, and it contradicts multiple examples in the description of Healing.  Suppose a character has 2d6 of Healing that is bought as applying simultaneously to STR, BODY, END, and STUN.  If I roll 8 on the dice, does it then heal 8 points of STR, but only 4 points worth of BODY (= 2 BODY), 4 points worth of END (= 8 END), and 4 points worth of STUN (=4 STUN)?

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I had looked through a list of errata that I had and found no mention of healing / defense interactions.  I must not have the most recent ones.  Could anyone direct me to the latest errata for version 6?

Also, does this affect the Simplified Healing option?  I.e., if I roll the dice and come up with 12 "STUN" and 4 "BODY" on the dice, does it heal 12 STUN and 4 BODY, or 6 and 2?

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