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    Jason S.Walters
    Earth is not the only world with mystics and magic. Spells of the Devachan reveals a wider cosmos of spirits and sorcery:
    • More than 30 spells of thaumaturgy, the light-show magic used by comic-book super-mages. Most are new. A few spells from past HERO System publications are revised for 6th Edition.
    • A new setting and background for thaumaturgy. Mystics of many worlds join the occult society called the Devachan, ready to become allies and mentors for human super-mages.
    • A new treatment of astral projection and the Astral Plane, the mystic dimension that connects all worlds and realms of existence — now revised for 6th Edition and expanded to include interstellar travel.
    • Plus glimpses into the spirit realms of several alien species, with wonders and perils of their own.
    Welcome to the Sorcerer’s Galaxy — because one Mystic World isn’t enough.
    Uses the 6th Edition of the HERO System. Available soon here at Hero Games!

    Jason S.Walters
    Not content to rest after completing Larger Than Life, Michael Surbrook has just finished up Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems. This HERO System sourcebook for the supernatural covers all the classic creatures: ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and zombies; but also mentions ghuls, golems, the wendigo, Jack the Ripper, and a few modern monsters, such as the internet meme Slender Man. Each chapter covers a specific creature in detail, looking at its origins, history accounts, and world-wide representation. This is followed up by several character sheets, often present a ’traditional’ and ‘cinematic’ version of the creature, as well as a more detailed unique representation (the section on vampires, for example, presents Count Dracula in all his glory!).

    Jason S.Walters
    As the name suggests, this upcoming book by Michael Surbrook will be a collection of martial artists. They will be divided by power level (Real World, Cinematic, and so on), and will represent a wide range of cultures and fighting styles. Although most meant for Ninja Hero campaigns, the characters in FOF can also be used in other genres as well, such as Fantasy Hero, Pulp Hero, Dark Champions, Champions, and Galactic Champions. And if that’s not enough, the book will also contain write ups of various fictional fighting styles.

    Jason S.Walters
    Like many of you, I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of author and game designer Aaron Allston, who collapsed yesterday during an appearance at VisionCon in Springfield, Missouri and died shortly thereafter. His death effects me on both a personal and professional level. On a personal level, he a gentleman in the literal sense of the word: a gentle-man with whom it was always a pleasure to speak. I also admired his work: The Circle/M.E.T.E. Was one of my favorite roleplaying supplements as a teenager, and I also fondly remember Autoduel Champions. (I mean: who doesn't? It ruled.) On a professional level, as the current president of Hero Games I mourn the loss of one of the creative giants of the Hero System and a driving force behind the modern versions of Champions.
    So so long Aaron: see you in the great dealer's room in the sky. I can't wait to hear about your current projects when I get there.
    Jason Walters, President Hero Games

    Jason S.Walters
    HERO Games is pleased to announce a new product designed to cater to application developers for the HERO System: HERO Designer Source Code access. By purchasing access to the HERO Designer source code, developers will gain access to the full source for HD, access to a new "developers' forum" where they can ask questions, discuss projects, and receive guidance on integrating HERO Designer's code into their own projects and designs. See the product offering in the store for full details.

    Jason S.Walters
    The newest version of Hero Combat Manager has been released! If you've already purchased Hero Combat Manager, you can re-download the new version from your downloads area.
    Release Notes for v1.0.3
    Bug Fixes:
    Changing Character Type but hitting cancel causes character to disappear
    GM Adjust screen after cancel button pops up numerous times
    Aid/Drain problems in Attack Dialog and GM Adjust are resolved
    END Tracking for held characters
    Targets list are wrong after SPD/DEX changes
    AoE and Aid/Drain causes unexpected results
    Entangle Roll for NPC does not show the Body
    Adjusting Flash Phases did not work properly
    Drain to Negative value causes Exception error
    Flash Defense is not working

    Limitations in previous version are now resolved:
    In this version Multiple Attacks are modeled as described in Hero System 6e Volume 2, page 73. This feature specifically allows for different damage rolls for each target that is hit. It is best to use this feature in the case of multiple strikes against multiple targets with a single attack.

    In this version Auto Fire is modeled as described in Hero System 6e Volume 2, page 42. This feature specifically allows for different damage rolls for each hit. It is best to use this feature in the case of multiple strikes against a single target with a single attack.
    When to use Multiple Attack vs. Auto FireAuto Fire Against Multiple Targets (6eV2 pg 42) – Use Multiple Attacks
    Make multiple strikes against a single target with a single attack (6eV2 pg 73) – Use Auto Fire

    [*]These options should work but have not been extensively tested
    Make multiple strikes against a single target with multiple forms of attack (6eV2 pg 73) – Use Auto Fire and increase the number of hits for each type of form of attack and then change the type of damage for multiple forms of attack
    Make multiple strikes against multiple targets with a single attack (6eV2 pg 73) – Use Multiple Attacks and Auto Fire
    Make multiple strikes against multiple targets with multiple forms of attack (6eV2 pg 73) – Use Multiple Attacks and Auto Fire and increase the number of hits for each type of form of attack and then change the type of damage for multiple forms of attack

    Jason S.Walters
    Legendsmiths is preparing for a GenCon release of the Narosia; Sea of Tears fantasy RPG. This game leverages the HERO System Toolkit to create a unique, stand-alone, action-fantasy RPG experience. In addition, Narosia uses a system of cards that allow the players to influence the plot by roleplaying the meddling gods of the world. This divine intervention mechanic adds to the epic feel and scale of the game, engaging all of the players to shape the story.
    Backers from Narosia's Kickstarter campaign will be running introductory adventures at GenCon to give everyone an opportunity to explore the game. Additionally, Legendsmiths will be running a new adventure, Depths of Baradahm, at Origins and GenCon. This adventure continues the story from the introductory adventure included in the rulebook. Depths of Baradahm will be included in the forthcoming Narosia GM Resource Kit. This kit will include the adventure, a deck of Divine Intervention Cards, a GM Screen, and more.
    Legendsmiths would like to thank all of the backers of the Narosia: Sea of Tears project for their continued support. It will be hosting a gathering to celebrate the release of the book at GenCon, open to backers and fans alike. Keep an eye on www.legendsmiths.com for details.

    Jason S.Walters
    Coming this summer from BlackWyrm Games, Michael Surbrook's Larger Than Life is a guide to the world of American tall-tales. It presents more than 20 different well-known (and not so well-known) archetypes from American folklore, ranging from Blackbeard the Pirate to Nikola Tesla the Inventor. Along the way you’ll also encounter soldiers, sailors, and scouts, as well as backwoodsmen, lumberjacks, mountain men, outlaws, lawmen, emperors, and Indian chiefs.
    Each archetype presented in Larger Than Life is fully written up for 6th Edition HERO System. In addition, along with the primary archetype, there are biographies and descriptions of numerous secondary examples of the archetype, as well as a template designed to allow you to build your own version of the archetype. In all, there are 22 archetypes with character sheets, 2 sidekicks with character sheets, nearly 150 secondary character descriptions, templates, a timeline, and an extensive list of inspirational media. All of which is suitable for your Champions, Dark Champions, Fantasy, Pulp, and Star Hero campaigns.

    Jason S.Walters
    A new product from D3 Adventures! Within Kamarathin there is an art to taking materials from the natural world and working them into a form that will benefit those who would use them.
    In all things there are those who are trained and skilled in what they do, many a woodsman or chirurgeon can take an herb and mix it in the proper doses to take advantage of its inherent properties, but these people only see the herb as a tool. But there are others that speak to a root's spirit, to the very idea of an herb. They are known as Attuned Herbalists or Apothecaries, and only they know the true ways of bringing the full power of the natural world to help or hinder, poison or cure.
    From the arts of chiurgery and medical science to the secrets of he Attuned, D3 Adventures' Herbalism explores the power of the natural world and those who wield it within the Kingdom of Tursh.
    An expansion of the award-winning Kamarathin setting, Herbalism provides players and GMs alike with new tools, terrors, and character options, all powered by the Hero System.
    Will these plants, roots, and fungi kill or cure .... only the Attuned know; will you join their ranks?

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