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New Products! Hell's Half Acre PDF

Jason S.Walters

New from Steven S. Long! Hell’s Half Acre is a setting book for Western Hero. It describes a fictionalized version of the town of Perry, Oklahoma — home to a thousand people and over a hundred saloons, gambling halls, and cathouses! There’s never a dull moment in the Acre no matter what sort of trouble you prefer to get into.


Hell’s Half Acre includes:


—a complete description of the town, with information about hundreds of NPCs


—the low-down on the “Saloon Wars” — an increasingly deadly fight between several of the wealthiest townsfolk to control all the saloons in the Acre


—plenty of secrets, conspiracies, strange goings-on, and even mystical occurrences for campaigns that want a touch of the weird and mysterious


—details about drinking, eating, gambling, and other forms of entertainment in the Wild West


—an extensive dictionary of Western lingo and slang


—a “GM’s Vault” revealing many of the Acre’s secrets to the GM only


So strap on your shootin’ iron, saddle up your best horse, and get ready for action and excitement in Hell’s Half Acre!

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I'm interested in a Print on Demand version of Hell's Half Acre too. Western Hero is one of my favorite books, even before I started playing HERO System, and I'm happy to see a book that expands on it.

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