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Legendsmiths Update: Narosia; Sea of Tears

Jason S.Walters

Legendsmiths is preparing for a GenCon release of the Narosia; Sea of Tears fantasy RPG. This game leverages the HERO System Toolkit to create a unique, stand-alone, action-fantasy RPG experience. In addition, Narosia uses a system of cards that allow the players to influence the plot by roleplaying the meddling gods of the world. This divine intervention mechanic adds to the epic feel and scale of the game, engaging all of the players to shape the story.


Backers from Narosia's Kickstarter campaign will be running introductory adventures at GenCon to give everyone an opportunity to explore the game. Additionally, Legendsmiths will be running a new adventure, Depths of Baradahm, at Origins and GenCon. This adventure continues the story from the introductory adventure included in the rulebook. Depths of Baradahm will be included in the forthcoming Narosia GM Resource Kit. This kit will include the adventure, a deck of Divine Intervention Cards, a GM Screen, and more.


Legendsmiths would like to thank all of the backers of the Narosia: Sea of Tears project for their continued support. It will be hosting a gathering to celebrate the release of the book at GenCon, open to backers and fans alike. Keep an eye on www.legendsmiths.com for details.

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I am really looking for to this, I have run a couple of games using the quick start rules and my players have really enjoyed it.  I even got one of my players who dislikes Hero to ask me to run more games using it.

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