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Possible to Import Characters?

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I am running a game over discord with a few friends. I bought the Hero Designer and the Combat Manager to make life easier. I have found templates with .XML documents that claim they were made in Hero Designer. Is there a way that I can import these and use them in the combat manager for NPCs. I am going to be making all the PCs by hand, but I would like to avoid making a dozen or more NPCs if I can avoid it.

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Not completely clear on what you’re asking....will try to answer both possibilities I can see:


If the files you have are HD save files (which are an XML structure), they just need the proper extension to be used in HD — .hdc for characters (as an example)


If the files you have are HCM files, those are created from HD exports, but that process is one-way.  You use HD to create characters that are exported and loaded into HCM.

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So here is the specific example. I am running a game set in the comic universe. I have about 20 different characters showing up to fight. I found a website with character sheets generated from Hero Designer 3. At the bottom of each page he has a link to the file which opens a web page in an XML structure, identical to the coding found in a randomly generated character from HD6 (at least as far as I can tell.)

So what I am wondering is, with those XML files, is there a way to import them into HD6 or HCM so that I can use them in the combat structure without having to manually input all the data from the character sheets again?


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