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  2. Conditions exist in several game systems. d20, new Worlds of Darkness / Chronicles of Darkness (CoD), Mutants & Masterminds (MM3e)... the basic premise is - instead of tracking a bunch of different "hit point" tracks, you have "states" that affect the character based on in-fiction things that happen to them. For example, you could have a Condition called "uneasy" [after a frightening experience, you feel uneasy until you have a chance to rest in what you consider a safe environment. You have -1 to all checks until the Condition is removed]. This is not a real Condition anywhere (yet), but I'm spitballing as an example. In MM3e, these conditions are closely tied to the damage/injury system. Everything is a save. Depending how badly you fail your save, you take "Conditions". The GM can also assign Complications based on severe trauma as desired (especially if you want a "grittier" feel). Conditions could map to supernatural corruption, injury, health or even emotions. GURPS/MM3e Affliction power is like an attack but does varying levels of distraction to outright pain to instant death. At a basic level, you itch. The next level you feel moderate pain. Then you feel severe agony. If you fail hard, you have a heart attack. It's generally configurable so again I'm summarizing blindly to illustrate - there are lots of "things" in this power (itching, ecstasy, agony, sneezing, coughing, retching, seizures, etc.). It's an attack that doesn't do direct damage. You end up "distracted" or "immobilized" or "paralyzed" or "unconscious". By defining conditions up front, you can summarize Affliction levels in the power and how it applies and then let the Conditions contain the "rules" for how it impacts the character. HERO games have a lot of back-and-forth in combat. It favors "taken out" as the most common end state vs. "killed". Which is fine. But for a Heroic game with some grit, I would want characters that take a bunch of Stun damage in the combat to walk away "bruised" and have that last for a specified period of time until healed. If you lose say half your Body in an encounter you have the "Injured" Condition, which again lasts a specified period of time until healed. So instead of relying solely on Stun, Body and Endurance you have some lasting "narrative" effects that remind everyone of their fragility. 🙂 In Mythras a Passion works very much like a skill (Mythras is a d100 % game...). Except it relates to relationships, friendships, motivations or obsessions you have for someone or an ideal or perhaps a cult. When you and the GM agree that a Passion applies to a check, you add 1/10 the skill as a bonus to the skill used in the check. In certain circumstances based on in-game actions / decisions these Passions can increase or decrease. These are loosely derived from Pendragon's spiritual traits (IIRC). I would make these work like Complementary Skills on rolls we felt the Passion applied to. (also, I misspelled "complimentary". ooops). The basic Apocalypse World GM advice is based on two awesome tidbits - the Agenda, and the Principles (I'm taking liberties with the wording as to not copy EXACTLY the words from the books...). The Agenda Make the world seem real. Play to see what happens. Make the Heroes lives dangerous & scary (or adventurous & challenged OR heroic & complicated... you know, bring the things to the session that fit what you're running and don't be boring...). The Principles Put "the important thing" in everyday situations. If you are doing supers, then put harrowing shit in everyday situations. Or maybe you got some Men in Black going on, so you put "Sci-Fi Weirdness" in everyday situations. Just put it in there. Don't be passive. The players can watch National Geographic's Earth 2 when they get home. Address yourself to the characters, not the players. Nothing pulls you out of "the moment" like using people's real names! Use the GM "Moves" (the suggested actions you take when you get to make a move) but never use their names. This applies to the players too. Don't just Block, describe what it looks like. This advice is already dripping from the pages of HERO so... Be a fan of the characters. Build up the details (Mythology, History, Color) of the world as you play. Nothing is safe. Kill onlookers, maim all the people in the falling building, blow up cars and buildings, rocks fall everything dies and the characters are looking around wondering what's next. See any Avengers movie for examples. Don't be afraid. Go all George R.R. Martin ALL the time. Weeping is an acceptable outcome. OK, just kidding, I may have got a little worked up there... Give everyone they meet a name. Make NPCs and Villains and Baristas seem real / normal / plausible. Ask questions and build on the answers. You don't have to know everything. Ask the Curious Kitten what they think. Then build on it. "Is there a fire escape in here?" - "I don't know, tell me - IS there a fire escape in here? Where it is located? What does it look like?" Then go with it. Ask yourself - would putting a fire escape in here really be a BIG DEAL? Probably not. Make Fun - Not Bore. Sometimes give the Heroes EXACTLY what they earned, rather than everything they hoped for. You saved the princess but the castle is ruined and she really does NOT like the way you ruthlessly killed the Dragon and she's going to tell on you. Think about what's going on "off-screen". Events happen. People do things. The world should move outside the scene / moment the PCs are playing in. This should generally inspire some foreshadowing... One of the "moves" for GMs is "Announce future badness". Example: "the sky darkens and off the distance you hear a violent rumble..." You don't have to decide what happens. This is similar to #8. "I drink the unidentifiable green stuff in the vial... what happens?" (I wasn't prepared for this!) "Well, YOU tell me what happens. Based on what you know, describe what it does to you". Then run with it. This is like "forced improv". You know all those GMs you envy who can just pull things out of nowhere? Keep practicing this and that GM will be YOU in a few months. There are NO wrong answers, just GO with it. Everything is a threat. Or Everything is a mystery. Or Everything is a challenge. Basically, you don't need to go into the harmless fern. "It's a typical office with desks, computers, fake plants and terrible lighting" BUT maybe the fern is a mindless alien creature feeding for its inevitable growth... "as you walk by, the glistening fern reaches out with carnivorous frons and attempts to engulf you!" See? Now the fern is a threat. Not boring. To put it another way - Drama is Conflict! The concept here is to a) not confuse the players and b) not hide the clues and c) solving a mystery is WAY more fun than being wanked by it. The mystery doesn't need to be super complex. You are not Machiavelli and likely neither are your players. Maybe 3 important facts (clues) are all that's necessary to deduct what happened. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Don't be offended. I call myself stupid all the time. If the characters possess a skill that would find a clue, just give it to them!! You can roll and embellish the information on that clue depending on how well they roll. When you devise your mystery you should note some ideas on WHAT to embellish... NEVER I mean absolutely never I don't care how old school you are or how fun it is to feel smarter than every person in your circle of friends - NEVER withhold a clue. NEVER. If you absolutely HAVE to skip a clue in a scene because your NERD-compulsions won't allow it then find a way to slip it in the next scene or a later scene. NEVER. Withhold. A Clue. So serious here. How many mystery novels have you read where the antagonists DON'T solve the mystery? Zero? Yeah exactly. Now, imagine your playing in your game and four sessions later the aliens invade the earth, everyone is captured and the last thing the dying heroes see are the Prison Mines of Artox 6... Who's showing up to your next game? Exactly. You want them to solve the mystery! See Principle #4 above. Also note I didn't say just hand it to them in a Cliff's Notes summary before the game. They should still work for it. Just don't OBFUSCATE it under layers of boring mundane set pieces drowning in boring rules expositions. Whew. That was a lot.
  3. Sticks float. They wood.
  4. French boatmen are inSeine
  5. Well Pirates of the Caribbean cake first to my mind then Sinbad the sailor came next.
  6. The term "Socialism" today seems to have taken on the connotation for many Americans that "Communism" used to have: the antithesis of the American way of life. "Socialist" is used by no few Conservatives as a convenient label by which to categorize anyone who advocates changes to the socio-economic status quo as enemies of the people, thereby denigrating any of their arguments as being unworthy of consideration by real Americans.
  7. there needs to be a starter setup that is about 20 pages including 10 starting heroes and maybe 1 Boss encounter
  8. Put a copy of CC in the box. A pregenerated superhero team in the box. A "lets learn to play Champions" short adventure that does a quick demo of skill resolution, movement and combat. A short three or for chapter mini-campaign. Maps for the above and a few hero dice. And there it is. The Champions Starter box.
  9. I don't think any of the 26 Democratic presidential candidates, nor the 4 members of the "Squad"(the 4 freshmen congresswomen), have actually advocated workers' ownership of the means of production, so none of them are really socialists. What they are, more generally, are Social Democrats, in the vein of FDR and LBJ, who both created and expanded the so-called welfare state. Social Democrats see a role for government in offsetting the ill effects of capitalism--exploitation of labor, corruption, concentration of wealth, environmental pollution etc.--and providing a safety net for all citizens while distributing the benefits of prosperity more evenly throughout society.
  10. Voltron probably isn't supposed to take so long to combine, but for dramatic reasons everyone (including the villains) go into holding patterns and wait while the long sequence takes place.
  11. not a starter box but a free pdf of an updated Wildstrike and Hero system in 2 pages with a bit of exp spending then Champions Complete in a starter box or as a starter pdf package
  12. Q: What makes you think this is a porn version of Catwoman? A: We just made Rule 66 for the American government.
  13. I don't know what any of these things are. Is it possible to have a quick, explanatory guide for newbie? 🙂
  14. I have somewhere, a joke comic I did with some other folks back in the 90's, and art jam/ Art war, where another artists dropped a Nuke on me in his Cartoon, and I came out of it with a Jack Kirby oprigin, surrounded by a field of those little dots. I had too much fun with that. Another heavy influence of mine in the 90's was Alex Toth, who did all those hanna barbera Super Hero cartoons in the 60's 70's and 80's.
  15. A lot of people don't have any understanding beyond basic talking points. There's been a lot of 'memeing' since before it was a hobby for internet people. I can say this about any particular movement or political party, but it's hair raising how destructive and galvanizing it has been for Trump in particular.
  16. There are times I wonder how many people who dump on socialism can actually define it. They always point and say Venezuela (it's like the new Benghazi), but they never look at Canada, Sweden, Norway and the like.
  17. I am somewhat the opposisite in that I played and GM's very low powered games that were either "modern Military" (1980's Mercenary action), or my fairly low powered Fantasy Hero game. Looking over the numbers from Kevin Dockery's books and his Formulas, they work for standard hero, but if you wanted to be absolutely accurate for Guns, just add a die for all Firearm RKA's and take the stun mod back by one, or to one if it's low caliber. That being said having most swords being STR Min 11, and doing around 2 D6 HKA, and the same with firearms, means that to differentiate the weapons, use accessories to add modifiers (things like scopes, or AVLD Magic swords, or some such) Niow I eenjoy watching Anime, but I don't particularly like playing with it, as I don't like a large amount of plot stylization in my games. I am a supreme gun Nut with a closet full of WW1 and WW2 long arms, but the thing about them is, is that it's not the firearm, but the person using it. A character with a lot of familiarities and PSLs is going to do better than sokmeone with just base stats and a single class familiarity. ( I like things a bit more "realistic" and Hero works for that if you manage things properly. It's part of the reason I am going back to Espionage and Danger International, for the Solar System campaign, as character creation and basic rules are only a few pages, and don't really touch much on powers.)
  18. Amigo, you can't go wrong with Kirby. (personally, I think you can: the weird over-emphasized metallics and the fact that he seemed to think hands and feet were almost completely flat,--- The helmets. Oh dear sweet merciful God, the helmets..... But still: he did more or less define the look of the genre for a couple of generations)
  19. People keep saying "solid B" yet I think it's telling that I paid to take an entire family to this thing twice, a truckload of family and kids to the drive-in when it hit there, and have pre-ordered the DVD, yet have no interest at all in anything that says "Avengers" on the title. This movie is an "A". It's just that not being a "Marvel movie" seems to cause folks to deduct a grade.
  20. I can do Superheroes, but mostly either Jack Kirby, or 90's over inked. Moving into Digital painting these days and superheroes look kind of "pasted in" for that sort of work. Going back to0 Pen & Ink would not be too hard. Still mostly doing War historical, and Fantasy these days, though.
  21. "Why is Josh Gates always looking for the Yeti?" "Because he's obsessed with that thing!" "He just hasn't found it yeti."
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