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  2. Now that's thinking like a comic book writer! Well done, archer.
  3. If I were a street-level super, I might join up in an effort to keep her in line. I mean, I'd like it if she wanted to turn over a new leaf and be a hero. But I wouldn't trust her to not gun down everyone in her way and deliberately create huge amounts of collateral damage while thinking that was heroic behavior. After all, sometimes a city is trashed in Superman's battles. But that's a side effect of how powerful some of his foes are rather than a side effect of being a hero. I wouldn't trust that Harley Quinn would recognize that subtle difference when trying to stop a bank robbery, for example. (No, Harley, blowing up the bridge to stop the bank robber's get-away car is NOT on the table as a valid strategy!)
  4. Hero is good in that there are no absolutes; you can make yourself immune to all poisons, until someone comes up with a special demon poison or alien poison or something even weirder that still can affect you.
  5. New one up! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1164.html
  6. The amazing thing to me is that no one suspects that Thanos is still alive and has the Infinity stones. Think about it. Thanos is on the alien planet all alone wanting to retire. He knows that everyone will figure out it was him who snapped half of everyone out of existence and that armies of angry people will come after him looking for revenge. So he's either going to have to live out the rest of his life on the run, kill off everyone who comes after him, or come up with a real plan (aka not retiring to a rural planet while waiting for people to come after him). So he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to create a duplicate Thanos who "remembers" that he used the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the Infinity Stones. Then the real Thanos flies off on a spaceship, leaving the duplicate behind to take the fall from whoever comes looking for revenge. Once the duplicate is killed, the heat is off and everyone will stop looking for him. The Avengers detect the power flare of Thanos creating the duplicate and kill the duplicate on schedule. The real Thanos has quietly retired to some base he'd set up in advance and is living a life of luxury while watching his erstwhile hunters running around like self-satisfied fools.
  7. COM was originally a substitute for the Seduction skill.
  8. Well, you either have a really compelling "signature" setting, or alternatively you can offer a plethora of original campaign settings(I think 3rd party writers have come up with a half dozen sci fi settings for Star Hero, e.g.). The only downside to that approach is that you need to follow up those settings with another half dozen(or more) campaign supplements to keep the settings alive and fresh. I'd like to see more original superhero, fantasy and modern settings.
  9. When I was a kid, I did the "garbage can lid as Captain America's shield" thing rather doing than the pretend sword thing.
  10. Foxbat Squirrel Girl Scott Free Miles Morales Ms. Marvel
  11. http://actnow.prochoiceamerica.org/signup/20190517_stop-banning-abortion_acq_ab-ck/ Get NARAL's free "Stop Banning Abortion" sticker!
  12. Today
  13. I must ignore the hard nugget of resentment in my soul, dig deeper, and find the chewy center of kindness.
  14. First the team's speedster. He is Blaze 2 because I had made another Blaze earlier as part of Seawolf's Get. I guess it is a classic idea. So Electra goes for personalities as well as powers. She wants villains who can work together. Blaze is an example of this. He's not evil, just amoral. He looks at super villainy as a game and he wants his side to win the contest. So he's real good at team tactics. Personality. He's a jock. Seriously, take the high school sports nut and give him super powers and you have Blaze. Powers. Speedster with an extra. He can do a move-by, but he much prefers using his Wall of Fire to hurt you. He just has to run by your hex to hit you. Also he's fast enough to tag multiple opponents. On the whole I like him. He's a bit low costed, but that is due more to lack of skills than anything else. Otherwise he's good!
  15. Added Deathbed Talk to Dev Art account CES
  16. Gurps Super Scum have two super teams, the Deadly Dozen and the Pride. First up the Deadly Dozen. The history behind the team is that in the 80s and 90s over a dozen of New York's nastiest villains got together to make life miserable for the heroes. Numbering twelve, they ran roughshod over any super team they ran into as they usually outnumbered them. But the team was not balanced power wise or personality wise, and soon infighting lead to a series of defeats. Fast forward a few years and the super villain Electra has plans. She's ambitious, but realizes that she needs a team to pull it off. So asking middlemen, she puts out feelers and interviews a number of villains, finally settling on five, Doc Adrenaline, Crosshair, Soul Ripper, Red Tempest, Telefist. Then she moved them to the west coast and proceeded to run roughshod over California. But Doc Adrenaline died of a simple heart attack, and Crosshair decided to retire. So she put out new request and got Pro. Posessor, Speed Demon and Voltmaster. Soul Ripper had carried a torch for Electra, and Prof. Possessor had clearly won her heart, so he left. Speed Demon's fire ability was found out and he was renamed Blaze. So now the team stands at six members: Electra, Leader, Electrical Control Blaze, Speedster Professor Possessor, Mentalist Voltmaster, Martial Artist/ Gadgeteer/Science specialist Red Tempest, Battlesuit Telefist, Brick with extendable arms
  17. The series is quite funny! I laugh out loud several times per episode. The Vampire Council in The Trial episode was outstanding.
  18. I agree, this feels kind of crass (and really, who'd join an organization that Harley Quinn set up???)
  19. So what class is the fiancé? Swordmage? Soulknife?
  20. Just do what I do! Relentlessly harass Hermit while making fun of his favourite superhero. It's gonna work soon. I can feel it!
  21. New Coke is coming back and it's all because of Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things"
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