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  2. Obstruction of justice? Tampering with a crime scene?
  3. Did Canuck the crow swoop off with a knife from a Vancouver crime scene?
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  5. Thank you. We try and publish one a month. The Burning Earth supplement, really came out of everything going on with covid-19. Because people are currently suffering financially I delayed our Kickstarter plans for this year. Then just found myself writing that supplement. It may have just been in some way of processing my thoughts about what's going on but I'm also a huge fan of bad 80s sci-fi so there's that as well.
  6. On account of all the seeds you're spreading.
  7. Dark Champions is arguably the genre of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (graphical lit, not the kiddie cartoons).
  8. Not sure "necessities" is the right word, but more broadly... It took decades to move far. First significant reports go back to the 50s and early 60s. The TV ad ban was 1969. Second hand smoke was identified as a problem in the early 70s...but smoking wasn't 100% banned on flights until 1988. The major tobacco settlement took another 10 years...but it was the NASCAR Winston Cup until 2003. 35 YEARS. For a movement with extensive popular support. and intermittently some of the most shocking, worst-case types of ads...most of the time there's nothing cute about a stop-smoking ad, they WANT to gross you out. And for a totally voluntary practice with known, *extensive* consequences. And the only ones that were hurt? Well, the smokers of course...but other than them, basically the tobacco industry. That's the big problem with covid-19. The isolationist push does cause serious damage. Yeah, ok, a lot of it would've happened anyway, most likely...but that's not something people see, or generally believe if they don't want to. It's not a selling point, just (at best) a rallying point. Another pole. Could we get through this in a net-positive way? Perhaps so, but there are too many negative factors that give me no reason to think it's possible.
  9. If I as GM have designed a magic system that assumes the use of Multipowers, but I've gated it off via additional point expenditures (via required Skills, Talents, Perks, etc.), I'm probably not going to have other characters with suites of special abilities also bought via Multipowers. (Should we try to make a distinction between Fantasy Hero and Fantasy Champions? I would say that Fantasy Champions implies higher power levels and more open, player driven power builds, while Fantasy Hero implies lower power levels and world/magic system design by the GM.)
  10. "Congratulations! Your flat Earth documentary was just nominated for an award!" "Cool, which one?" "A Golden Globe!"
  11. Another installment of generalized weirdness Imbibe cautiously.
  12. What Old Man said. There's no reason to believe that our turnaround will be anything but much, much slower than many other countries with the capacity to (potentially, anyway) deal with it. I might choose "selfish" over stubborn, tho, or perhaps say it applies more broadly. And serious immaturity. a la the instant gratification that we take as a birthright. Some is the byproduct of fearmongering, and sowing distrust over any authority figure. If it's all BS then I'm looking out for me, and I'm gonna do what I want. I think I first used the term "a nation of poles" in my own thinking...10 years ago? Give or take. That we don't have a society, but a set of poles, each pole drawing a particular crowd. Within a pole, all you hear is the groupspeak of the pole, and nothing outside. No, not everyone....but the poles are getting larger and sharper. And it's gotten, IMO, much much worse, and this will accelerate things even more.
  13. Which is the worst thing we can possibly do. Take it from someone who has a great deal of trouble finding hope: it's going to be difficult, but we have to try. I'm not going to say "or we let Covid win" because Covid has no consciousness. It's a virus, something that we know about. It will take a while before we get the vaccine, but in spite of the obstacles the greatest minds on the planet are working on that Grail. That in itself is cause for hope. Our way of life will change, but it has changed before. It wasn't that long ago that cigarettes were health necessities , people drank cocktails on their lunch hour, and corporate head offices and boardrooms came equipped with a wet bar. It wasn't that long ago we locked up as many mentally ill as we could find, not out of concern for their welfare but because we didn't want to have to see them anymore. Positive change is possible. I would like to think that some degree of positive change is inevitable. It never happens by itself, and sometimes it takes terrors and tragedies to make us take a hard look at them and think "This might be a good idea after all" or "Seriously? How long did we let this go on unchallenged?" And it does not come without cost -- a lot of people have died from this disease, and there will be many more before this has run its course -- we are only in the first wave. But there will be an end. There will be things we will miss, but also things we didn't know we would ever want.
  14. Tangentially related: Dozens of bidders in 'active discussions' to buy XFL, restart league for 2021 tournament, per report
  15. Thanks, @Panpiper ! You were an invaluable addition to the game--and tonight should be fun, too! Even better--collectively, we raised over $700 for COVID-19 relief! Anyone still interested in joining--we are planning to continue running this game as an episodic, "whoever's around the mansion this week"-style game. Players are welcome to join for one session or many. Roll20 listing here: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/225402/heroes-unlimited GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/champions-smashing-covid19
  16. We may have to start calling you "Johnny".
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