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    Since it seems the sticking point is explaining how Attack Rolls (which fundamentally work exactly like Skill Rolls) work; let's try. Attack Skill = 11+OCV. Literally forget everything else about OCV, DCV, and Combat. Just have them write down Attack Skill, 15- Edit: forgot, you only ever need to do this once, at character creation. Like you only ever really calculate you skill rolls once, at character creation. Skill Rolls: How much you roll under your Skill is how much you succeed by. If you have a Lockpick Skill of 14- and you roll a 10, you succeeded by 4. What does that mean? Well, the GM assigned a difficulty of 2 to the Lock. So, any roll that succeeds by 2 or more unlocks. (in Hero Combat Terms, the Lock has a DCV of 2, and your Lockpick Roll hit a DCV of 4 or lower, the explanations go both ways, because it's literally the same math.) Moving back to Combat; You make an Attack Roll, you roll a 9, you have succeeded by 6 on your Attack Roll. What does that mean? Well, DCV is just a target difficulty, like with Skills. Your target has a Difficulty of 5, you hit if you succeed by 5 or more. Modifiers: Attack Modifiers adjust the success level of the Attack Roll, just like Skill Modifiers adjust the success level of the Skill Roll. You can either add this onto the Skill Roll directly, or you can add it to the Success Level after the roll - the math is the same. If you have +1 to OCV you can either say your Attack Skill goes up to 16- or just add 1 to your Success Roll. Defense Modifiers adjust the target number, normally Skill Challenges have static target numbers (the Lock does not become more difficult or less difficult, typically, one attempt to the next), but Combat is fluid and sometimes positions change and the Target Number moves. Still - you're just adjsuting the target number, either yours or the GM adjusting the NPCs. And while this is typically yet another number to keep track of in combat, it's not especially unique to Hero - D&D has plenty of spells that adjust the AC modifier on the fly (heck, even as a reaction in the same Action sequence). Once you strip out the, poorly presented IMO, formula in Hero and literally treat Attacking like any other Skill Challenge you only need to teach one mathematical idea. In or out of combat, Attack Rolls are just Combat Skill Challenges and Skills are just Non-Combat Attack Challenges.
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    Duke Bushido

    Duke's scans

    Okay, guys. It's done. Now I've got to get Jason's attention and get it to him. Then it's on to the next one: I reckon I'll start with the first few Adventurers Clubs that a forum member was kind enough to loan me before deciding where to go next. Star HERO (pet project) and Cyber HERO got back-burnered now that there are actual scans of those products in existence (though really: they could be a lot better. ). I'm going to tell you straight-up that there is a thing in the Western HERO final version that bugs me: The spine and the rear cover don't align quite properly. However, I'm done. I'm just done. I've been using my precious and rare spare time on this, wedging it in here and there-- sometimes working on it _literally_ less than five minutes at a time, and what? Since November last year? I'm done. I'm including the covers and spine as separate elements for anyone wishing to make corrections on their own. I know it was a labor of love, but I just can't look at it any more...... Birdy's got to get the hell out of this nest!
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    How do I make thrown item return

    Simplest way would be to make the "thrown" spear a Blast with a lockout that keeps any other aspects of the spear unusable for that segment.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    there was an entire level of this joke i was missing
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    I disagree with this interpretation in any case. Your DEX is when you act in a phase, no matter what the action is. Your phase doesn't start until your DEX unless you can abort.
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    Agreed. But that suggests humans can exceed 20 DEX and 4 SPD with special training and not be "superhuman". I don't mind Supers being "legendary", but that means those normal humans don't have "normal characteristic maxima". I have lost count of GM's criticizing "not building to concept" just on these Boards when it is suggested Batman has DEX and SPD in the Legendary ranges, much less the over-30 "superhuman" level. There are ways to fix this. Price the components of DEX appropriately so other mechanics like skill levels can be used without making the character hopelessly ineffecient based on points. Reflect the source material, where it is clear "trained normals" have DEX well above their peers in the Supers community either by reducing the DEX and SPD of non-super-fast/agile Supers or by setting "human maximum" DEX and SPD considerably higher than they are at present. Compared to early opponents, Spidey was not all that powerful. An octogenrian who could fly gave him trouble, as did a pudgy scientist with cybernetic tentacles. He had quite a few "human normal" enemies early on. If you built the world around a "massively agile" Spidey with, say, 26 DEX, that would work. Put the Ox and Doc Ock at 8 DEX and the Thing at 11 (and give them some skill levels with their appropriate HTH attacks). Put the rest of the FF, and Cowboy, at 13 - 15 DEX - above average but still well within human norms - with a bit of skill with their various attacks. Fancy Dan with DEX 18 - 20, judo skills and a bit of martial arts levels now seems pretty fast by comparison. While he is not as fast as 26 DEX, 5 SPD Spider-Man, he is a credible threat. But when Supers start at 23 DEX/5 SPD and go up from there, Spidey needs a much higher DEX and SPD to cover his niche, and no one with normal human DEX and SPD is a credible threat. That was how 1st Ed portrayed Supers. Although a few early on could get by with 18-20 DEX and 4 SPD, even that soon faded. Not really an issue until we define 20 as "top level of a normal human" and 30 as "the highest even legendary humans can achieve".
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    Thanks Brian! That's a great question, so here's my history. So, our group met for session 0 on June 19th, 2016. Here, we learned about the setting and what sort of characters we'd need. Before this, my encounter with Champions (and the Hero System) was 4th edition, where I made a character that was never played. This was back in 1995-ish. So, this game was technically my real first encounter with Hero. We played every other week in our current game through mid November, and unfortunately, our GM had to resign. I took up the mantle of GM for the group for our December 11th game, and stayed in this role for about 10 months. Since then, we've been rotating the GM role, and I've been a player. I don't have the two large blue rule books, mainly because 6E1 was going for about $200 at one point. Now that they are Print on Demand and I've been in the system for about 3 years, it might be time. 😉 Instead, I've just been using Champions Complete as the rule book, Hero Designer for characters (PC & NPC), and the various Villain Books and modules available. Oh, I should say that I've been an on again/off again gamer since the 1980s. Played AD&D and Star Frontier a lot in Middle School and High School, but then mostly stopped. I had a nice run for a few months on D&D 2E in the late 90's, but nothing since then until Hero. I don't think the to hit rolls have been that much of a problem. Myself and all of the other gamers new to Hero that we've collected (about 6, I think) all caught onto the system pretty fast. However, none are casual gamers. The good news is we have a "new to gaming" player that is about to start in a few weeks (not you, Chris). If there is anything you'd like us to do or record, I'm happy to run the experiment. 😁 Just let me know. Thanks and I appreciate the welcome! A long-time Hero system user, friend, and gamer in our group was surprised when Steve Long answered a rules question for me, himself This is an awesome group of gamers on the Hero boards!
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    Yes. Levity aside, deciding "I want this mechanical trait" should generally cause a (small) change in a character's backstory and vice versa. Neither crunch nor fluff live in a vacuum.
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    "draw" bridge, Dr. "Eraser".
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    I fully intend to put all of the characters, villains and scenarios of my Golden Age game in the thread I made. Will not be professionally put together but I intend to have my GM notes there.
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    How valuable is Dexterity?

    A PRE Attack takes No Time and thus may be performed at anytime, not even on your Phase. You can just declare to make a PRE Attack before the DEX Order even comes up. Assuming the PRE Attack does roll enough, which it will in Hugh's example, they will most certainly go first.
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    I prefer to build around background and concept, even if its an apparent waste of points. A good GM will find a way to make the skills matter if possible.
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    I usually choose based on background and occupation, though I'm sure not always.
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    death tribble

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    quackhell could you edit your post to put a clear line between Chrono King ! and New Team (HAT) as it is not clear and I was going to reply asking you to identify a new team. Thanks in advance. Brio This villain models themselves on Raffles the Amateur Cracksman and others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._J._Raffles_(character) They steal with a degree of panache using smoke bombs and flash grenades before snatching the item they are after, posing dramatically and then disappearing. They disdain ram raiding or robbing jewellery stores on motor scooters preferring swinging away like Spiderman or teleporting. The police however are in a bit of a quandary concerning the identity of this person as it could be a man or a woman, Maybe a shapeshifter ? Certainly Brio has appeared at all men or all women events and the only way that they could have got in is if they were of that sex. However the mannerisms are the same whether man or woman.
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    Welcome to the forums, Greysword! Out of curiosity, how long have you been playing in the HERO System? This isn't a challenge to your authority or anything like that, I'm simply curious. Many of us have been playing the games since the rules were only 70 pages and really easy to learn. I think @Duke Bushido is on to something when he doesn't play past 3rd edition. Trust me, you'll learn this if you spend enough time on the forums. . . . (Love you Duke!) So, perhaps you're misunderstanding my question. I'm not interested in dumbing down the rules permanently for casual gamers. I agree that gamers are smart and can figure this stuff out on their own simply because they want to. But what I am interested in is how much can you boil the game down for teaching purposes so that casual gamers can get into gaming. I've got a new group of 6 and only one of them is an experienced RPGer, so my challenge is to not only teach them what role playing games are all about in the first place, but also how to explain rules mechanics to people who've never experienced the concept before. It's not insulting to try to come up with better ways to teach the rules. I'll let the full ruleset come into play after they get used to the basics. Ok, so this is more what I was asking for. I think experienced gamers who are used to rolling dice for various reasons have forgotten what it's like to be a beginner who has never rolled dice for anything other than Monopoly. Subtracting a dice roll from 11 + your Offense (I like your simplification there) just doesn't make sense to someone who doesn't understand the concept of how the roll functions. The first formula is much more intuitive, and that's all I teach. Maybe later I'll switch it up on them when I don't want them to know the DCV of their opponents, but for now, it's so much simpler to jut give them a target roll. As you say, dropping the acronyms helps too! There have been lots of various suggestions for this over the years, and I'm always curious about different ways to present the information so it doesn't confuse a new player. Thanks for the input! Enjoy the forums!
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    It's a serious leek under his sink.
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    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I second and third this. Excellent show.
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    There used to be several but Dr. Eraser came through town. 😉🤣
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    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ THIS! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
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    It's my opinion that rulebook\sourcebook art is the secret sauce\silver bullet of RPGs. To the point I think they might matter more than the rules.
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    Good Omens is Coming to Amazon Prime!

    Does anyone want to sign the petition to cancel the show? There's a tiny problem....
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    Scott Ruggels

    How valuable is Dexterity?

    A high Dex is analogous to having a High altitude in a dogfight. It confers more control and greater options, and therefore a higher chance of success in one's endeavors. Remember, Hero was and is primarily a combat game. as such that which gives you an advantage in combat is more expensive.
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    The first thing to remember is that for Hero, combat is a priority when it comes to pricing. That's why the ability to read and speak a language with all of its idioms and accents perfectly is worth only 5 points, but you can only get one martial arts maneuver for that price. Dexterity is very combat heavy, very world-interaction heavy. It controls who goes first, it is the key for many combat abilities such as fast draw, and it controls most world-impacting rather than interpersonal skills. Role playing concepts like conversation, languages, and persuasion are all cheaper than combat stuff because of this basic principle. So Presence, while important, isn't as expensive as Dexterity, which is very powerful. Splitting off who goes first into a different stat probably fits the 6th edition philosophy better, but the last thing we need is yet another characteristic, particularly one that devalues the existing ones even further, in my opinion.
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    Oh I want Biden to go away. I'll still vote for him if I have to, but he's burned so many bridges so fast in his attempt to be everything to everyone that it's not funny. Praising the same guys who helped bring about the 2008 banking tragedy at a fundraiser, then explaining how you know white supremacists can be worked with fine... and so on. However, I will say it does seem like CNN wants to anoint him chosen nom here and now, and I'm not just talking with polls. I worry, they did to a large degree the same thing with Clinton, they assumed lackluster acceptance was the same as enthusiasm , assured everyone it was in the bag and then..bam... President Trump (Albeit because of the EC not popular votes) They really do not need to repeat themselves
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    How valuable is Dexterity?

    There can be tremendous value in going first. One of the real benefits of going first is the ability to hold your action, let your opponent do a thing and then go twice back to back (after enemy in current phase, before enemy in next phase). DEX rolls also tend to be called into play during dangerous situations. Would you like to leap away from the fireball? DEX roll. Would you like to try to grab the edge of the pit before you fall 30 feet onto poisoned spikes? DEX roll. Haven't had anyone I've ever played with balk at the price of DEX. Quoting the legendary Kung Fu Hustle: In the world of kung fu, speed (DEX) defines the winner.
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    And yet Endgame is undisputedly a better film than either Avatar or GWTW.
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    Random Television Quotes

    Trust me. I know what I'm doing. Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat. Troy and Abed in the morning!
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    The sole aspect I would challenge is a focus on pregen characters. I would instead take the route of a "campaign guide" (most likely an online one) for players which spells out the character guidelines in detail, and possibly provides some pregen's who would be suitable, but also serve as good examples. As an example, that X-Men themed campaign might require all PCs be mutants, set a mandatory complication or two, set out a few acceptable Hunteds (and/or mandate these be "mystery hunteds" which are detailed in the AP for assignment by the GM), maybe even some DNPCs. It might ban some powers outright and require others (e.g. a Cosmic Campaign might require enough Life Support and transportation abilities to be able to operate in space on a galactic scale). An FF theme might push that the characters must, in some way, be interconnected by friendships or family relationships, and here is how they obtain(ed) their powers. Those three APs could/should also be of differing power levels. That could mean our X-Men/Teen Titans start out as very novice heroes, maybe with less than Standard Supers points, our FF is standard supers, and perhaps we replace the third with an Avengers/Justice League "world's greatest Supers" vibe. Or maybe that third one is full-on cosmic as we already have two fairly traditional earth-based Supers setups. But I'd be more than happy to see a single, solid campaign AP! Fantasy tends to be a really good fit for "novice to demigod, then retire and start again". A different approach could be better for other genres, as well as for Hero System where character growth is less "zero to hero", with defined beginning and ending power levels, than the d20 system. The problem, as we have said before on these Boards, is not that Hero is not a great game system. It is that it is a game system, not a game. In today's time-pressed market, it really needs Games Powered by Hero System to sell it. There is no d20 system rulebook, only games that are powered by the d20 system.
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