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  • 2016 Third Party Hero System Release Schedule

    Jason S.Walters

    After taking a survey of publishers who license the Hero System for the purposes of releasing their own work, we've put together a schedule for the coming year. I hope you will find it informative and continue to support their work as you have in the past.


    2016 Hero System Release Schedule

    • Monster Mash: Draklings (New Creatures for Fantasy Hero) – Greg Elkins Design, Released
    • S.I.D.s Report: Psiforce – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q1
    • Wondrous Treasures: Belts, Sashes & Girdles – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q1
    • Aaron Allston's Strike Force – High Rock Press, 2016 Q1 Kickstarter
    • Chasing a Golden Buck Version Two - Beautifulharmony Multimedia, 2016 Q1
    • Realm of The White Worm (Adventure) – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
    • Monster Mash: Phase Spider & Thornleg Spider – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
    • S.I.D.s Report: Shadow Coven – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
    • Journey to the Center of the Earth! - High Rock Press, 2016 Q2 Kickstarter
    • [Name-To-Be-Announced Science Fiction Setting] - Beautifulharmony Multimedia, Q3
    • [Name-To-Be-Announced Widening Gyre Supplement] – High Rock Press, 2016 Q3
    • Extinction Event Campaign Guide - Mad Ferret, 2016 Q3 Kickstarter
    • S.I.D.s report: Zilant Project – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q3
    • Wondrous Treasures: Staffs & Rods – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q3
    • Monster Mash: White Dragon – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q3
    • Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems – High Rock Press, 2016 Q4 Kickstarter
    • Monster Mash: Gorgon & Blink Dog – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q4
    • Villany Codex Two: Arcana (Sourcebook for Champions & Fantasy Hero) – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q4
    • Wondrous Treasure: Axe, Bows & Hammers – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q4
    • [Name-To-Be-Announced Espionage Campaign] - Beautifulharmony Multimedia, 2016 Q4

    Other Possible Projects from Greg Elkins Design

    • Tomb Of The Shadow King (Adventure for Fantasy Hero)
    • Dead Orc Pass, a City Campaign Book for Fantasy Hero
    • S.I.D.s Report: W.O.M.E.N
    • S.I.D.s Report: Aces of Death
    • S.I.D.s Report: Ms Synster
    • Monster Mash: Girallon-Phase Maurader
    • Monster Mash: Bulette – Destrachon
    • Monster Mash: Hellcat & Shadow Wolf
    • Wondrous Treasures

    Other Possible Projects from High Rock Press

    • Santa Muerte: Champions Setting Guide


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