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  2. Some of these skills can be learned in a matter of hours or days. Others can take weeks, months or even years. I think my point is that, in a semi-realistic superpowered world, there would be some sentiment towards "professionalizing" superheroes. Insurance companies might even require it. So it would make sense for the community to systematize such training. If so, what levels of licensing and certification might exist, how would you make package deals reflecting these levels, and how would it impact how superheroes do their thing?
  3. As amusing as seeing someone look at Hero's very long list of Characteristics and say "What this game needs is yet ANOTHER characteristic!" Or look at the two volumes of core rules and say "What this game needs is still MORE optional rules!" Neither character sheets nor rulebooks are infinite. Lucius Alexander What this post needs is a palindromedary tagline
  4. I'd think that a quick, cheap setting/game that uses the bones of the Hero System could be relatively successful. The point would be to create a game that is easy to learn, fun to play, and catches the eye. Suppose you make a little 80 to 100 page softcover book, Terror at Camp Blood (which happens to have been the original working title of Friday the 13th). And let's say the game is meant for one-off game sessions when your regular GM is gone, or you're between campaigns. On the cover you have a picture of a lake, with trees in the background, and a man's leg and boot in the foreground. The man's arm is visible, holding a bloody axe. People are swimming in the lake, and haven't noticed anything amiss. This cover clearly communicates what the game is about. Everybody already knows what they're going to find within, and if you keep it at like fifteen bucks, people who are interested in horror will buy it. The game itself uses basic Hero mechanics. Str, Dex, Con, OCV, DCV, Body and Stun. Eliminate things that aren't necessary. Trim as much as possible. We don't worry about MCV. We don't worry about the Speed chart. Anything we want to take from that can be given a simple mechanic that takes place behind the scenes. Have some pregen character stat blocks (Jock, Nerd, Cheerleader, Stoner, etc) where each one has a bonus in a particular area. Don't separate out any genre rules, those are an integral part of the game. Those are the rules. There can be actual Hero mechanics behind everything, but they'll only be presented within the structure of the specialized game. For instance, each character may have 3D6 of Luck, only when they go out in the woods to look for their friends. The killer may have Detect: Skinny Dipping. Characters may also have 3/3 Combat Luck, only when they're the last one alive. None of these things are going to be spelled out in Hero terminology, they'll be called something appropriate to the game. The whole thing should work as a complete stand alone game. People familiar with Hero may say "hey, I know what this is..." but everybody else should just think it's a fun little game. Build fun game mechanics that are appropriate to the genre into the game itself. If you smoke pot or get naked, you get a "blood point" or something, and the more blood points you have the faster you get killed. But maybe there's a reason why you'd want to gain blood points too. But you'd have a carefully hidden Hero mechanic that guided this (like an Aid or something) that formed the basis for how it worked. You just wouldn't call it that. Have a note in the front of the book, "this game uses the Hero System mechanics, but you don't need to buy anything else. Terror at Camp Blood is a complete game by itself. The Hero System itself covers more genres (from fantasy to superheroes) and can be modified extensively, but TaCB is all you need to play slasher movie mayhem." At the very end of the book, you might have a little paragraph breaking down the Hero rules that were used in the game.
  5. I think that what I was thinking was that the level of Striking Appearance applied to those VIEWING the message, and that's why I put on another Limitation to restrict it to the literate. It would probably be cleaner and more appropriate to eliminate that conditional. And after all, even the illiterate may appreciate the aesthetic appeal of handwriting enhanced by the Quill. So yeah, I think I made a mistake. Lucius Alexander But I'm sure a palindromedary tagline is seldom a mistake
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  7. I will say this. Most superheroes would have a high COM even if they are characters like The Thing or Hulk. This reflects the unspoken knowledge that they are heroes and their to help which counters their otherwise unprepossessing looks.
  8. And Feige is still in charge of QC for the MCU. I do not look forward to the day he leaves that post.
  9. Well it is true that most of the really awful stupid crap that multiverses cause in comic settings won't be an issue in the movies, just because they put out a handfull every year instead of scores.
  10. No worries. I should add that out of all the UBI trials that have been run, exactly none of them observed any significant increase in inflation. In general, economic effects of UBI seem to be pretty minimal--inflation doesn't change, employment rates don't change, work hours don't change. But significant increases in health, education, entrepreneurship, and psychological health have been observed. It's also been noted that UBI programs would be superior to existing welfare programs in that 1) recipients are not discouraged from returning to work and 2) it's much cheaper to administer UBI than it is to enforce a traditional welfare program.
  11. This. The chief effect of supers is to personalize activities and conflicts, because the number of people on either side is relatively small. Sure, governments and corporations employ lots of mundande computer security people who try to block the criminal hackers, with results about the same as IRL. There are also a few super-hackers who blow through mundane security like it wasn't there because they are cyberpaths, or super-geniuses, or whatever. They are a terror to everyone with valuable data. And you have just a few super-security experts -- Captain Codebar and WhiteHat, say -- who are the only people able to stop them, because they have the same powers. The two sides never reach an equilibrium, because so much depends on the outcome of each single conflict between these few individuals. If WhiteHat stops the attempt by SyberBadd to steal a country's sovereign wealth fund, the world wobbles on. If SyberBadd wins, a government falls or at least financial markets go nuts for a while. It's the financial equivalent of a major earthquake or hurricane. This means it matters a lot who Captain Codebar and WhiteHat work for. It also means that after the third or fourth time they stop SyberBadd, he/she/it thinks about killing them -- the only two who stop him/her/it from enjoying not just limitless wealth (that would be easy to gain legitimately) but the sadistic thrill of absolute power gained by hitting the financial world like a digital pinata. Adventure results. Conversely, the world becomes a lot safer if someone can capture SyberBadd. Capture or kill the other hacker supervillains -- remember, there's only a few of them -- and maybe WhiteHat and Captain Codebar have the time to debug Chrome, squash the mundane hackers for good, and make the Internet the utopian force for good that was promised. So the stakes are high on that side too. In practice, heroes maintain the status quo, but one can present the promise that someday they could make the world much better. Dean Shomshak
  12. We thought the fact he took the opportunity to draw the belly button was strange and we were split on the effect of the red cola splash....
  13. This is not cynicism. This is you being aware of human nature and how the price of things are set. Government subsidizes college and makes student loans available. What happens to the cost of college relative to wages? It skyrockets. The price of college increases by the amount of government assistance. And you're right on the money ( 3 BOD 11 PUN ) about what would happen to rents if they provide this Universal Basic Income. The cost of rents would go up by the amount of "free" money being provided. Also, where would this money come from? Income and payroll taxes (i.e. our money) provides the vast majority of government income. Corporations are able to launch an army of tax loophole lawyers at the problem and pay next to nothing. I'm looking at you Apple and Amazon. Giving away free stuff has had some radically bad social impacts as well. Single parent homes have risen dramatically since social programs made it much easier to survive without having to tolerate your spouse. The results for the children are catastrophic.
  14. I like the multiverse option. If true, lots of cool characters would now be available. And it's probably the easiest way to integrate Marvel's newly-acquired X-Men and mutants generally into MCU continuity.
  15. My guess is that aside from mopey people and depressing scenes, there won't be much reaction or change from all the people who disappeared. But we already know from the next Spider-Man movie that Mysterio comes from another dimension (at least, Nick Fury thinks so), so they've opened up the whole multiverse concept which to me is a mistake.
  16. So, instead of a cleavage window, she has a belly-button window? The spilled Red Pop actually enhances the look...
  17. If you bought it Uncontrolled, it would only take your action when you started it. I'd think a Continuing Charge would do the same (after all, if you set off a Smoke Grenade, you don't lose an action for every Phase it's active). That's #3: Extra DCV with the GM-option version of Ablative. That's probably how I'll do it for ease of use, with a -0 Limitation that it doesn't work vs. attacks doing, say, > 14 DC (to cover overwhelming attacks as mentioned by Doc D). Thanks, all, for the suggestions and feedback!
  18. I'm assuming that like the police, the military has specially designed and trained especially to hinder and kill the opponent's supers, and to protect the supers from our side from similar groups of soldiers from the other side. What would this group be referred to?
  19. Hmm. There are sensitive souls for whom such awful design decisions might cause real distress - I find I have no idea how to spoiler the image though...the problem is that the character is not even interesting enough to partially compensate... EDIT - worked it out....
  20. Heh. Thought I'd check. I did the research (Google spreadsheet) quite some time ago; started looking through PDFs, remembered the spreadsheet, and saved myself a bunch of time.
  21. I'm assuming there is a special anti-super team in the police department. A sub-team of the SWAT team trained especially in the use of hi-tech equipment to capture and contain outlaw supers, or to kill them if there is no other option. What would this sub-team be called? AS-SWAT?
  22. When finding the sheets for Apparition I saw there were additional sheets for Enforcer too...
  23. Well, I found three sheets that went along with the Apparition. We put a lot of effort into this kind of thing - obviously time rich...
  24. I question the write-up of #2: wouldn't you have to do the Missile Deflection, thus using your move? If it's a continuing charge, I'm assuming that just means you have the option of using it as long as the charge continues. When I created a power a long time ago that created 5 mirror images of the person, I built it as: +5 DCV, loses 1 DCV after each 'hit' until +0. If an attack missed due to the extra DCV, that was considered a 'hit' and you lost 1 DCV/mirror image. It was cheap and it worked for me. Just a suggestion for you to try.
  25. Curious why you gave "Only affects literate people reading the message" when you had already chosen a level of striking appearance that limited to that group? Plus it didn't actually affect the points. Does that mean people who were not literate but read the message through a spell (Universal Translator - built as a detect, not a language)? - E
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