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    Jason S.Walters
    This PDF expands the Superhero Gallery from pages 243-87 of Champions to add ten new character types you can quickly and easily create:
    —the Animal-Man, a character whose powers derive from, or are themed around, a particular type of animal;
    —the Caped Detective, who combines his investigative skills with various fighting abilities and gadgets to make himself a matchless enemy of the underworld;
    —the Cultural Mystic, whose magical powers derive from a specific mystical tradition or culture (such as Egyptian, Shamanism, or Voodoo on this sheet, though you can easily adapt it to others if you’d like);
    —the Elemental Powered Armor wearer, whose powered armor’s weapons and defenses focus on a specific “elemental” form of attack (such as Fire, Electricity, or Ice);
    —the Force character, who manipulates sheer force to attack, move objects, and achieve other effects;
    —the Light character, who controls light in various forms (from blinding flares to deadly lasers);
    —the Power Weapon wielder, who possesses a weapon of great cosmic, mystic, or technological might;
    —the Robo-Hero, whose artificial body grants him superhuman powers;
    —the Shadowmaster, who controls darkness and shadow; and
    —the Themed Gadgeteer, whose arsenal of gadgets are all designed or formed along some theme (such as a particular animal, holiday, or category of objects [such as “toys”]).
    A new product from Steve Long.

    Jason S.Walters
    The Elemental Grimoire is a long sought after tome of magic. Compiled by the Archmage Talmar, it houses information on the spells of the elements. It is rumored to house spells collected from various Elemental Mages.
    Spells for Air Magic, Darkness Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Lightning Magic and Water Magic are said to be found within its pages.
    The tome once compiled was so sought after that Talmar hid it in an ice castle that floated on a huge rock on a lake of lava deep within the earth. There it has safely resided for centuries. Now the hunt is on the tome and the spells it holds.
    Can you find the tome?
    Are you powerful enough to keep hold of it?
    Are you worthy of the Elemental Grimoire?
    A new product from Greg Elkins.

    Jason S.Walters
    Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find. This series houses information on varies information on just such treasures.
    Wands – Every adventure wants to have wand to help them in their adventures. Here you will find over 36 wands to add to your Fantasy Hero campaign. From Wand of Fog or Wand Of Firestorm to the highly sought after Wand Of Dragon's Breathe
    The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.
    A new product from Greg Elkins.

    Jason S.Walters
    Supervillains! Are you tired of your minions, agents, henchmen, sidekicks, hired goons, thugs, and other underlings suffering defeat at the hands of superheroes on a regular basis? Are you sick of spending money on “super-tech” that isn’t all that super — or that doesn’t even work half the time? Aren’t you ready for equipment, and minions, worthy of your ambition and schemes?
    Well, have no fear! Here at the Villain Solutions Conglomerate (VSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the International League of Evil, we’ve got just what you need to send those heroes packing: Steel Minion™ Anti-Superhero Powered Armor. S.M.A.S.H. Armor comes equipped with the weapons, defensive systems, and other abilities your minions need to stand toe-to-toe with superpowered heroes and WIN!
    ​A new product from Steve Long.

    Jason S.Walters
    Hero Combat Manager has been updated from V 1.04 to V 1.05. The 1.04 version of Hero Combat Manager is still included with purchases of 1.05 because the new version has not been as thoroughly tested by the beta testers as previous versions. The following changes have been made from 1.04 in 1.05.
    New Features
    Game Master can now select the power and/or combat skill levels that a character has when making an attack. The power and combat skill levels will pre-populate the Attack Input Tab on the Attack Dialog box. This should speed up combat.
    The tabs on the Attack Dialog have been changed to improve combat workflow
    The Game Master can set the Damage Resistance for a defender and it will remain set during the combat until the Game Master changes it.
    Characters that are marked as incapacitated are removed from the target selection list
    Effects tables are available from the Attack Dialog

    Major Bug Fixes
    Continue to resolve corner cases associated with “Held Actions”
    Fixed a number of bugs which caused the application to ‘lock up’
    Knockback distance calculation was wrong and has been fixed

    Open Issues
    Under a very specific circumstance HKA may not be calculated correctly. The one instance that has shown up is if a weapon is 1d6+1 and the STR Min is 6 and the STR of the character is 15. This should result in a HKA of 1 ½ d6KA. Instead it is being calculated as 2d6+1 KA.

    Jason S.Walters
    Eons ago, an ancient evil was trapped beneath the village of Farcaster. Now, however, dark forces are working in the shadows of the city. Cultists roam the streets. Villagers are disappearing. Messengers seeking assistance have vanished. The city needs heroes. Can the party restore the ancient wards are defeat the mighty Maranos?
    The Depths of Zealotry is a non-system specific adventure from D3 Games.

    Jason S.Walters
    The newest release for Surbrook' Stuff takes an in-depth look at haunted houses and how they can be used in your campaign. The article explores what a haunted house can be like, where it can be found, what it can contain, and why it might be haunted. More importantly, the article also notes that you can have more than just haunted houses -- towns, space ships, and even entire planets can all be haunted!

    Jason S.Walters
    A pulp adventure from Steve Long, author of Pulp Hero!
    When the government enlists the help of Our Heroes to prevent the Nazis from obtaining a valuable Mesoamerican artifact, the PCs find themselves on an adventure that leads them to Mexico City, then to Central America, and finally to the mysterious, and potentially deadly, inner chambers of a long-lost temple! Can they survive the perils that face them — and the Nazis and tribesmen pursuing them — to return to civilization with the fabled Topaz Skull of Cozcatl Cuaxicalli?
    The Temple Of The Topaz Skull is a Pulp Hero adventure designed for characters built on a total of 175 Character Points or less. The optimal number of PCs is four to six, but you can scale it up or down based on the number of opponents you pit against the heroes in various encounters.

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