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Goodbye Balabanto

Jason S.Walters

It is with great sadness that I tell you my friend and associate Michael Satran, known on the Hero Forums as Balabanto, passed away on the evening of October 28, 2017. Michael was a Hero System superfan, and the author of numerous zany supplements and settings for the Champions roleplaying game, including Journey to the Center of the Earth, King of the Mountain, War of Worldcraft, and Foxbat for President. He also tackled more serious and darker subjects in works such as Imaginary Friends, Unkindness, and Pretty Hate Machines. Though it is not widely known, for years Michael volunteered to help with the Indie Press Revolution booth at GenCon, stalwartly assisting us in the not-very-glamorous business of setting up, tearing down, inventorying products, helping with the marshaling yard, and generally doing what he could to help the RPG small press. He was a sincere, generous, and kind man, always eager to help a friend in need. I will miss him greatly. Amicus Aeternum Vale.


- Jason Walters, Publisher

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For the short period of time I knew this gentleman, we had both heated/good debates, but he was always a gentleman with class, and we found a lot of common good things to discuss, beyond gaming.

I am sad that I didn't get to know him better, and wished I could've bought him a few rounds to enjoy his company and share wisdom.  His energy is now woven back into the Universe and perhaps one day we will cross paths again.

Until then, fare travels and adventures, kind sir...

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I have to say that I have interacted with Michael for years on a virtual basis. I staff at an online game named simply enough: Champions MUSH. It is a small community of players who use a text based medium to interact using RPG rules. Old school telnet stuff. But, Michael was a player there for years, and though he and I have no always gotten along, I have great respect for him. Our rules debates were things of legend. His loss is a loss to us all, and I will miss his presence there. For those of you who may not know what a MUSH is, it is an Acronym for Multi User Shared Hallucination, and yeah, it's gamer-foo :) ... Michael, Rest in Peace. You deserve it.

Aftershock @ Champions MUSH

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I met Michael for the first time in 2016 at Chupacabracon in Round Rock, TX.  I’m so glad I got to play in one of his Champions GM’d events. What a blast! What a fun and energetic gamer. I own all his published stuff, which I bought from him that very day.

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