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Martial Enemies, Volume 1 PDF

Jason S.Walters

From Steve Long! Martial Enemies, Volume 1 is the first in a series of PDFs to detail the villains, monsters, and other dangerous beings who inhabit the Martial World of the Champions Universe. In this PDF you’ll find five villains, all eager to confront your PCs:


Kazeronin, modern-day samurai who wields the mystical Sword of the Four Winds


Otokoyama, the super-strong man-mountain who cannot be moved against his will


Talon, a lethal warrior who grows bone claws and spurs from her hands, feet, and joints


Xiu Kwan, the last of the lin kuei, the legendary “forest demons” of ancient China


Zhua Teng, who uses martial arts powers learned in dark Agharti to enrich himself at the expense of others

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