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    I guess something rotten isn't going to Denmark.
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    It Was the Best of Thymes, It Was the Worst of Thymes: The Complete History of the Spice Girls
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    Be At Ease Campaign Arcs

    Speaking as someone who works in the commercial real estate industry, that seems like a pretty fair deal. Here are some real world numbers to consider. $100k cash outlay will pay for a one-year lease in Boston in a Class B building for about 3,300 or so rentable square feet ($30/sf annually or $99,000). There's about 20 million square feet currently vacant in that city, so even a Class A space can probably be found for that rate in a lower occupancy building, given Killroy's knowledge of real estate. In comparison, here in suburban San Diego county, you can pay about the same price for office space in a Class A building. Location will really determine things. Warehouse rental rates in the US are averaging about a quarter of the rate that Class B office space goes for in Boston, or about $7 per square foot. There are also dying strip malls where space can be had for real cheap nowadays, especially in less popular areas.
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    A superhero setting from Scratch

    One question: Chicago is home to skycrappers. What is a skycrapper? They sound... unpleasant. I'd just like to point out that a hollow earth that is really a giant computer, with the occasional, hidden alien hitchhiker linving among humankind is a great tradition that should be memorialized and is a much better option than snakemen.
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    A superhero setting from Scratch

    I admit I would have had the option that a (dead) spaceship, including (dead) passengers, were found thirty meters below the surface embedded in basalt of the Columbia River Basalt Group in eastern Oregon, in a layer of rock that was laid down about 16 million years ago. The spacecraft isn't damaged (much), but all the power sources are long dead. Recent erosion and a cliff collapse exposed the remnant sometime in the last fifteen years, though discovery of the ship is more recent than that.
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    I doubt that the sheer awesomeness of this alone will ever be matched. Well done!
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    I guess if I had to list the Indiana Jones movies in order of greatness it would be Lost Ark Last Crusade ...all the documentaries about making of the previous movies, interviews of the actors, etc ... ... ... Crystal Skull Temple of Doom
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    You can't trust a word that comes out of a studio rep's mouth. Their job is to spin the facts to the brink of vertigo.
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    I think part of the problem is that the more severe side of the left tends to call anyone who isn't left enough for them ALT Right. A lot of the labeling is patently absurd. Two internet guys I like to listen to fairly often are Joe Rogan and Tim Pool. They're both moderate democrats. They dislike/hate Trump and agree with most things that would have been mainstream left only 8-10 years ago. Now Tim has a show that is being threatened to be shut down by Antifa nuts because it involves trying to get progressives and conservatives sitting down face-to-face to talk to each other. Tim, in particular, getting called ALT Right is incomprehensible to me. He likes universal income, health-care for all, and several other mainstream left ideas. If this kind of nonsense doesn't cool off by 2020 there are going to be lifelong liberals voting for Trump because their own party has lost its mind.
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    Hex-Wolf “Look at him, walking off into the triple sunset of Mirathon, Las Culverin on his shoulder and quantum-bandolier across his chest. The Curse-Blade of Theelis Narr on his hip. Hex-Wolf goes to face the Sand Worm King. He goes to his death this day. Death or Glory. Probably death….” The Legendary Fighter Hex-Wolf has amassed victories uncounted, and his deeds burn bright across the galaxy. His culture adores him, and his enemies admire him, even while they seek his death. It is said that he has died a thousand and one times and returned to defend the defenseless a thousand times. He is the Endless Hero. One theory floated on the galacti-web is that he is, in fact, several heroes, a secret society that races to the aid of those who cannot resist the forces of evil in the galaxy. I saw him once on Skaphulax Icks. You know of the monstrous Scolopendra Titanicus. It is a centipede the size of a moon-bus. Touching one of these with a bare hand is death. Literally, touch it and you are gone. With these things spread around the galaxy I bear hope that those Krysalys Machines are more than a rumor. Growing up to twenty feet in length, S. titanicus is the most awesome last thing you’ll ever see. They have surprisingly simple minds, and are immune to Psionic Powers that target the mind. We were accompanied by Mystic Adora Randor, and her powers were put to the test one terrible day. We were tracking one of these on that cursed planet for research and possible retail purposes when the thing doubled back and upset the mono-carriage, spilling us to the forest floor. Mystic Adora blasted at the thing, pouring untold power through her pineal gland and inflicting pain that must surely have flared in the Astral like a supernova. She collapsed in exhaustion after just three Phases. Thank Qwes she was not so badly burned out that she couldn't take Recoveries. With a flick of his wrist, Hex-Wolf tossed a Hex Grenade at her, englobing her in a six-sided bastion of energy. The carriage’s grav-plates flared in a vain attempt to get us level again, as the beast chewed a huge Pakadar guard in half and set its eyes on me. Frozen in fear, I could only watch as Hex-Wolf leapt on the beast’s back like aid unlooked for and drove the Curse-Blade of Theelis Narr deep into the monster. I watched in awe as Legend and Monster did battle, recalling the dragon-slayers of old. In place of Excalibur, there was the Curse-Blade, no lance did he bear but a Las Culverin. The rumors were true; he was a mighty hero. As he rained down terror and catastrophe on the beast I could but cry in adulation and marketing potential. At last he turned to me and in a voice like distant thunder asked if I was okay. I could barely reply in the affirmative. After the battle, I attempted to harvest the thing’s poison glands (definitely for retail purposes, I was kind of low on research funding). Working as carefully as I was able, my usually skillful hands fumbled the Terror-Glottis and Hex-Wolf carried me back to the settlement. Paralyzed, I served as a hat rack in the Pasha’s Court of Most Perverse Delight. I was stiff for weeks. Hex-Wolf.hdc
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    These changes are what he's talking about. The current Spider-Man is a Sony-Marvel collaboration. He's saying they took a strong swerve away from the prior two Sony incarnations of Spider-Man. (Though in this case Ultimate universe, which influences all of the MCU versions of characters to some degree, not Elseworlds.)
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    Look what I got at half price books.

    Got this at half price books in Appleton Wisconsin
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    In the interest of full disclosure: I grew up farming in a house that didn't have electricity until I was thirteen. I never really developed a TV habit. To this day, I don't think I watch two hours a week. Though I may start to do it, since it now has fewer commercials than youtube. yep. Six months from sixty, I totally feel the disconnect.
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    A Thread for Random Musings

    Fantasy rpg session ... the bad guys are a huge coagulating giant of toxic sewage that rises out of the polluted lake, with a back-up band of power pukers to hurl toxic sludge at the PCs while the sewage giant whales on them and they join the decaying sludge at the lake bottom.... A pity I only thought of this three minutes ago ... that back-up band is AC/DC and the opening of hostilities is the iconic lyric FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROT .... ... WE POLLUTE YOU!
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    I guess her guest spot on 30 Rock was a long time ago. Sometimes I feel like Fry from Futurama. He was watching the debate between the Candidates for President of the World and said "Wait a minute. We live in the United States. What do we care who the President of the World is." "Fry, the United States is part of the World," Leela explains. "Wow, I have been gone a long time," Fry responded.
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    Enjoying this very much. Dean Shomshak
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    I miss 4th edition. Perfect balance of crunch and playability. If Hero Designer had a 4th edition option I'd be using that rule set now. Separating Transfer into a linked Aid and Drain just took a power that was intuitively understood and turned it into several lines of crunch. The fact that Grab has SIX pages and change and the equivalent maneuver in D&D's 5th edition player handbook is less than a single page is very telling. The champions 4th edition hardcover was both visually great and a good balance between too many and too few rules. I feel old and nostalgic. 😐
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    Duke Bushido

    Widening Gyre

    I have no idea where to put this, and "other genres" seems appropriate. No; I'm not looking to tear it apart or ask questions about it. I just wanted to say that I spent this afternoon reading it. Yeah; I'm probably the last guy to buy it (that's just the way it tends to go for me ), but I read it today-- the PDF, anyway. I intend to read it again when the printed book shows up. First: it took me far to long to make the connection between the Bill Keyes listed on the cover and our own Bill Keyes. That was humorously embarrassing. Second: I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well-written, with an easy, comfortable writing style that read quickly and lightly. I want more! I have to say that overall, it's not my thing-- well, Steampunk is something I've enjoyed for quite some time, but the over-all tone built into the offered setting is a bit 'dark' for my tastes, or rather, to be more accurate-- a bit dark for what I like in Steampunk. I suppose I'm a Verne at heart. Still, I can't say enough good things about this book, over all. Even though it tends to be a bit dark by default, it's not overtly depressing or dehumanizing, and is filled, particularly near the end, where the suggestions start coming hard and fast-- with suggestions on lightening things up. I wasn't too keen on the baked-in presence of magic, but again-- lots of suggestions on ignoring that, and they worked well. Oddly, I didn't mind magic as it relates to the talents of Savants. It seemed almost appropriate there. One thing I would liked to have seen was a bit more information on the "ancient evil beasties." No; I don't need write-ups for a piece of background, particularly one that is expressly described as not taking direct action in the setting, ever. But I would like to know just _why_ they are interested in humans and technology-- at least, more than the vague mentions that they are in fact interested-- and why this interest waxes and wanes across generations. To a lesser extent, I would like to know the effects on humans of this waxing and waning. I suppose to sum it up: is this something unique to the setting? Is it important to the history or the future adventures of the game? Or was this an afterthought to bring this wordbook in line with the much-unloved universal timeline dropped on us in 5e and not yet abandoned? Still, that's rather minor, as if I chose to run with this book, I could always invent what I needed and ignore what I didn't. And I confess that it _is_ helpful that the provided introductory adventure leaps directly to the machinations of these great evil beings and their attempt to use Savants to open a dimensional gateway. But that also seems pretty close to direct intervention. Still, it does provide an idea of the motives the evil and how they influence the world. I'd just like something a bit more concrete. However, if you haven't checked it out, I can't recommend it enough, if only for pleasure reading. It's just really well-done, and should be considered a high-water mark for third-party products. (What I really wish, though, was that the HERO version got the same cover as the Savage Worlds version. )
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    They're going to get that anyway. Sony has tried to boost up their IP and most of them have only made their costs back or failed. If someone else was taking one of my properties (which I have to keep making movies to keep anyway), and making a billion dollars and giving me half, I would be like okay, let's do this CES
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    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    The Cad is an emergency medic, forcing not only thou shall not kill, but also thou shall not die, as he works his way across the city. CES
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    Sony is being run by imbeciles if they don't rent out Spider-Man to Disney on a permanent basis. You can use him... if you pay us. Make your billion and give us our cut. Its basically zero risk, zero investment, and constant income.
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    You're wrong there! The southern half of the US can't be a desert wasteland if it's under water. 😛
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    Title: Star Wars Episode LXIV: Rise of the Amazon Pirate Princesses of Venus! Option: Venus (Pulp Sci-Fi Version) Option: The Genesis Device (who needs an exhaust port?)
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    Picking up Greenland now before global warming turns it into a lush tropical paradise and the southern half of the united states withers into a desert wasteland would be a good move.
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    The problem I have with Temple of Doom is that it doesn't feel like an Indiana Jones film except in small parts. The rest is some kind of gross-out horror film with Indiana Jones sort of wandering through it, and both Kate Capshaw and that poor kid are so obnoxious they ruin every scene they are in. Crystal Skull is relentlessly terrible and cringy but at least it feels like an Indy movie.
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    In other news...

    Given the various problems with the simulation, I'd say that it's a student project.
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    To me, All Combat levels only start to make sense if there is a Characteristics Maxima in effect and you are at it for OCV / DCV, or if you are applying modifiers to the levels.
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    L. Marcus

    A Thread for Random Musings

    For the first time in a long while I found myself walking down the twilight road. The way was as I remembered it -- stretching over the empty heath ringed by distant hills, with a red setting sun on my left and a silvery full moon to my right, a few bright stars emerging over my head. The cool air was still and fragrant with the scent of heather. In time I came to the crossroads of the oak. The tree had changed since I was last here -- now the eastern branches were budding, the southern branches were in full green of summer, the western branches bore leaves that seemed like banked fire, and I knew that the northern branches must be winter-bare. At the foot of the tree next to the split in the road stood a milestone, lichen-covered and unreadable and very old, but it had not been here last time. The road sign was where I remembered it, but now it bore four hands. It pointed along the three roads of the crossing, and also towards the north and the tree. I stood for a while under the summer branches, just breathing the restful air and watching the bands of mist gently dance over the heather. It was a good while, but the sun and the moon and the stars never moved. I began to feel a bit chill, so I walked around the bole to my meeting. On the northern side of the tree, under the bare gaunt branches, was a fire and a man. The man was sitting on a large root, and was just taking a steaming kettle off the fire. "Ah, boy" he said to me. "Welcome back! Long time no see." He poured the boiling water in two mugs. "No milk, right? Two sugars. Here you go, get some warmth inside you." I cradled the proffered mug and felt the hotness begin to chase the chill from my hands. "Thanks," I mumbled. I sat down on a rock across from the old man. I started bobbing the tea bag -- Lipton's Earl Grey, I noticed; my drink -- in the hot water. "Uh ... there's nothing strange in this, right?" "Oh, my boy," the man said with a not-at-all sneer, "no, just tea. Nothing unseemly, apart from the sugar." The little fire popped and sent sparks soaring. I followed them with my eyes, and saw the desiccated corpse hanging in the branches. "Huh," I said. "Isn't that me from before?" "Yes, your last visit. That went rather well!" he said with a chuckle. "A very good initiation; very effective." "I'm sorry?" "Eh, no matter, we'll cover that later. I've asked you here tonight to continue our discussion." He took a sip. "What is it you want out of this?" "Uh ... what can I want?" "Come on, boy, don't bandy words with me. I am much better at it. Just out with it -- what do you want?" What did I want?
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    Highest OCV you'd allow?

    I agree completely. I'm an experienced enough player that if I'm not doing damage when I'm hitting that I'll trip him, drop a building on him, or throw him into a fuel truck (or electric lines) so it's not as big of a feel bad moment to do zero damage. But it's still a bigger feel bad moment (in a superhero game) than missing completely.
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    Killer Shrike

    Be At Ease Campaign Arcs

    Good stuff. Ok, it's Lets Make A Deal time: Your firm has enough operating capital to afford a 1-year lease on a decent 5 office, 1 large conf, 1 small conf room, 2x 3-way desks in an open workspace arrangement, a lobby, and basic small office IT set up in a 2nd tier city of your choice (not NYC, SF, LA, Chicago)...presumably in Boston but I don't care...ya'll decide. I'll throw in temp worker reception service for this main office for free. If you opt for this I will reduce your company's Wealth by 1 and increase its Holdings by 1. You wont get your Wealth back once the lease runs out. You also have enough to afford 1-year leases on 4 run down / "distressed" properties (think old warehouses, old walkups, rinky dink industrial park offices, etc) with a fair amount of floorspace but no furnishings to speak of and poor frontage anywhere in the US....OR 2 modest but respectable properties that are smaller but have decent rented office furniture and set up to run a small satellite office out of in 2nd tier cities of your choice. Or some mix there of...on a 2:1 ratio. If you opt for this I will reduce your company's Wealth by 1 and increase its Holdings by 1. You wont get your Wealth back once the leases run out. If you grow your company over time, you can expand this further. @Durzan Malakim @King Red
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    Lighting Rod - Build Question

    I don't suppose you could just use Missile Deflection, Area Effect with a Side Effect that says that the lightning always hits the character? For FREd: For 6th ED:
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    Vote Snake Men. Vote Snake Men. Vote Snake Men
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    Supers Image game

    Four really excellent takes and this was a tough choice. However I am a sucker for world building and lore so The Mighty Ant having a connection to a previous character is too good for me to pass up. wcw43921 the next image is yours.
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    Highest OCV you'd allow?

    Honestly I rather miss entirely and know that the enemy is just better at defense than I am at offense atm or that am just getting unlucky w/ my rolls, than to hit, hit, hit, and hit and absolutely feel pathetic because I am just tickling the opponent (no damage/effect). I can always find a way to improve my OCV, but everyone seems to have a cap when it comes to how much points one can sink into a power (including the characters in the books) thus limiting the amount of damage I can do no matter what (the same doesn't apply to defense).
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    It's important to remember that Flash lasted for phases, not segments, at that time. It would be reasonable to price piercing the same for all unusual defenses now. If I were reviewing the price, I would compare it to the cost of Suppressing an equal amount of defenses. IIRC, it also expanded the Gadget Pool from Champions II to the Variable Power Pool and introduced the Damage Shield. Definitely a huge expansion to the game. There is an NGD thread on unpopular opinions where I could likely cross-post this, but I agree with removal of Transfer. If we had started with Drain and Aid, there would likely never have been a Transfer power to begin with. We complain a lot about rules bloat, then we complain when a "power" that's just two other powers mashed together gets removed. Should we have a "Bright Blast" power that combines a Flash and a Blast too? The 4e and 5e rulings on how advantages applied to Transfer, as well as the ruling that the Drain stopped working if the Aid aspect was capped out, made Transfer ridiculous. Now, we simply apply the advantage(s) to the component of the compound power to which it affects. The costing works properly as well. The sample power sets out how it works just fine. It works out to 12.5 points per 1d6 of Transfer, so it's easy enough to use that as shorthand for a plain vanilla transfer. But now: - you don't have to apply reduced fade rate, variable effect, etc. twice to get both the aid and drain to fade slower; - the END cost lines up (making Aid cost END by default helped there - why was I paying END on the Aid portion when Aid did not cost END in 4e/5e?); - the Drain and Aid can be, but are not required to be, identical; - the Drain does not stop working if the Aid caps out (for no limitation, I will add); - which also makes AoE work a lot better - it was stupid to buy AoE Transfer; - modifiers that only affect the Drain component also only affect the cost of the drain component (e.g. AoE, Damage Shield, Armor Piercing, Penetrating); - making a Transfer that heals instead of aiding can be done by the same model. I hope it's now all in one place in D&D, instead of making people flip over to conditions like "grappled", tells you how you can Squeeze, Slam or Throw the target and includes all of the feats, skills, etc. that change the rules for the D&D maneuver now. I suspect Hero covers a lot more ground (using one arm; grabbing multiple targets; escaping by changing size, etc.) - whether that is a pro or a con depends on how much you want to leave to house rules/GM discretion. Considering most of the added discussion in 5e, then 6e came from gamers asking for the rules when 'x' happens, I suggest the perfect balance varies between gamers. But I liked the 4e presentation a lot. Someone wanting to play Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Modern Hero? Not so much.
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    Dug out the book: So it would get a bit more complicated today with resistant power and ego defense, but something similar to what Lucius built could emulate it pretty easily. - E
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    As a GM I tend to keep DCV of enemies somewhat lower than most, because missing entirely is a lot more frustrating and annoying to players than hitting and not doing anything. The former, your phase is done and there's nothing you can do about it, you just missed. The latter you can formulate a way to do better damage, and come up with tactics to deal with it. And at least you got to do more than roll dice once then your phase is over.
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    I think I cannot rely on sales to tkdguy to drive this as a PDF product. Perhaps I'll just finish writing it and distribute it free hereabouts.
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    Pakadar The Xenohuman Pakadar labor under a bad reputation stemming from the reign of the Rather Disagreeable Semi-Sober Murder Magnate Greldo Fex who dominated the Telesca Dark Cloud a few hundred years ago. His Pakadar troops invaded the cloud and brought progress and learning to a halt. Entire planets were forced to turn their economies to the manufacture of war machines, battle armor, blasters of every description, Shibari rope, and foul-tasting ration packs. Beneath nearly starless night skies, decorated only with the bow shocks of nearby stars, Fex’s slave legions trained for their conquest of the galaxy while stockpiles grew higher and deeper. Greldo Fex himself grew in power daily as his armies overran worlds and his fleet smashed orbital defenses; he seemed unstoppable. This was not the case; he was stabbed in the eye by an exotic dancer on Prex. To this day, you can still buy second-hand military hardware from that period. Many of his former worlds have struggled to right themselves, a good portion of them destroyed their environments in service to the Murder Magnate. Others have grown rich selling guns and armor at bargain prices. Still others have accumulated research funding by selective appropriation of military assets and the sale thereof. Physically, Pakadar are dark orange brutes with wide mouths and beady little eyes. Their features are somewhat exaggerated when compared to other sorts of Humans. Nominally members of the Xenohuman Alliance, they are kept at arms length by most species. Pakadar.hdc
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    Swords in science fiction -- why?

    swords are less likely to puncture thin starship hulls?
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    (Emphasis added by me) As I understand it, this was the plan all along. I was celebrating the transfer of those properties to Feige the moment the Fox deal was approved and made final last year. To my mind this is non-news.
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    Namor debuted 2 years before Aquaman and 1 month before...wait for it...Batman. Coincidentally, he has never been seen waterskiiing on the backs of dolphins or riding a jetski.
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    Trump uses fear and hatred to motivate his supporters. To counter that the Democrats will have to offer a counter message, of hope and compassion. "Anybody but Trump" is not going to do it -- Americans are hungry for a positive vision. But the Dems will need someone who can inspire voters to hope again, as Barack Obama did. No more party apparatchiks like Hillary Clinton.
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    Picard trailer

    Man, that post really effected you, PG.
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    If you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughing stock. That's humerus.
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    The Advice Column

    The computer is your friend.
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