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I'm playing in a weekly game (4th edition Champions) that recently started using Roll20. I am also involved in a Play by Post game (6th edition Teen Supers), that is infuriatingly slow. That may look like I am full up. However I am also retired and spend my days in front of a computer with little to do but surf the web or play computer games, and of late, the computer games are lackluster. I would love to get involved with more Hero, as that is by FAR my favorite game system. I am perfectly capable of building characters and playing with 6th edition, but I prefer the earlier versions personally.


I've been known to GM, but frankly I suck at it, simply not putting in the time and imagination necessary to do it well. As a player I do reasonably well, as my favorite thing to do is to create characters and flesh them out. I am wont to write rather detailed backgrounds, but little if any of it requires GM followup unless they feel inspired by it. It's mostly for flavor and understanding my character.


I have a personal preference for fantasy, but it is not a strong preference. I am available pretty much any time other than Tuesday and Thursday evenings EST.


I am Canadian living in Montreal.

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4 hours ago, MrKinister said:

6th player here. What are you looking to organize?


Hi guys. Something over Google chat, VC or otherwise. and something to handle the file sharing. Then also something where dice rolls are done in a fair, observable way. Details! lol


Papnpiper, what's your game? Hero fascinates me as the scalability is *almost* perfect. I haven't seen it more ably done in an Old School Resurgence game than Hero. That being said, FUDGE looks amazing. That's next. However, Hero and Champs is still my personal gold standard and I'd like to run a game.


I love low fantasy with high fantasy elements. Sci-fi can be fun but the "hand-wavium" kills me sometimes.


I like 4th ed a lot. One rule book with logical add-ons. Hero 5 is when the book explosion that hero 6 is started. However I have Hero Designer and am not at all smart enough to get Hero Maker working on my Windows 10 machine 😄  As a result I've been making some 6e Champs villains that are, well, pretty scary. Amazon's "The Boys" was in mind. There's an edge to that world which is very appealing.


Characters should be fleshed out. A healthy backstory makes for all kind of wonderful character hooks.


Lots of prattling Sorry guys. So...


What about Champions Complete? Streamlined 6e rules so it works well with Hero Designer and old folks like me. Setting could be a dark (sometimes!) but certainly powerful place. Ideas?









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The games I am currently playing are:





I find there to be very little mechanical difference between 4th edition and 5th edition Hero. Hero Designer can be set to create characters in 5th edition all of which will work perfectly in 4th. Personally I would much rather not jump into yet another version,

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I have been playing since 2nd ed
currently I'm in 1 game here in the clubs (6th ed play by post) and several 5th & 6th on Rpol all play by post
I have 4th-6th rules(hero designer) and would love to play on roll20, tabletop simulator, etc... w/ voice and real time

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While my HERO system knowledge is lacking, more so having the most access to 6e pdfs, though I believe I have some 5e somewhere on my laptop along with the character maker, I've been considering finding a HERO system game as of late, more so Champions. Been really on a kick for wanting a true superhero game at last! I was going to do a Champions Now game a while ago this year, but stress got to me and I ended up dropping before it began.


Regardless, I'm more than willing to form up a group with ya if you're still looking! Though my preferred manner of conversation if we use voice is Discord since I'm not all that familiar with other programs.

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Tranguione, I responded as well, sounded interesting, he responded a couple of times, then ghosted me. Thats frustrating. 

EDIT, after checking again, I see he blocked me. While I can understand if he did not like my idea for a character concept, it would have been easy to say that. If he didn't like me based on a couple of paragraphs, I sure would have preferred to know what I said or did wrong to change that in the future. Tranq, If you are interested, we still have a slot open on our 300 pt dark champions style game for Wednesday nights, I'm running it on zoom. I am happy running the game, but was looking to play as well. 

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I'd be interested in seeing where things go. I'm a Dutch ex-pat in the USA. My experience is mostly 3rd edition Fantasy Hero, with a small sprinkling of 5th and 6th Champions. Those two aside, I would also be interested in a modern-day (non-Champions) game, or a martial arts focused one.

Note: I do not have a webcam and no desire to acquire one, so Discord is cool, but Zoom isn't, for me.

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