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  2. Me! Me! I'm Canadian! I'm not sure if I'm short or ugly enough, but I am pretty hairy.
  3. I really do appreciate The fact you're sitting here Your voice sounds so wonderful But your face don't look too clear So barmaid, bring a pitcher Another round of brew Honey, why don't we get drunk And screw? Why don't we get drunk And screw? I just bought a waterbed It's filled up for me and you They say you are a snub queen Honey I don't think that's true So why don't we get drunk And screw?
  4. Supposedly there is an online java version but I bet it takes an hour to set up
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  6. What makes the rules too big, IMO, is adding or retaining things that serve little or no purpose to add or retain. COM (a characteristic that was not really a characteristic as it had no unique function) was removed. SA (an appearance-based mechanic that basically did the only mechanical thing anyone ever suggested COM should do, which was modify PRE based interactions where looks should be relevant, and more as it went beyond Pretty and Ugly) was added. Both, to me, were good moves. Adding "hey, but here are some optional rules if, for some reason, you want to keep it the 5e way but call it 6e" is useless rule bloat, at least in my opinion. "It has always been there" supports neither removal nor retention, whether or not as an optional rule. Decide whether it is worth the space on its merit. What would be removed to make room for "optional keeping COM like it was in 5e"? What makes an optional rule to retain 5e style COM a better inclusion than an optional rule to retain 5e-like Figured Characteristics, or retain Growth and Stretching momentum, or keep 5e style growth, to pick just three off the top of my head?
  7. I'm available, and I like comic books. Also I am uglier and shorter than Ryan Reynolds. I'm perfect!
  8. Casting call...I'm planning to run a HtbM session on Jun 1 / 5pm / At Ease Games unless I hear otherwise. @Scything and @King Red have indicated they intend to continue playing Joey and Killroy. @Steve, @Durzan Malakim, @WilyQuixote, @thuddgun ... haven't heard from you guys yet. If you're doing new characters lets see em, otherwise let me know what's going on w/ Murgatroyd or Drew. Thanx!
  9. And now for something different:
  10. Mat and Perrin only end up with one woman each, Tuon and Faile. Just started my first reread of the series.
  11. Death Tribble is the secret preferred choice to replace Teresa May, but he's holding out for the privilege of eating one obnoxious reporter alive on camera in the regular weekly press briefings.
  12. I had been planing to move this week to a downstairs apartment in my building. There's no elevator here, and my balance issues make carrying things downstairs difficult. So as an ADA accomodation 'm being moved to a ground-level unit. Or so I thought. It turns out that the higher-ups in the agency that owns my complex did not send anyone out to "flip" that unit to make it ready for me to occupy it. So I have to wait another 2-3 weeks for it to be ready, while my current apartment is full of boxes, boxes, boxes.
  13. None of the bottomless-wallet PACs are contributing to your preferred candidate.
  14. I do something similar on notes tab 5...for instance on this template
  15. Exactly. Now instead of cluttering the book with annotation and melting the brains of new players that just want to actually play a game. In the back you add an appendix the shows the build annotation for the builds in the front so people that care can see how things were built. Hero really needs to get people to play enough that they will then want to learn how to build/customize things. It's kind of like a house. When someone buys a house for $350k, they expect something they can actually live in. That is 99% of the successful RPGs. Now if they show up to their "$350k house" and discover it is stacks of lumber and hardware and they are supposed to "assemble it themselves" they will be pissed and probably sue. But this is Hero right now. Here are some design rules, create the game yourself. Back before internet and streaming and the modern 24 blitz of things to do, we had enough spare time to actually be bored. In the 80/90s I had hours of free time with nothing to fill it. I loved Hero and spent hours building. Now people seem to have far less free time and given the choice of number crunching or watching a stream, well they watch the stream. A common theme for Hero these days is something like "oh god, don't do a generic high fantasy world like D&D and Pathfinder. There are too many of them." But that is exactly what Hero needs. A rulebook on Playing, not building. People trying to learn a new game want to be able to grab a standard concept a play. Use characters designed using pre-built capabilities, spells and gear with NO DESIGN ANNOTATION. Close to D&D, buy characteristics, buy pre-built abilities, spells and gear from lists. Include a suitable selection of creatures and treasure plus an introduction adventure. In the back of the book include an appendix with just the build annotation for the stuff on the list with an introduction that directs you to Fantasy Hero Complete and how to build anything. Heck, you could make the current Fantasy Hero Complete the second half of the book. The first part allows people to PLAY Hero. The second part shows them how to create their own material. All of the successful RPGs are like a three legged stool. Leg 1 = Rules and supplements Leg 2 = Setting Books, Creature/Treasure/NPC books, etc. Leg 3 = Adventures and Campaigns so people can play. Hero ignores the 3rd leg and wonders why the stool keeps falling over.
  16. there's a linux notepad++ sort of equivalent notepadqq. It's ok. i haven't done this, but I would expect that you should be able to install HD in /opt alternately, if you are creating accounts to compartmentalize yourself, you could create an account for gaming related stuff and install on that home/<user>.
  17. Last week I saw a remote controlled R2-D2 robot at Maker Faire. I reminded it Luke still owes me $50! A few days ago, I was on my way home when I saw a car. Its licence plates read "ROGUE II." And I just watched this video:
  18. Ha! I thought I was the only human who owned (and attempted to play) a copy of Magic Realm, The Game That Took Even Longer To Set Up Than It Did To Actually Play. Pretty fun once it got going, though the Black Knight is OP. edit: Looks like the going rate for Magic Realm is $150 on ebay. Hmm...
  19. The rate of single parent homes hasn't changed significantly for 25 years. And that's in raw numbers. When you consider that the number of children in the US has been steadily increasing over the same timeframe, the percentage of single family homes is actually going downward.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Prosecutors hate secret identities. Whether hero or villain, they make their jobs a whole lot harder. It's possible that prohibitions against going in public masked will be applied to supers. They'll want to know who is out there on the streets throwing around cars and energy blasts regardless of which side they say they're on. It's very likely that police will have intelligence units devoted to gathering information on publicly known supers. OTOH, IRL there are some provisions for keeping personal information of law enforcement personnel confidential; in Oregon, at least, prison guards are permitted to keep official identification (including driver license) without their home address on it. The ACLU says no, you don't need that kind of information, and regularly sues to eliminate those intelligence units, as well as registration requirements, laws requiring disclosure of personal identity, etc. Those who do maintain double lives eventually end up abandoning them; the tropes that allow fictional supers to maintain them rely on people being dumber than they are in reality. Besides, even if a super doesn't need to eat, they often are married to or parents of people who do, and they need to pay rent or a mortgage; it's hard to maintain a double life when, after working an eight hour day, you then have to go patrol the city -- and not get paid for it. Besides, spouses tend to get suspicious when you don't come home and don't tell them where you've been... "Supers chic!" Powerful and well-known supers take on the same celebrity mystique as well-known actors, musicians, athletes, and so on. People want to be like them. Fashion takes on elements of superhero costuming; superhero fans and mundane criminals take on code names and wear masks. Cosplay and shipping are rampant in the fan communities. Supers have to deal with paparazzi, autograph seekers, groupies, tabloid gossip. (Some American supers really feel they've "made it" when they get a British tabloid press nickname.)
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