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My Speedster Name Ideas

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How about Overdrive?  That happens to be the name of my speedster.

The Accelerationist

How about Redline, after the red line on a car’s tachometer?

1 hour ago, Greywind said:

 He runs fast. Just has a real hard time with things like turning corners.





Freight Train was the same way!


Accelerated slower than a typical speedster, and had a hard time with cornering at speed and with stopping.  Protected a force barrier around himself that got stronger the faster he went: sort of a one-trick move-through pony until he learned how to "shear off" the force barrier with hard deceleration, making it an AOE ranged attack (short range, though).



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Transonic (for medium top-end speed, still best expressed as Mach X)

Hypersonic (for when you're talking "percent of the speed of light" kinds of speed)

Coaster (as in travels from coast to coast)


A different kind of speedster...not ultra-fast movement but an 18 Speed offering a WHOLE lot of parry-riposte type fighting.  3 martial maneuvers...Fast Strike, Martial Block, and Counterstrike.  (Plus Martial Escape.)  And 10 3-point levels CSLs with em...several of which tend to be used for damage, most of the time.  I called him Freestyle...because that's how he fights.  Lots of level shifting can pretty much duplicate practically maneuver (and Analyze:  Style and KS:  Martial Arts).

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The Silver Bullet -with obvious silver outfit

Speed- silver age speedster with the obvious and corny catch phrase: "This looks like a need for Speed!"

The Whiz- golden age speedster 


Mach 3



Hemi-In a world that has corporate sponsored superheroes, a speedster sponsored by the Chrysler corporation

Cyclotron- really good at running in circles😁


The Dart

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These are my speedsters


The Heroes

Green Flash



The Bullet (Pulp fiction Flash)

The Flying Scotsman (Combines speed with Martial Arts)

Skater Girl (Creates a frictionless Force Field that allows her to "skate" at high speeds)

Whirly Girl (Dirvish-like Speedster)

Kaiten (Human torpedo) 

Angelshark (Travels faster on the ocean floor than she swims)



The Villains

Forerunner (Super speed linked with mind control)

Exocet (Named after the missile)

Cool Runner (Super speed on Ice)

Cheetah Girl



Red Mercury

Mach 1 (Super speed Android)



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23 hours ago, Sailboat said:

Friend of mine made a character Woth the hilarious name Blue Bayou.  (As in, he just blew by you.)


His emblem was a palm tree bent over by strong wind,  as if he had just passed by but was already out of the frame, so to speak.


Sounds like he's a fan of the Running Guy  🙂 





He's faster than ten fast men!

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18 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

And Boom! When she breaks your heart? 😁

Aw, no. She wouldn’t do that.  She’s a good girl. 




But back on topic.... the speedster from the Seven in The Boys was called “A-Train”, as in “ Can’t stop the....” 

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