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Zoom Dark Champions game


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It is, though it is soon to transform into a different game. Right now we are playing a dark street level superhero game, but soon we will transition to a differently dark teen supers game, loosely based on the setting of 'The Boys'. We will be teenagers attending an academy run by Vaught, the same evil corporation that controls most superheroes. Instead of being based on 300 points like the street level superhero game, here we have only 250 points, which must include at least 10 points of martial arts. However we get a free uniform provided by Vaught, that does not cost us any points. That uniform gives us +12 PD, +12 ED, 6 points both of which are resistant. This adds to whatever we pay points for. Multipowers are restricted to 50 points active with a maximum of three slots. Powers bought individually, not in a multipower are not subject to an active point cost.

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