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    In other news...

    Clowns brought me joy and comfort as a child. There was a time I wanted to be one. Lucius Alexander For some reason the palindromedary is saying I might have gotten my wish??
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    Superhero Cosplayers

    "Oh, the two manatee!"
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    Thanks, my Commonwealth brother. The reigning English monarch is the official head of state of many Commonwealth countries (former colonies of the British Empire), and the Governor General theoretically acts as her/his representative. In practice both the monarch and the GG are largely ceremonial offices. The Canadian GG is nominated by the Prime Minister, for whom the monarch automatically gives "royal assent." It's an interesting situation, in that legally the English monarch has much broader powers than that; but by long-standing tradition practically never exercises them, deferring to the elected governments, although Queen Elizabeth reportedly sometimes exerts subtle influence behind the scenes. The Queen also stays out of the politics of other Commonwealth countries. It illustrates that sometimes traditions, and public respect for them, can be as powerful as laws.
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    If Canada is like Australia, the Queen is the head of state, and the GG is notionally her appointee. In practice, the GG is appointed by the Prime Minister.
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    Creepy Pics.

    I bring up my shield while making a Presence Attack--"Not another step, ye horned ones, until dost thou reveal thy name and thy purpose in these woods!" You guys got my back on this, right? Guys?
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    Creepy Pics.

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    death tribble

    In other news...

    As there is a comic con on in London over the weekend, the BBC put this up about how some cosplayers earn a living. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45981310
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    Scott Ruggels

    Futuristic Sports & Entertainment

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    That's one of the things the two have always had in common. I don't think the DCEU's crappy portrayal of Superman has anything to do with their decent depiction of Wonder Woman.
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    Since people liked the last one. I will share some more:
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    Penitentes, snow formations in the Andes Mountains around northern Chile.
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    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    Claymore: Margo, you don’t return my calls any more. Margo: That’s not true. I never did return your calls. Claymore: I know! I can’t imagine why. Margo: It’s because: I. Don’t. Like. You.
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    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    "Nervous?" "Yeah." "First time?" "No, I've been nervous lots of times."
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    Las Lajas Sanctuary, a basilica church in Ipiales, Colombia.
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    Storn's Art & Characters thread.

    Thursday night is my game night. One of the other players is the amazing artist, Steve Ellis, http://steveellisart.com/. We often talk art, share tips, what we are working on and the like. This last Thursday, I came with a 1/2 sheaf of this thin yellow toned paper I had found at Hobby Lobby, because we both like working on toned paper. To give to Steve so he could play with it too. He, totally coincidentally, brought me a 1/2 sheaf of gray toned paper which had some tooth to it and some real thickness, like 80 lb or something. The yellow that i gave him is really thin, only good for sketching, although the piece below that I doodled, was not inked, it did seem to hold up to some inking I did in the corner. I really like that yellow paper is not so dark that my prelim pencil lines are tough to see, which happens in anything nearing midtone paper. But it is still dark enough that white pencil or white ink still is a viable way to work in the lights. I did two sketches (see below) Thursday night, one was of our actual player character, Xian Xiang, our diplomat turned spy turned ship captain in our Uncharted Worlds game. And the hatchet guy. I gave Xian to our player Mike and so the snap is with my iphone, the color of the background with this paper is much more french gray than the tan that the iphone picked up. The hatchet guy was scanned this weekend and so it shows a bit closer what Steve's gray paper is like... but still came out a bit lighter and warmer than in real life, but it is off by only 5%. But Steve's paper has quite a bit of texture. Which I don't love when I go with toned sketches to some kind of digital finish, because I tend to work with multiply and that texture can sometimes look crappy. But because the paper was fairly thick, how would it stand up to acrylic paint? Quite well, I think. The paper did buckle just a small amount due to me using thin washes at time. Steve Prescott (another fabulous artist: http://prescottartblog.blogspot.com/ who I happened to go to school with) turned me onto some heavy body acrylics of late and I'm enjoying them. Can't wait to use them as an underpainting for an actual oil painting sometime soon. I love when art is play, because that is when some cool learning happens.
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