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    Supers Image game

    White Racer An enigmatic villain that wears a sleek, light but surprisingly durable body suit the provides a number of powers including not only impressive physical protection but the ability to create and shape localized endothermic (cold) fields. Basically creating super cold, super hard ice around the skates that he uses for rapid movement, barriers and blockades ('skidding' to create walls of ice in his wake, create slick ice fields and other stunts). He is very creative in the use of his abilities and hard to catch being bent more on theft and escape than mayhem. But its where he gets his unsual gear that is the more interesting part of the story. Its sport equipment, specifically a Exo Speed skiing suit from the 3018 Solar Olympics. Meant for racing events on icy outer moons and even across the frozen surface of comets which explains its heavy duty life support and protective systems, strength boost and computerized systems. As for how a two bit teen hood and former professional snowboarder got his hands on technology from 1000 years in the future that answer is surprisingly simple: Jumper. A young woman that uses her unusual psychic powers and her own stolen technology to make a tidy profit by providing incredibly high tech gear to criminals will to pay her fee and split some of their profits with her. Jumper is a mutant, gifted with the power of psychometry. She can read the psychic impressions of on objects, learning not just events tied to them but their connection to individual. Oddly enough her power allows to teleport herself to the general location of an object that's connected to person she's read, a genetic relative or sensed from another object connected to them. She can with effort determine the web of ownership around an object or a person's possessions. Both currently in the AND in the future. Experimentally using her power of herself lead her to the isolated laboratory of a cousin, an eccentric scientist working temporal theory. That would be built several years from now. Jumper waited, watching her descendant from afar then at the right moment, sneaked into her facility and used her device to send a copy of her plans back to the moment she's discovered their connection. So from Jumper's perspective, they appeared the moment the idea struck her. Time Travel is odd. Even better, a successive line of more refined devices appeared almost immediately after the first culminating in her current glove. She's not sure why they stopped, nor does she really care. Jumper is bright but intellectually lazy and surprisingly short sighted for someone that view the future.. Jumper uses her power and temporal glove to steal items that resonate with her clients, usually from their future descendants, that provide them with power; power that they almost inevitably use for criminal ventures. She either charges a large lump sum payment or a split of their take from a set amount of time (usually depending on clues she's garnered from their future). Its been very profitable so far. She bills herself as a genius inventor which apparently her decedents will be so and they must have inherited it from her. After all, she got good grades when she bothered to show up, so fair enough. Truthfully sometimes the sudden cessation of "gifts" from her future self does bother Jumper but that's borrowing tomorrow's problems for today, isn't it?
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    Recommended reading: Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. Snyder is a historian of 20th century central and eastern Europe... which means, chiefly, Nazism, Communism and miscellaneous fascisms. In brief, his argument is that brutal despotisms follow a fairly consistent playbook in seizing power. Knowing the playbook might help one avoid fresh tyrannies, and resist them when they happen anyway. And yes, he is thinking of Donald Trump. It's a short book, but pointed. For an example, one lesson is, "Defend institutions." Would-be tyrants rarely start out with the power to commit atrocities; they achieve it gradually by breaking and subverting the civil service and private groups to their will. And here's Trump, trying to break the FBI. "Be a patriot" discusses the difference between patriotism and nationalism. Snyder also provides a brief (page and a half) list of Trump's unpatriotic acts, from mocking and insulting war heroes and their families, to placing Russia-beholden people in his campaign and administration. (More than half a page of one-sentence examples right there. As Snyder puts it, the point is not that Russia and the U.S. must be enemies. They don't. The point is that "As a patriot, you serve your own country.") A few of the lessons actually relate to our favorite hobby and these forums: "Maintain a private life" and "Learn from people in other countries." Tyrannies try to make everything about them, to butt in on every activity. It's important not to let them, keeping parts of your life and associations they don't touch. And contact with people in other countries helps one resist the closed fantasy-world that tyrants use to keep people docile, scared and confused. If worst comes to worst... it's good to have friends abroad to whom one can flee. I certainly hope the American people do not let the Trump regime get that awful, but I would like to thank the non-US posters for the outside perspective they provide. Dean Shomshak
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    Michael Hopcroft

    In other news...

    Guns are in the Constitution. Schools are not. It would easier to get rid of the schools than it would be to get rid of the guns.
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    Taken two weeks ago. RIP my little buddy Henry as of yesterday. I never had a better friend.
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