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  3. England has one county that does not have a McDonalds. That maybe about to change unless the locals have their way https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49433347
  4. Boris Johnson gets it wrong again. Compares himself to the Hulk and Mark Ruffalo responds https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-49712427
  5. Drive will always be remembered as the song played at Live Aid showing the Ethiopian Famine. RIP.
  6. That DC is also 0 END. The only precedent we really have is the martial arts DC, which is 4 points for a 0 END DC that applies to any martial maneuver (so at least a bit more limited than "only HTH"). Three abilities, choose one to use at a time, sounds a lot like a Multipower to me. That's a steep discount. I'm not sure how you see OCV getting a damage bonus, but DCV not getting a damage bonus. You can use any one of the three at a time. How much would it cost to build a combat skill level? If we assume your +1/2 for a "floating DC", and another +1/2 for 0 END, we can buy 2 levels as a 10 point Multipower pool, and three Flex Slots of +2 OCV, +2 DCV and +1 Floating 0 END DC, so 2 points each for 3 slots, +10 for the pool = 16 points. That's one level for 8 points. Only range or only HTH for about 5 points seems OK - a -1/2 limitation. Maybe "only three maneuvers or a tight group" should be 4 points (-1), but that does not feel like much of a discount. 3 points still "feels" reasonable, although that is more like a -2 limitation. That would suggest +1 OCV for 3 maneuvers/attacks should be a -2 limitation as well, so 5 points for +3, cheaper than our present 2 points for +1 OCV to only one attack. Just thinking out loud as well.
  7. L. Marcus once received a citation for illicit intoxication of a moose.
  8. If the latter, the NFL will need to rewrite the record books.
  9. Griem Ghast drives the Spooky Spoiler. This silvery dagger has a skull for the front, and fog for the exhaust. It's main weapons are poltergeists, while defensively it is usually untouchable as it makes its ghostly way along the highways and biways of the country that is home to the race that year. CES
  10. I have been known to fudge the odd roll or damage for dramatic effect but my players know that I will not avoid a TPK if their gameplay "deserves" it. My last TPK was in the Sunless Citadel adventure for D&D 3.5, the party had ground their way through all the politics above and entered the dark druid's lair beside the Gulthias Tree. It is a great story but they were now focussed on bearding the druid (though they had not quite worked out that is what he was) they ignored the numerous rooms with books and stuff in it and even avoided the recipes of weedkiller that I had also put in there to make their life easier. In the final battle with what were obvious undead, the cleric failed to try a single turn and they went for a straight head on battle. I captured them first when they could have been killed, gave them a second chance and they still made the same mistakes. They all died. I then gave the players a choice of semi-revenant characters, their original character after it had been rescued from the Gulthias Tree - a wooden man (with some damage resistance and a weakness to fire) - or new characters with abut 90% of the XP of the original. Half of them went for something new, half for their originals. I think the players need to know you are willing to wipe the floor with them to give adventures that element of risk and danger that you need to make decisions relevant. All I need now is to believe that doing this encourages them to learn a better way! 🙂 Doc
  11. Once a year, eight racers use a route that cross part of the globe before moving on to the next planet on the route. Their machines are some of the fastest, most well armed vehicles ever seen. And the drivers aren't afraid to do some rescue work on the side even if costs them time. Who are the heroic Star Car drivers and the names of their machines. (I know we did a similar thing for the villain list, and probably one for this list too. I'm trying to stir up the story machine. CES)
  12. The ESPies' last member is the Ghost Mask. A master of espionage and infiltration, no one has seen the real face of the Ghost Mask, or learned his ability to mentally possess others is so good, he can pass for anyone anywhere while remaining locked in his room trying to figure out how to play the latest computer game. CES
  13. Ryuto Nakamara is the villainous devourer of all that is good known as the Kyoto Kama Killing Katana of Kelp. He has two related powers that he loves above all else and claims are better than any others. The first is the ability to grow a kelpish plant to attack any obstacle with its long tentacle like leaves. Then the leaves can eat that substance if he wishes. Nakamara has only taken this job as a temporary shelter since he is on the run from most of the superheroines and villianesses in his native Japan for his use of his kelp on costumes, and taking pictures of the results. CES
  14. Obviously a fake. Big Bird would make twenty of those.
  15. I'm happy to GM HERO. 😄 especially if I never have to GM pathfinder again!
  16. Yeah, I think you made the wrong choice.
  17. Well the raw data is this: +1 OCV = 5 points for all attacks +1 DCV = 5 points for all defenses +1 Damage Class = 5 points ...ish, because it can add to KA's as well so maybe 7 points for the "also KA" advantage? So any level is worth 3.5 points for the damage bonus +1 vs all combat is around 13 points (half a damage class plus +1 OCV or DCV) active but since you can only use one or the other, it probably should cost less. Maybe 10 points total, since you have to choose and cannot gain the benefit of both OCV and DCV at the same time. And DCV doesn't get the damage bonus so maybe it should cost slightly less? Being +1 OCV against everything should be around 8 points by this logic. But +1 DCV should be cheaper, since it doesn't give you the damage bonus, its just 5 points. +1 OCV vs only melee or only ranged attacks is what, a -½ limitation? Because you're buying levels only for the attacks you'll use, so while its limiting, its not especially so. But the damage bonus also only works against melee or ranged, so its got to have a limitation as well, maybe -¼. So its now 6 points (5.6) or 3 points per level. So OCV with only one or the other should cost you about 6 points. +1 OCV with only a couple of attacks is an even bigger limitation (-1?), probably totalling around 2 points, plus the damage bonus which again is limited a bit more, maybe a -½ to 5 points total So around 4 points per level. +1 OCV with only a single attack is a pretty major limitation, maybe -2. And the damage is only for a single attack rather than any maybe a -1. So its 2+1 or around 3 points And again with all of these: DCV gives no damage bonus so its cheaper at each stage. I dunno, just thinking as I'm typing. Whatever it ought to be, its really obvious that the present cost schedule is completely wrong.
  18. The Cars were already rich and famous, and rightfully so, by the early 80s. Heartbeat City made them ubiquitous. It was the first album I ever bought with my own money. Farewell, Ric, and thank you. Give my regards to Ben when you see him.
  19. I've seen drunken robins and waxwings, but not moose. And drunken noodles, to return to the main point of the thread. I rather like those.
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