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Arlington/Marysville WA area

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Looking toward post-panic. 

My FLGS closed its doors 3 weeks before C19 hit, so I have found myself without a gaming location.


I do have a small group of friends that I game with on an irregular basis, though it looks like we will have the opportunity to game a lot more in the future.  They were owners of the FLGS and as seems to be the case with game shop owners, their free time to game goes down drastically :shock:.


Normally I have been running games with a horror content using Chaosiums Call of Cthulhu or Pelgranes GUMSHOE. A while back I got Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for D&D 5th Edition and have put together a game for after the panic with some friends. 


Hero: my rules preference is 4th, 5thR and then a distant 6th.  I have far more resources for 5thR (extra books etc) than the other editions.


D&D:  I prefer 5th Ed or even AD&D but just cannot play D&D 3 point whatever (Pathfinder) or D&D 4th.  Worse than GURPs in rulebook tonnage.


Call of Cthulhu: I prefer CoC 7th Ed using Down Darker Trails, Pulp Cthulhu.  I can play or run it, but I do not prefer Purest Mode.  I have Achtung! Cthulhu (CoC 7th) and am looking forward to Dark Ages Cthulhu (under whatever title they pick). 


GUMSHOE: Fear Itself, Nights Black Agents, Fall of Delta Green and period modes are favorites.  Looking forward to Swords of the Serpentine when it releases.


2d20: A newer system that is actually a lot of fun.  The base rule system has been adjusted meet the needs across a wide selection of settings.  Rather than trying to be a "general one size fits all" rule system, the core rules are modified to fit the setting and really handles action well.  I own and have run 2d20 Conan and 2d20 Star Trek Adventures.  I also have 2d20 John Carter of Mars.  I have not been able to run it because it is very setting specific and really needs the players to understand the game world and it is far too much to ask someone to read a 190 page book :(


This post is mostly looking to see if there are any Hero types in my area open to a game or two, just chatting or maybe a pint after the panic ends.


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