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Have any significant improvements been added to Hero Designer in the last few years?

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Nothing truly earth-shattering, but there have been a large number of updates in that time.

If you purchased in 2015, then you can download the current version/update already -- just go to the Purchases section of your Client Area and click on the HERO Designer purchase -- the current update is linked at the bottom of that page.

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Thank you.  There was a time, long ago perhaps if my faulty memory is correct, that a Hero Designer licence expired after a couple of years. I am pretty sure I recall purchasing it twice way back so as to update. I guess I just assumed that remained the case. Very happy to learn otherwise.


Hero Designer is SUCH a wonderfully useful program, I could not possibly recommend it more strongly for anyone creating characters in Hero.

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Is there a way to look back further? I'm sure I paid for the HD software a long time ago, but I doubt that I have access to the email address I used to sign up for it, way back when. Plus, now I only have access to a Mac instead of the Windows machine I was running it on, originally.




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No, since prior to 2013 (when we moved the site to new software and changed the sales model for HD), HD was sold under a 2 year support contract.  You would have needed to renew your support contract in order to download updates/new versions/etc.  We did continue to honor existing support contracts after the move, but those all ran out by 2015.

The good news is that the cost to purchase HD was (intentionally) kept the same as the cost to renew your support contract ($25)...so you're not out anything.

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