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  • New Product: Shared Origins: Sky-Q PDF

    Jason S.Walters

    Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Champions by Dean Shomshak


    There's a thin line between genius and EVIL!

    Sky-Q is such a good "smart drug," it's a shame it's illegal. Users gain an hour of better memory and concentration -- followed by fatigue, irritability, and other unpleasant side effects. A few steady users gain much more: They master exotic sciences and invent radical new technologies. On the other hand, they develop bizarre, megalomaniac obsessions and become supervillains! Some of them are loopy "theme gadget" criminals. Others are rather less funny.


    Here's what you get in SHARED ORIGINS: SKY-Q:


    * Background and game mechanics for Sky-Q, the smart drug that works too well.


    * Four sample villains who gained their powers from Sky-Q, from the farcical Mushroom Master to the monstrous Izverg. Each character comes with a complete character sheet, background, story seeds, and full-color illustration.


    * One sample hero, ready to play or use as an NPC.


    * A brief discussion of "Origin Substances" as reusable explanations for characters gaining super-powers, with three additional examples of this classic origin story.

    Uses HERO System 6th Edition or CHAMPIONS Complete.




    This series of mini-supplements for CHAMPIONS provides "Origin Stories" that players and GMs can use for many different characters. Coming up with character origins is work; reusable origin gimmicks help you spend more time on character backgrounds and motivations and less time explaining why they have super-powers in the first place. (Shared origins can also tie characters together and create story hooks.) Each supplement supplies background information and game mechanics for one shared origin story, a ready-to-play sample hero, and a selection of sample villains. Supplements stand alone to make it easier to plug the sample characters and origin story into your own superhero setting.

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