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    Old Man

    Avengers Endgame with spoilers

    I liked that Endgame took the relatively bold step of turning the usual time travel trope on its head in order to have the Avengers travel through time with the express purpose of changing the past (slightly). As for the nerdrage about plot holes--yes, time travel equals endless logical inconsistencies and moral dilemmas. It's why time travel isn't my favorite type of SF and why I especially dislike it in sloppily written Trek. But Feige & Co. did their best to set it up as almost plausible, the opposite of sloppy, and I'm not going to let it ruin Endgame for me. Endgame, the superhero film that literally* made me weep with joy. * Original meaning.
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    World Creation Superdraft 3: July 2019

    ... would that be a really large Dragon Ball?
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    Difficult to dodge.

    +4 OCV (only when opponent is dodging) ;D There's a Dodge roll?
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    Ideas from Other Game Systems

    I couldn't agree more. And there are far more people that prefer to describe what their character does vice try to become the character bad accent and all. In my current games I either run intros using pregens to teach a system or require all the PCs to be built during a character build session. No backstories permitted until ALL THE PLAYERS have generated their preliminary characters. Backstories are fine as long as they do not dramatically impact/change the rest of the players concepts or try to introduce elements that don't fit the campaign concept already agreed to. If the agreed upon campaign world does not have magic, then no, you cannot suddenly be a mage with Takofanes as the hunted. Why? Everyone else as well as the GM will have built everything on the assumption of no magic and then here you come. As for the terms "Role playing" and "character development". My definitions are keyed to the game being a TTRPG not a theatrical exercise. "Role Playing" for me is the entirety of at the table playing. "Character Development" is the between game process of spending experience/leveling up ( depending on system ). I know that people have an aversion to "simple", but adding ten thousand extra words to describe things isn't helpful. But whatever floats you boat 😜
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    Somehow, this just felt right for this thread...
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    Pattern Ghost

    In other news...

    Cullman's got some interesting folks in it. By interesting, I mean some of the worst stereotypically hillbilly shenanigans you'd ever see. Ranging from "I met a black feller once, he was OK," to "Does the color come off if I shake your hand?" Then there's the forced shock treatments to keep a wife in line, shooting across roadways, animal abuse . . . You'd probably not be surprised to learn they also used to have a major Klan presence. Parts of the county are pretty off the beaten track, too. Not surprised by this story in the least. (My Father's side of the family is from Cullman. I have a bunch of great- and great-great aunts and uncles there. Met a very cute 3rd cousin at a family reunion one year, who the greats- were trying to hook me up with. The place is sometimes a straight up Jeff Foxworthy routine.) To be fair, most of the folks are pretty nice in Cullman, if not the most forward-thinking. Or just thinking.
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    RDU Neil

    Avengers Endgame with spoilers

    Seriously. I mean... watching that 16Bit video I posted actually makes me sniffly. Just say, "On your left..." and I start to choke up. I'm not just saying it... it happens, every time.
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    One of the things my group does not do is immersion. We often use I rather than my character but it is almost never at a point where I think anyone is unaware that they are playing in a game with their friends. I do think that questioning someone's character actions can be tricky, even when it is within the game rules - we can see that whenever we talk social conflict, where the game system might suggest that a character is convinced of a fact that the player is not... 🙂 Doc
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    World Creation Superdraft 3: July 2019

    Gift to civilization: Language, a common language that can cross species and lands. Academy knows how the tricks and lies must be spread/ or the feeble minded entertained. Monster: The Sphinx... riddle me this!!!!
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    Just to clarify, there is no edict saying only Engdweorg may use technology. What I said was " Some of this might leak down to the other sentient races, but none would progress as quickly in technology and *Meant to say "in"* general, and certainly not as far in Steampunk engineering! " So other races can shoot each other with muskets, bows or spears depending on how far behind they are. The Pictclock Engdweorg raiding for the gear makes perfect sense to me. Of course the maker of the Engdweorg maybe offended, and might even send a sternly worded letter of complaint! Hurumph!
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    I think I have an appropriate idea for Sentient Life. IIRC, the original rules said that, even without Interference, we could draft 'riffs' on existing sentient species; one player could draft elves and a second player could draft blood elves without penalty. If this is false, let me know. Sentient Life: Pictclock Engdweorg spoilered for long fanfiction Description: Start with a Warforged from the Eberron Setting. Remake it in a steampunk style. Replace its few organic parts with something from a gibbering horror. Stuff it in a dwarf-shaped mold. Apply barbaric warpaint. Traits: Pictclock Engdweorg take their name from having been clearly made in the image of Engdweorg, but being made of steampunk parts (clock) that have been painted (Pict). Despite their abomination-parts, they aren't insane. Well, not always; they do have a penalty on any sanity-based rolls. They are universally savage though. They are peerless warriors but poor soldiers, working in warbands of no more than 300. They have the Berserker Rage ability. As variant Engdweorg, the edict that only Engdweorg may use technology does not inhibit them. However, they're so savage that they only use what they steal in raids. As with warforged they can change their own bodies and sometimes incorporate stolen steampunk technology. They eat charcoal (and fossil fuels when they can get them) and belch smoke when active. So, I'm not sure this will fly. I had fun writing it though.
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    Generally liked it, but I hated the public revealing of Peter Parker. I like it when the heroes have to deal with their secret IDs, but the makers of the MCU apparently don't. Second cut scene on the surface seemed pointless, but lends itself to a lot of questions.
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    Well coming off an embarrassing attempt a a power grab, Dagna settles back down and decides to populate her islands of the sky with the First-Walkers. Lovingly crafted in her own image the grandiosely named First-Walkers are lovely beings with flesh and bones as hard as stone. Their eyes glow with the glory if their spirits and they work tirelessly finding treasures in the land (mining) and partaking in contests of a physical nature (Running, Climbing, Wrestling, Team Competitive Love-Making, the usual) Her people are strong and hearty, if not swift. They are well borne for working underground being able to see in darkness as well as being capable of breathing quite normally in high or low altitudes. Sentient Species: The First-Walkers.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    "You need to change your pants more often, then."
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    Doc Democracy

    Drought Powers - help?

    Drought is really the time when things don’t work, don’t grow, wither and die. I would think that he would suit a whole suite of drain, suppress and transformation attacks.
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    Rule 63 Fairy Tales

    The Gnomes showed the prince to a cave that offered some shelter, showed him how to make a fire to keep away the beasts and cook the food they brought to him, and the more they looked upon him, the more they found him fair and wished to care for him. And as for the queen, the prince's mother, when it became obvious that the prince was somehow lost (for the king had been clever and none had seen the prince depart) she grew ill with grief - although some whispered that the king was slowly poisoning her, for despite his fair face there were those who grew suspicious of him. Just as a corpse left in a closet will reveal itself by the stench given time, a foul heart will become known whatever cheery and pious face is put on it. The wicked king put it about that the lost prince must have been carried away by Gnomes, and for fear of offending him people pretended to believe that - although some muttered that the king had probably called up the Gnomes with his wicked arts and bid them to bear the boy away. For, too, it had been noted by some how many of the books the king had added to the royal library were upon thaumaturgical subjects, and in fact he was a dabbler in such things. And so it was that when the queen at last passed away, between those who loved him for his fair face and charming manners, and those who feared him, there was none to oppose the wicked king even though by the kingdom's laws he was not in line to inherit, having sired no child upon the queen. Soon he delighted the knights by frequent tournaments and jousts, and enriched the armorers by setting them busily to crafting weapons, and disturbed the church by drawing away stonemasons who had been at work on a new cathedral and sending them to border outposts to make and repair fortifications. And he brought worry to many who noted that these are the acts of a monarch planning for war. But a guilty heart is never at peace, and the time came when he went into a certain secret chamber to consult the brazen head that he had long used as his oracle and advisor. Carefully he lit and placed the candles and the incense, and chanted the spell that would awaken the brazen head, and asked "What most threatens my power? Tell me so that I may move to defend myself and eliminate the threat." And the thing of brass spoke in a voice of brass to say "Were the True King found again, noble and peasant alike would rise against you to enthrone him." "What 'True king'?" asked the king, "am not I the truest king in this land?" "It is not crown and throne that makes a king" said the brazen head, "But a land's laws, and by the law, the queen's son became king upon her death." At this the wicked king grew wrathful, for he knew now that Prince Comely yet lived. "I had thought that one dead" said the king, "I must kill him myself this time! Who is hiding him?" "Seven little women of the woodlands," said the brazen head, "liar though you are, you have told the truth by accident; he is hidden and protected by Gnomes." And now the king added to the incense the dried herb that would make the brazen head sleep again, for he thought he knew all he needed now. And calling for the woman he had meant for the prince's assassin, he declared that she would lead him to where she had last seen the beautiful young man. "I swore never to speak of that" she said, "Would you have me be forsworn now?" But soon she was persuaded, and played along as the king announced to the court that he meant to venture in the forest, with but a single companion "For I would not wish to risk more lives than I must," in order to "find the Gnomes who are holding our beloved Prince, and rescue him, or if they have already done with him, return his mortal remains for proper royal burial!" He intended no such thing of course, but as few could imagine his true intention, he was roundly cheered for what he said. And so it was the king and his minion, two along but well supplied, went abroad in the wilderness. And in her heart the woodswoman was thinking "Again I go into the forest with a royal person, and if I have my way, again I will emerge alone." For gold may buy bloody deeds, and even silence, but gold will not buy love, and this woman had no love for the king she obeyed, but only a fear that he would slay her if he learned she had not killed the prince with her own hands. And great as the fear was a rage against him for sending her to kill an Innocent, and a rage at herself for she held herself guilty of the prince's blood. She was able to find the spot she had last seen the prince, and she searched for his bones but found none of course. The king meanwhile was looking about for Gnomes, but such are more often sought than seen; I doubt you can claim to have seen one, but I would not be surprised if more than one Gnome has seen you while you remained ignorant of their presence. When she at last confessed that she could find no trace of the prince, the king drew his sword and said "Then your use to me is ended. And I know you lied about killing the prince. Somewhere in this wilderness he yet lives, and I shall find him well enough without your assistance." And she drew her knife, a good sturdy blade but no equal to a king's sword, and grinned fiercely and said "If only I could believe that the Innocent Man does live! But you ordered him killed and I, I left him to die here and his bones have been scattered by the forest beasts. Whichever of us kills the other, I am content!" The king strode towards his erstwhile minion swiftly and deliberately, but a little woman rose from the grass and seized his ankle, causing him to fall. six more such little women leaped from unsuspected hiding places and belabored him with sticks, then scattered before he could get his hands under himself to rise up. The woodswoman merely gaped, for she had never suspected the clearing to be full of Gnomes. One of the Gnomes urged the woodswoman to run, saying "Come, let us away from this horrible person!" and the rest fled in a body in a different direction. The king rose and in his confusion, went crashing through the woods in yet another direction that he imagined the Gnomes to have gone in, thinking this would lead him to his true quarry, the missing prince. And, just as a liar may tell the truth by accident, so his error led him to what he desired, for he broke free into a clearing just as the lovely young man was entering it to gather up some of the wildflowers, helping the Gnomes - for it is their business, among other things, to take the brilliant colors out of flowers and take those hues under the ground to hide them away to become gemstones. He wore a garment of the broad leaves of many trees, cleverly sewn together by the Gnomes with threads woven of spider web, but the wicked king knew who it was for surely no one else could have made that outlandish outfit seem so beautiful. The king drew his sword, and noted that the young man still bore the sword he had carried when he came into the forest. "Hello son" said the king, "Tell me, although you bear a sword as mark of rank, did I ever have you trained at all in its use?" "No, step-father" said the lovely prince, "you said always there would be knights to defend me and I had no need to learn such things." "I lied" said the wicked king, and abruptly thrust. To his shock, the young prince parried the thrust and stepped back warily. "When did you learn swordplay?" asked the king, before again dancing forward to thrust viciously. The prince parried and again retreated, and because it was his usual habit to answer questions put to him, he said "There are Elves in the forest, and they have taught me many things." "Did they teach you to always watch behind you?" said the king and thrust again, and the beautiful one fell backwards, for the crafty king had maneuvered him right up to and over a cliff. Standing there and looking down at the body below, that wicked man mused aloud "Well, should I go fetch the body and drag it back to fulfill my promise and show the world you are at last dead, or will it be enough to return empty handed and swearing I searched and searched and found naught?" And then the kind screamed and fell backwards, away from the cliff, for a Gnome had come up behind him and cut him behind the knees. "I have a better idea" said a small high pitched voice, "Why don't you just die here in the forest and not go back at all?" The wicked king looked up and saw seven little women facing him bearing blades of black obsidian, one dripping red with the king's blood already. Their faces were grim and behind them the woodswoman stared, white faced, for she had seen the innocent prince go over. "Spare my life!" cried the wicked king in terror. "You have destroyed our great Treasure, the Beautiful Man" said one of the Gnomes, "Do you think we will let you walk out of this wilderness now?" "Do not think we will let you walk away, or even crawl away, for you will not walk on those legs again" said another. "Spare my life!" cried the wicked king in terror. "The Innocent Man lived, until YOU killed him!" cried the woodswoman, and she leapt over the heads of the Gnomes and went to stand at the edge, looking down at the body below. "Spare my life!" cried the wicked king in terror. And at that the little women who had been creeping towards him remorselessly all became very quiet and stared at him wide eyed, for he had said the same thing now three times, and three is a very important number to Gnomes. "Your life will be spared" said one of the Gnomes, "But we will see you suffer." "I must go and fetch him" said the woodswoman, preparing to scramble down the cliff. "His body must return to his people, to be properly buried." "What good will that do?" said a Gnome, "That will not bring him back." As she lowered herself the woodswoman paused to glare at that Gnome. "He was an Innocent" she hissed, "And his people loved him, and he deserves better than that his corpse be devoured by wolves and his bones scatterred!" "His people love him" said the Gnome, "And you love him." It was not a question and the woodswoman did not answer. The wicked king tried to rise to his feet, and screamed, for of course his legs would not support him and were in agony. "What is to become of me?" he moaned. "Nothing good" promised the little women who now surrounded him. "For you have done us no good, but only evil." And they discussed openly before him various punishments, but decided to wait for "She who loved the Beautiful Man" before making a decision. "HE LIVES!" came the cry from the foot of the clifff, "The Innocent One breathes, but oh, his body is so broken!" The Gnomes stared at each other, and one leapt over the cliff, drifting down like a leaf, and called up to the others "It is true! The Beautiful Man lives, but is dying!" "At last, you will do us some good, o wicked man!" said one of the little women, and she reached into his body, her hand passing through flesh and ribs as if they were so much smoke, and touched his heart. The wicked king gasped and cried out, for no one had ever touched his heart before. The Gnomes made a living chain, joining hands, and one by one they went over the cliff, floating down, and their arms growing absurdly long to keep them all in contact, a chain of Gnomes leading back to the living body of the wicked king, until they touched hands with the Gnome who remained with the beautiful prince. The weeping woodswoman was amazed as her beloved prince began to heal, as the Gnomes drew off life from the wicked king to work their healing magic on the one they called their Treasure. At last he rose from the stones on which he had been broken, and gazed about in wonder. "The Innocent Man lives!" rejoiced the woodsman, seizing him and kissing him. When at last she let go, stepping back and blushing hard as if she had been the one grabbed and kissed, he shook his head and said he was not innocent. "I have kissed someone and felt desire" he said, and gave her a look that made her shiver. "I have raised my hand in my own defense. And..." He looked up the cliff at this point, "I have looked into the eyes of someone coming at me to kill me. I will never be innocent again." "You are a Good Man" said she who loved him. He clenched his fist and said "Were that wicked king here before me now, gladly would I see his blood spilled on the forest floor!" "You are a Good Man" said she who loved him. He stopped and looked at her and said "I would hope to be a good man." "You are a Good Man" said she who loved him. And he stared at her wide eyed, for she had said the same thing three times, and he had lived among Gnomes, and three is a special number to Gnomes. "I am a good man" he agreed, and resolved to always be so. And then "What of the king, my stepfather?" And the little women, who had scampered up the cliff to check on that very person, called down that he was up there, lame and weak, but still very much alive. The mortals climbed the cliff and saw the wicked king, who had raised himself on an elbow and, scraping away leaves and detritus, had cleared a patch of earth and was with a stick inscribing circles and symbols into the dirt. "He is working some spell!" cried the woodswoman, who hurried to sweep away his work with her foot. The wicked king began then to weep helplessly. "That wasn't going to work" reassured one of the little women. "He meant to call a demon" said another, "but there is not enough force left in him for such a thing to even notice him. we have drained him away to preserve the Beautiful Man." "Look at him!" said yet another of the Gnomes, and the two mortals looked and saw an old man, lamed, hands atremble and eyes clouded with age, once lustrous hair gone colorless gray, the once noble face saggy and wrinkled. "He must suffer for having attacked the Beautiful Man, and we have promised to spare his life - but make him regret living. What shall we do?" "He was an ambitious man" said the Beautiful Man, "but no one will believe that this old scarecrow of a man is the king. He cannot return to reclaim his power, from the look of him he could barely hold a sword, and you say even his demons will pay him no heed, drained as he is. That is a suitable punishment." "He was a vain man" said the woodswoman, "and his beauty is gone as the greenness is gone from a dry autumn leaf. Oh, how he will suffer now!" "But I am the king! I am a great wizard!" cried the wicked man who had been a false king, and beat his hands helplessly on the ground. "But I am the king! I am a great wizard!" cried the wicked man who had been a false king, and shouted curses from the fringes of the crowd at the true king's coronation. "But I am the king! I am a great wizard!" cried the wicked man who had been a false king, and wept on the fringes of the crowd come to see the king marry the woman who had rescued him from the Gnomes. And because that wicked man had said the same thing three times, and the Gnomes had been watching and counting, they came and carried him away from the habitations of men, and set him on a hard boulder they called his throne, and brought him bitter herbs and mud pies when he called for a feast, and screeched and howled abominably when he called for entertainment, but most delighted in deceiving him with illusions when he thought to cast some spell, always showing him either spectacular failure or an illusion of his intention manifesting in the most ridiculous or ineffectual way possible. At last in his madness he mixed up what he said was a potion to restore his youth and beauty, and that time they brought him a true mirror in which he saw himself as he truly was, and that is when he groaned and died. His body was left for the beasts to devour and to scatter his bones, and the Gnomes were just as pleased, for they had begun to tire of him. As for the Beautiful King and his loving wife, I would like to say they lived happily ever after, but neither he nor you nor I are truly innocent enough to believe that. Of course there was trouble when he announced his marriage plans, and counselors and nobles objected to this elevation of a woman of dubious character and whose ancestry was at best of a minor house, but after hearing many objections the King rose at the head of the conference table and silenced all by the steel in his voice as he said "I am sure you want a good man as king. With her at my side, I WILL BE A GOOD MAN. With her I can never be other than my best self. She IS the best queen you can hope for, for she will make me the best possible king. The matter is settled." And between the hard look in his eyes, and the even harder look in hers, there were none who chose to unsettle that matter. Indeed, ever after if anyone gave the king too much grief on any matter, or any seemed to have abused the king's trust or worked some mischief, it was the king's custom to say "perhaps I will take things up with Her Majesty" and that settled a good many matters. The rumors of things she had done before meeting her husband never died away, and in truth, she did not discourage them either. It pleased her to think that any who would not behave for love of the king, might behave from fear of the queen. And the royal couple were not always blissful, for he was no longer innocent but sometimes a fool, and as for her, she was for a long time jealous of all women more beautiful than herself or more highly born, and that included almost all the women of the court. It was a long time before the king figured out why women had stopped looking at him directly or meeting his eye, and when he at last got the truth from a certain countess he said "Excuse me my lady. I must go decide if I will be angry at my wife the queen, or burst out laughing at her." And there was the time a queen came against them in war, because she meant to conquer and marry by force the most beautiful of men, but that's another long story we needn't relate. Doubts faded as they grew old together, and perhaps some of passion faded, but he never stopped striving to be a good man, a good husband, and a good king, and always his queen had his back. And their children, in time, were taken to meet the Gnomes and befriend them, and being loved and well taught, they grew up as good people and as the king and queen grew ever older, took on more and more of the burden of governing. So perhaps they did not live "happily EVER after" but they lived long and happy and good and useful lives, which is said to be as much as any mortal should hope for. Some say they had the highest bliss of all, for they perished together in the embrace of love and were found so entwined, cold but with expressions of ecstasy still on their faces. They were buried together and if you go to their city you can see the monument raised over their bones, a statue of the royal pair enthroned, inscribed "THE BEAUTIFUL KING AND THE LOVING QUEEN." And when tourists gaze and ask "How did such a lovely king come to wed such a homely looking queen?" then those who grew up with the story say "Many loved him for his beauty, but she loved him for his innocence, and for this he held her above all other women." As for the Gnomes, they DID live happily ever after, although from time to time one would wistfully say to another "Remember the Beautiful Man?" and all would sigh and say "What a Treasure he was! I hope he was as good a king to his people as he was beautiful." And perhaps he was. He surely tried to be. And that, friends, is as good a place as any to end this tale. Lucius Alexander Copyright Palindromedary Enterprises
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    I felt that
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    RDU Neil

    Ideas from Other Game Systems

    yeah... it is unfortunate that RPGs have turned "character development" into "leveling up." I still think of it from a literary POV, where character development is the whole point... to experience the growth of the characters, changes in their values, mores, expectations and beliefs, through the fictional events. I've seen some RPG related quotes about "Character development is bullshit. Character growth is what is important." Again... a shift in the meaning of terms based on context. A discussion of leveling up vs. growth could be fun, but actually a different thing altogether than what we've been talking about here. Either or both is possible in either style of gaming we've been talking about. Leveling up vs. growth is one of the "goal differences" Hugh was mentioning... not necessarily a style play.
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    What is this weapon called?

    Ewwww...it has Versatility!
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    Order of the Stick

    New one up! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1170.html
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    In other news...

    Interesting map re: last week's Ridgecrest earthquakes The color scale in the link has got a really cursory description that I am trying to learn more about. From another site: "each color cycle represents 11.45 cm of ground displacement in the radar line of sight (28° from vertical and roughly east)". Ah. more info here. OK, that's the net difference between maps made in April 2018 and one two days ago, so it includes the net displacement from all the activity between the two ... which is mostly since July 4, but there are many hundreds of quakes contributing to all that displacement.
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    And here is the latest update. Let me know if I missed anything. I missed Mount Kedge earlier so it happens. Enforcer84 Dagna, Godess of Lands and Stone! Geography. The Floating Islands of the First Walkers Sentient Life. First Walkers Gift to Civilization. Music and the Arts Flora. Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain. Mining Secondary Domain . Secondary Domain: . Death Tribble, Olos, Lord of the Heavens! (Sky) Geography. Sentient Life. Skyborne Gift to Civilization: Navigation Fauna. Birds Interference: The Sea in the Sky Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain. Weather Secondary Domain. Knowledge Secondary Domain. Old Man, Grorarr God of the Wild! Geography. The Jungle of the World Tree Sentient Life. Deinonychus Gift to Civilization. Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain. Survival of the Fittest Secondary Domain. Freedom Secondary Domain: L. Marcus Doomsayer, God of Justice! Geography. Babylon, The World City Sentient Life. Gift to Civilization. Grey Outriders Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Horses Interference: Mythic Monster or Guardian: The Blind Judge Secondary Domain: Cities Secondary Domain / Option: Trade and Transport Secondary Domain / Option. Logan.1179 Rebastia, God of Water! Geography. Mount Kedge Sentient Life. Amamaun Gift to Civilization. Prophercy Fauna: Interference: . Mythic Monster or Guardian. The World Serpent Secondary Domain. Time Secondary Domain: Secondary Domain / Option. Cancer Tziruu, The God of Decay and Unmaking! Geography. Wormlight Sentient Life. Gift to Civilization. Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Interference: Mythic Monster or Guardian. Sandworms Secondary Domain. Worms Secondary Domain. Secondary Domain: Lucius Arepo, Goddess of Death and Rebirth! Geography. Jurmunganger, the Long Land, a single continent. Sentient Life: Gift to Civilization. Priestcraft Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain / Option. Secondary Domain: Interference: Secondary Domain / Option. Hermit, Concinnant God of crafts and Invention! Geography. The Riddledark Sentient Life. Engdweorg Gift to Civilization. Steampunk Technology Fauna: Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain. Metals Secondary Domain. Restoration Secondary Domain. Sociotard, Pandemonium God of Chaos and Madness! Geography. The World is a Torus Sentient Life. Pictclock Engdweorg Gift to Civilization. Parliamentary republics with Professional Bureaucracies Fauna/Flora. Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Trustbreaker Secondary Domain. Drugs and Bacchanalia Secondary Domain. Secondary Domain. Psybolt, Academy, God of Lies and Trickery! Geography. The Stage Sentient Life. Humans Gift to Civilization. Flora. Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. The Sphinx Secondary Domain. Comedy and Humour Secondary Domain: Acting Secondary Domain:
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    I typed "Reptilian Dyson Sphere" into Google Image Search and my computer crashed.
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    Making Machines Go Haywire

    Conceptually, a high-STR character shouldn't be as bothered by that as a low-STR one. (And conceptually, why wouldn't such a gravity well CE also affect Leaping?) To quote from 6E1:176... So I'd say that if a character is willing to expend extra END for using his/her STR, he could reduce the movement penalty by, say, 2m per 5 STR. So a CE reducing Running by 16m could be overcome with, say, having 40+ STR (and spending the 4 END to exert that much STR while Running).
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    Drought Powers - help?

    I agree with this. A lot. Things that come to mind: A large area change environment - Dry Heat - that changes temperature levels and causes REC/END problems. Maybe even CON rolls at some penalty to avoid stumbling around desiccated at 1/2 DCV (roughly equal to DEX roll or fall on ice sheet). NND Blasts as he drains the moisture from victims. Drains vs. STR/CON/END as he withers the heroes. More severe cases could be a Severe Transform into desiccated husk which he uses to shrivel victims to dust. Drains vs. BOD against could be used as lethal attacks and ways to collapse wooden structures.
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    Making Machines Go Haywire

    I think 3 STR is fine and enough to cause significant issues. I would definitely use Excel and create an effects chart. And I would add Long Lasting at the 1 or 5 minute level. For more niftyness I would buy the No Conscious Control at the -1 level. And buy him Accidental Change when under stress or attacked (common) at the 8- or 11- level to lose the ability to turn it off until he recovers. So he can turn it on at will, but has trouble turning it off when stressed or attacked (maybe ego roll at -2 or similar). - E
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    Mythic Monster: The World Serpent! Confession time: The Midgard Serpent always confused me as a kid. A single serpent that encircles the world, how does that work? Is it around the equator? Can a serpent even encircle a globe, really? What would that look like? It wasn't until many years later I learned that the myth was written for people that imagined the world as a flat disc; the serpent essentially lay on the border around the world. I was using the wrong mental imagery. So, I have to ask, what would a serpent that encircles the world look like on our torus of a planet? I think it's important that we try to answer. 😈
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    Making Machines Go Haywire

    Change Environment vs. Movement can be very powerful. One of my current players has a gravity well type of CE that reduces run speed by enough that most land-bound enemies are simply glued in place. Unlike entangle, barrier, or TK there's no real mechanic to break-out. I frequently have the enemies resorting to leaping after they waste a phase or two trying to move.
  30. 1 point

    Making Machines Go Haywire

    Perhaps an Area of effect, no range, moveable Mind Control, only vs machine class of mind, only to command a machine's operations, telepathic? Is in order?
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    RDU Neil

    Ideas from Other Game Systems

    I agree with this... but what is interesting, is that immersion can just "happen" for moments when the group is in a groove. It is transitory... fleeting... but cool. I think the big issue was, in the past, most gaming tried to "force" this by "STAY IN CHARACTER!" or whatever... with the idea of sustaining those immersive moments. My take is that this is impossible, and what you want is a trusting environment where slipping into those moments is possible... and perhaps un-intuitively, that comes from LESS immersive play... MORE meta-play. A focus on player agency and communication can actually result in more "drama moments" than trying to force everyone to be immersed all the time. I do have plenty of experience where players may not forget who they are, but they mix their personal emotional state with their character's. i.e. SmartGuy's player really is all about the tactical stuff, and when the game isn't about that, he can get annoyed and that annoyance is not immediately conscious and comes across in snarky behavior by SmartGuy "in character" but if examined, is really being driven by the PLAYER'S dislike of "blah blah emoting... blah blah NPC shit" etc. Players tend to create characters that can explore the aspect of the game the players find compelling... and immersion can get ugly when the player's preferences are being emoted through the character and often not even consciously.
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    The strangest character concepts

    There was a character in one of my games who liked to indulge in a little, shall we say, recreational chemistry. During one event where he got the mixture wrong he completely jumbled his DNA, resulting in typical speedster superpowers. During this same event he had a 'vision' wherein he was visited by the Greco-Roman gods and commissioned to act as their champion and messenger. While under the influence, he sewed some wings onto an old pair of running shoes and spray-painted them gold; he told everyone (and genuinely believed) that these were a gift from the gods and the source of his powers.
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    death tribble

    A Thread for Random Videos

    Let's see what he does when I do this
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    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Loud fart gives away suspect's hiding spot, leads to arrest
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    Duke Bushido

    Duke's scans

    Got a bit of word tonight: The Horror HERO book is out of my hands and into Jason's. He's also willing to update the Western HERO scan to a version with covers: I just have to find the time (and a better electronical box) to put it together. Hopefully after this weekend-- I'm going to run to my brother's place and finish it up. Not sure when Horror HERO is going up, but keep an eye out if you don't own the book or just want a highly-portable copy. For what it's worth, I thought Western was more generally useful (and better put-together), but if you've not read Horror, it's a pretty solid book with some interesting ideas (once you get past the E.G. Marshall-esque "hosted by a character" presentation), and if you're one of the few people who aren't comfortable with the idea of "custom characteristics" as a flavor device, well this book gives official endorsement of the idea, and does everything but _demand_ you add SAN(ity) to your character sheets straight away. There. Now you've got permission, and have had it since before your kids were born. Go play! (for what it's worth, Mental Defense, Presence Defense, and STUN Defense (Base Zero) have been on my character sheets for _years_, but you have to do what's right for you and your group )
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    Given that it's not legal (without GM permission) to put Naked Advantages on STR into a MP or VPP because Naked Power Advantages are Special Powers, but Hand-to-Hand Attacks (HAs) are Standard Powers... What if you built a series of small HAs with the Advantage(s) you want in a MP or VPP, and then add the STR at a prorated amount based on the Advantage(s) on the HAs, as explained on 6E2:102? So if you have 50 STR, Reduced END (0 END; +1/2) and then: Multipower 22 points f - HA +2d6, AP (+1/4), 0 END (+1/2) - 17 Active Points f - HA +2d6, Autofire (3 shots; +1/4), 0 END (+1) - 22 Active Point (I'd consider the +1/2 worth of Reduced END on the base 50 STR to then become Half END) f - HA +2d6, AoE (2m Radius; +1/4), 0 END (+1/2) - 17 Active Points etc. Then you could do 10d6 AP punch at 0 END, or 3x 10d6 punches at 2 END each, or 10d6 AoE 2m Radius at 0 END, etc.
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    In other news...

    "Missed my vital spots!"
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    Quathran was one of the most successful pirates that sailed the seas. She robbed the rich and would assist the poor and down trodden. She was human but worshipped Rebastia. For some time she plied the seas and helped the Amamaun or saved them from fishermen or hunters. However she had enemies and they banded together to make a fleet capable of capturing her once and for all. They also realised that they needed to neutralise any aid that Rebastia might bestow and so they made donations and offerings to the God of Water and used bribery and coercion through other faiths to all but guarantee their success. Under Captain Shreb the Undefeated the fleet set out to finally end Quathran’s escapades. They then foolishly claimed that no God could stop them now from catching the pirate once and for all. Hubris is a wonderful thing. As Rebastia struggled to reconcile the pleas of Quathran and the counter demands of Shreb, Olos appeared before the God of Water. He said that he had been watching and was aware of Quathran’s devotion. He lamented the fact that the pursuers could catch the pirate on all the known seas. Rebastia reluctantly agreed the point. Olos then asked ‘But what if there was a new sea ?’ and so Olos created the Sea in the Sky an odd dangerous sea which went into the sky and returned to the torus elsewhere. Quathran used it to escape and heaped praise on Rebastia. Rebastia was not pleased but Olos faced his fellow god down. ‘If Shreb and his sponsors succeed, then all the Gods can be, and will be, defied. This cannot be, and will not be, allowed. I have allowed Dagna the Islands that float in my domain so shall you allow me this. Besides your follower thinks you saved her.’ When Shreb and the other captains and sailors saw their prey escaping and found that their ships could not access this new sea, they reacted angrily and cursed the gods, Olos heard them and cried 'Blasphemy !' with a great deal of glee. He fell upon them with storms scattering them across the world. Academy records two epic plays Quathran’s Great Escape and the Scattering which detail the miraculous escape of the pirate by the creation of a new sea, and Olos suddenly turning on Shreb and his fellow captains throwing them all over the world. Both credit Rebastia with saving Quathran and asking Olos for help as Shreb threatened the Amamaun. Academy himself knows that Olos was responsible but as lies and trickery are his purview propagates the myth. Or maybe because someone could turn on them as Rebastia was turned on they believe that what the mortals don’t know is best for all. This is an Interference and Log and I discussed this as Geography or Interference.
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    Avengers Endgame with spoilers

    Except dimension travel > time travel. Really, I liked how they handled time travel in Endgame, but even so listening to the endless complaints of people who just didn't get it cast a pall on the experience. For me, one of the enjoyments of geek movies is the online experience of talking about it afterward. It is chance to be part of my tribe. However, it turns out that a sizable chunk of my tribe doesn't know how to handle it when time travel doesn't work the same way that it does in the time travel movies that they are familiar with. I find myself wanting to tell them that it isn't that complicated, that other people have already done a fine job explaining why the things they are calling plot-holes aren't in fact plot-holes, and to stop being so stubbornly dense. What I am saying is that it gets old, and for that reason I don't want another MCU movie with time travel. Edit: Though I do agree that Feige and company would probably do a better job making Kang interesting than the comics for the most part have done.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    Lawnmower Boy

    A Thread for Random Musings

    Yay! I survived the 22 hour day off, and now get to enjoy the 53 hour day off! Good thing that science has found that a constantly varying sleep schedule is the key to longevity, clarity of thought and typing witonboni4qo
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    Crafting Mundane Items

    The 6th Edition Hero Skills book (anf the 5th edition) have all the rules and time charts and modifiers for building weapons and armor under the Weaponsmith and Armorsmith skills. The 6th Ed Fantasy Hero book has advanced rules for building fantasy weapons and armor starting on page 207. As for non-weapons & Armor crafting, the Skill book under the Mechanics skill has rules and charts for building and repairing mechanical devices, which could be adapted to crafting other items and such with just a bit of effort.
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    It’s funny you guys bring this up, because I had a friend create a noire-type anti-social asshole character for a globe-trotting Pulp HERO group. He kept trying to say, in character (not as the player), “I’m antisocial and I don’t really like people,” or “I don’t really care or need anyone else.” They were all a bit over the top and a bit too obvious. Everyone rolled with it in game, but I felt compelled to pull him to the side afterwards and remind him that his character is in a group in the game, and he should think of a really good reason why he’d even be in a group, and why that group would even want him in it in the first place. A little conflict could actually be fun, but it had to make sense. If that didn’t fit his character, I suggested he save that character for another time and rethink a different character for this particular in-game group. I don't want to force my players to do things they don’t want, but I think it’s only fair that they at least have some kind of reason for playing with the group of characters. As players, they’re all cool with each other. It’s just that this particular character conception needed some tweaking.
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    RDU Neil

    Ideas from Other Game Systems

    In what way did I even imply reading a story? Never. But if your character is acting all moody and grumpy, cool... but the player better be quite open about "Hey... understand that my character is really angry and defensive, but that is not me, the player... I'm totally cool with how this is playing out." And to your initial experience... "My charaxter dismisses your character becuase he is a brooding moody secrative loner..." is a legitimate response. The rest is a misplay because the player is allowing the character to know things they wouldn't. But if your character has been anti-social and unwilling to cooperate... even if we the players know why... it is actually quite acceptable for the characters to react negatively to this. That is the drama that plays out. What is important about the meta-conversation is making sure the PLAYERS are ok with is. If you are ok with your character being ostracized and dismissed because that is a likely outcome of their anti-social behavior... cool. Good drama can come out of a character being written out for a while because he's an asshole and the player is like, "Yeah... he is an asshole and kicking him out seems right." Later, a plot might arise where that character comes back, when it is dramatically interesting to force characters to work together AND THE PLAYERS ARE ALL COOL WITH THIS DRAMA BEING EXPLORED. What is not acceptable is the moody PC player expecting everyone to accept this and somehow allow that behavior and keep him around even though it is sucking the fun right out of everyone else's play. If BlastMan storms out of the conference room, breaking the doorframe with his casual strength, angry because the rest of the team won't just go into Destructo's HQ guns blazing... ok... that's a legit reaction. What comes next is important... if the PLAYER just sits there, says nothing, just "He storms out," without offering any meta-explanation, that's unfair to the rest of the group who aren't sure if the PLAYER is all upset, or if just BlastMan is? How is the rest of the table supposed to react? Now, if the player says, "Going meta for a moment, yeah, BlastMan is acting a bit unhinged. The idea that his mom might still be alive is clearly causing him to crack a bit, and I'm cool with however the team reacts. If BlastMan gets benched for the actual attack, ok, that can be some cool interpersonal drama there to explore." Whatever... that isn't "reading a book" but it is incumbent on each player to let the other players know what they are thinking. Clarifying situations and avoiding misinterpretations. It is a group dynamic creating a shared imaginary space, so what is going into that space needs to be shared. Now, if GhostGirl's player says, "Do we have any idea why he's half-cocked like this? Do we have any clue about this mother stuff, because if not, GhostGirl would probably read him the riot act?" And BlastMan's player can say, "Oh no, she wouldn't know... that could be cool... let's play that out," and bam, you are back into the role-playing and having a good time as characters scream and yell at each other, but the players are having fun. Without a very short meta discussion instead the whole thing degenerates, as players fail to communicate because their characters fail to communicate. No way no how is that good for play.
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    Steve Long

    Image movement

    An Image is able to move within the Area bought for it (if the Image doesn’t have the Area Of Effect Advantage, then it can only move within the 1m radius Area where the character created it). If the Image is bought with the Mobile (+½) modifier to Area Of Effect, then the whole Image can move according to the rules for that Advantage, which could make the characters or objects within it potentially seem to move long distances. (If the Image only affects a 1m Area, then a character can buy Mobile for it without buying the base Area Of Effect, as noted on 6E1 324.)
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    Origins 2019

    Cereal Killers: Night of the Living Crunch This is the first time in a while that we've had nine players, so every character got to be a part of the action. 28 bowls later... The dead are rising, and want to eat your grains. America's favorite breakfast cereal icons star in this grim and gritty urban adventure. Cap'n (James Tiberius) Crunch is a mighty sailin' man; an experience seaman leader. Tony the Tiger is the fitness nut (or flake) of the group, bringing out the tiger in everyone. Toucan Sam the cynical detective noir is suspected of ecoterrorism -- the nose knows. Sugar Bear brings peace, jazz, and cereal to children of the world. Trix Rabbit is the driven (manic?) experimental field engineer / gadgeteer. Lucky the Leprechaun is the mystic master of the occult arts -- the Cereal Supreme. Sonny the Cocoa Puffs Cuckoo is the chocoholic street smart pharma hustler who can go nutso with extreme prejudice. Count Chocula feeds upon chocolate by night, and sleeps in a large cereal box by day. Quisp is studying the Earth, visiting from his native Quisp Continuum. Breakfast is the most important game of the day.
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    I'm rather assuming that Mythic Hero is going to be a book of Gods: a Mythic Hero book would have to contain something useful to use in my games, or a game I might create or play in. I remember the old Deities and Demigods book in DnD and how, despite the fact that I bought it, I never really found a use for it: the characters portrayed were too powerful for even the mightiest of heroes and took on an almost arbitrary aspect because there were no rules for creating them - you could make up what you wanted to. So I suppose the first thing a book of this sort would have to answer is 'what is a God?', then 'what is the place of a God in my game?' Almost by definition a God is something that is beyond the bounds of the world we live in. A lot of comic book characters are described as 'godlike' in their power, but are they? Gods in story and legend could do whatever was needed for the story or legend, and were limited in whatever ways were needed. I would not be particularly keen on a villain/NPC book detailing the stats of Gods: at the sort of power levels we are talking about, Hero starts to break down unless you have very strict build guidelines: a 1000 point character can have a 100d6 Blast and still have 500 points to spend on other stuff. Another 1000 point character could not usefully defend against that sort of attack without being very fortunate in the way they built the character. In fact, at that level some powers become almost de rigeur: damage reduction being a case in point. In addition the sheer variety of attacks becomes impossible to usefully defend against: a 50d6 NND will take down almost anything that is not specifically shielded against it. The above examples also shows how unplayable the characters would be: if you are rolling dozens of dice for damage, you will be spending most of your time just adding up. Gods should have weaknesses: not ones that allow them to be beaten in combat, because that almost never happens, but ones that allow them to be outsmarted, misdirected or tricked. If a mortal beats a God, it is almost always because they are smarter, or luckier in some way, than the God they beat or that they had the help and guidance of another God. You do not usually hear tales of mortals besting Gods in direct combat, not unless the God has deliberately limited itself in some way, or been limited. Gods should affect the world in various ways: some as mere superstitious talismans, others as active participants in fate, but always as a plot device rather than an active antagonist. You might defeat Hades by foiling his followers' machinations, but you are unlikely to simply punch his lights out... ...having said which, that actually happened in a game I ran where the characters were 250 point superheroes - but I had not statted up Hades and calculated his stun and KB, it happened because Hades was passing through a portal to the mortal world and the character, Fortress, struck at exactly the right time and, well, it made sense for the game. I had not planned it, but I certainly took advantage of it. That, I suppose is the point: even if we assume that most Gods are basically high powered superheroes, who plays games at that level? The effect they have on the world should be as shadow on a screen. If I had to say what I would want from Mythic Hero it would be rules for building a game that could stand the pressure of Gods as active participants in the affairs of the game world. On a personal note, I am sorry to hear of Steve's health problems: nothing too serious, I hope.
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