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14 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Hugh I’m curious as to 2ed Champions did it now. I have third ed. and it’s a Power as you said.


1e and 2e were the same, I think.  I never really looked at 3e, but 1e and 2e were "cost = STR; you get these 5 maneuvers; pay half STR again and add a x1/2 multiplier to damage for each maneuver.

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Those are all _great_ questions, and the answer is "yes."   To all of them.     No; I'm not trying to be funny-- hey!  My "return" key is working again!-- sorry.  Where was I?

Duke I ain’t either in the mood to argue. First is the martial arts system the best? Probably not but I’ve been looking now for years and well Hero system is still the best. Second I’m really over peo

Chalk this up to different experiences then. My players would build a Martial Arts school( from the lists of moves not from scratch) and attach names to the moves. They' then used those names in play.

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