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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    Then the teacher should speak more clearly. Back in my Circuit City days, I had a co-worker tell a customer that I'd be able to answer all of his questions. The customer looked at me, and said, "Oh, yeah? How high the moon?" To which I immediately replied, "about one and a third light-seconds or around 400,000 kilometers, give or take." He looked at me with very wide eyes, and said, "Oh." After a moment, he then asked me about a laptop.
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    Simply having ridings distorts the popular vote. With a multi-party structure, Canada is a bit different, but even with two parties, and 435 seats in Congress, 218 seats are a majority. If we assume each riding has equal population, and Party A wins 218 seats with 51% of the popular vote in each riding, that accounts for 25.6% of the popular vote. They will control Congress even if they do not get a single vote in the other 217 ridings. The Senate needs 51% of 51 seats, so 26.01% of the popular vote, although the Senate is further distorted as the lower-population states need a lot less voters to elect their candidate. One issue that comes up a lot in Canada is that so much of the population is in two provinces (Ontario and Quebec) that you don't often need to count the votes in the other provinces to figure out who will form the government. They make up over 60% of the population. That puts a lot of political power in those two provinces. But if we had equal seats for each province and territory, about 10% of the population could theoretically elect the majority (7 provinces and territories of 13). "Fair" is a really challenging concept to pin down. Some countries do count popular vote. A party that wins 5% of the popular vote in Canada would be considered a fringe element, and would not likely win a single riding. But in a proportional representation structure, they would get 5% of the seats, and select which of their candidates would occupy them. Those countries tend to never have one party in a majority, and coalitions need to cooperate to form a government. We have minority governments in Canada on occasion, also requiring two or more parties to cooperate. This can result in a party with very few seats gaining a lot of political clout when they hold the balance of power.
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    But you have to admit, "Space Nazis on the Moon" just has a special ring to it.
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    Duke Bushido

    linked versus added

    When we're shelling out eighty bucks a pop for all thirty-nine volumes of the Seventh Edition, you are _really_ going to regret having said that out loud....
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    To be fair, the Nazis didn't think of themselves as being the bad guys. I could see a group of Nazis, disgruntled over losing the war, regrouping on the moon and vowing that next time it'll be different. The world didn't like us last time? Just wait until they see us when we're trying to be the bad guys!
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    HERO Lmitations and Value

    A power that acts as another Power, is that other Power. The spell proposed only wants to do one thing. Display information, albeit to a specified target or targets. This is Images. It does not do damage, it affects more than one target, has nothing to do with willpower. Images can select for Senses or Sense Groups. Trigger has the only mechanic that links a Detect specifically to it for X variable. I do not see the argument for MI.
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    Widening Gyre

    I've started running a "Victoriana" campaign, and Widening Gyre is of of my minor sources. It's a good book. I'd love to see a Victorian Hero or Steampunk Hero the size of Pulp Hero, but that won't happen. In my campaign I'm combining pieces from Cowboy Hero, Horror Hero, Widening Gyre, GURPS Steampunk, Victoriana, Castle Falkenstein, and several others just to get the pieces of all the things happening in a magictech world of 1866. Lots of stuff! And since mine is based in the San Francisco, not London, there are different assumptions about the goings on. But I digress. Bill Keyes did a great job with his Widening Gyre.
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    The cranky thread

    She found them. *whew*
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    Good post, but a casual fact check doesn't support this one stat. More Filipinos did die in WW2 than in the US Civil War, but not even close to twice as many. There were 57,000 Filipino military casualties and 900,000 civilian casualties in WW II. There were 620,000 military and 50,000 civilian casualties in the American Civil War. 957k is not twice 670K. To me, though, the fact that the ratios of civilian and military deaths are flipped in each war is the most disturbing part. WW II was truly horrifying in that respect. Edit: I'd never thought of Guam's famous bat guano as an economic resource before this, though it does make sense. Thanks.
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    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Man's Truck Stolen While He Was Allegedly Burglarizing Store Across The Street
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    Naked Advantages cost END because Advantages adjust Active Points which determine END cost. Limitations don't alter END cost so I don't see any reason to make a naked buyoff cost END except to screw over people for going that route instead of making a custom "Must have OIF (Visor) or IAF (Glasses), otherwise Eye Beam is Always On" Limitation.
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    On other matters, te latest ep of the public radio program On The Media interviewed historian Daniel Immerwahr, author of How to Hide an Empire, on the history of US overseas impeialism from guano mining in the Caribbean to today's "pointillist empire" of far-flung military bases. Fascinating stuff. Of particular interest to me: The debate around the turn of the 20th century about the US' sudden new colonial empire gained through the Spanish American War (among other things). Notably, until the Afghanistan campaign the war to subjugate the Philippines was the longest in US history; and twice as many Filipinos -- American nationals, though not American citizens -- died in WW2 as Americans of any sort died in the Civil War. Also, the nature of the debate the US had about that empire. People did implicitly recognize the US had reached an existential choice: * It could expand overseas; * It could be a democratic republic; * It could be white-dominant. Pick two of three. All three were not possible. The debate was between people willing to abandon democracy by having colonies of people who were not citizens, and people who wanted to abandon imperial expansion. As Immerwahr points out, nobody suggested abandoning white supremacy by extending citizenship to conquered peoples. Indeed, much of the anti-imperial rhetoric was explicitly racist. EDIT: The outcome of the debate was... mixed. Alaska and Hawaii became states; The Philippines and most of the territory seized in WW2 were eventually let go, sort of, but still hosting military bases; and Puerto Rico, Guam and a few other places are still under US sovereignty without their inhabitants being full citizens. Perhaps this should be resolved. Dean Shomshak
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    Musings on Random Musings

    Yeah, WMDs for me. Those work around the targeting difficulty.
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    It's the fear of becoming Mark Hamill that causes people to become Valerie Bertinelli or Jim Belushi
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    Single Power Ideas

    Tina Smith, Police Detective. all the usual police skills, plus N-Ray Vision. JUST N-Ray Vision N-Ray vision on its own is fantastic for police. She can spot hidden weapons or drugs, which for her is 'in plain sight'.
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    L. Marcus

    Musings on Random Musings

    If you're on Instagram, I follow a Hokkaido Kendoka by the name Yuji Sakai -- handle is sakaiug -- that also does Iaido. Some nice videos of both disciplines.
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    Musings on Random Musings

    No, no. No DEX-based weapons for me, please.
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    L. Marcus

    Musings on Random Musings

    More swords! More swords for everybody!
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    Meanwhile... in the UK politics https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49493632
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    L. Marcus

    Musings on Random Musings

    Go for it! Take the class -- it's a pretty big investment in both time and money, so make sure it's right for you. My old Kendo club has as a policy that the first month of training in the beginners' course are free, and I always found that sensible.
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    The Non Sequitor Thread

    The door, not the rutting penguin, I hope.
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    Several factors come to mind: 1- Very relaxed culture. 2- Tropical environment is easy on the body. 3- Population is mostly Asian and they've retained enough of their cultures of origin to not balloon up to American sizes as a whole. Though a quick review of the list on Wikipedia says Minnesota - a godforsaken icy wasteland - is in 2nd place so there goes my theory.
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    Goo Girls The Goo Girls of Regula Slimefax are an amorphous lifeform with a semi-solid rest state. That is to say, they look like transparent, candy-colored female Humans but are in fact able to move through cracks, grates, and enter any place not fully sealed off from the outside. This makes them excellent infiltrators. Any equipment they might carry is left behind when they discorporate. It’s also kind gooey afterward. Loot if you want, but carry wipes. It is interesting to note that Goo Girls all resemble Chlamydia Smithereens, a Tribal Seeker After Knowledge lost in the Regula Volumes some hundred or so years ago. Many Goo Girls wander away from home to slop around the galaxy, looking at stuff. I ran into a Goo Girl on Ophiuchus/Pridax Minor. It was my routine to run around the starport there (little more than a bare patch of rock with a "radio shack" and a gift shop/fuel/life support store) for a bit of exercise each morning. Turning a corner, I passed through a Goo Girl and carried her a few dozen feet. In truth, I was running away. When I finally stopped she was flung off and splattered across the "landing pad" with a sound like an amorphous female shot through the air and landing on bare rock. We traveled together for a time, she and I. You could say she was quite attached to me. [Jeffery's Note: DO NOT GOOGLE "GOO GIRL." I DID IT TO SEE IF THERE WAS A PRECEDENT FOR THIS IDEA AND I REGRET IT DEEPLY] Goo Girl.hdc
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    death tribble

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Which leaves only treason. Lucifer, Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling. Pierre Laval, Kim Philby, Aldrich Ames, William 'Lord Haw Haw' Joyce and Griff the Wonder Collie. All well known traitors whose actions need no further explanation. To this list must now be added the name of Gilbert Reinhardt who has sold out the human race. He was not a well known villain like a DEMON Morbane or a Viper Nest leader. However he saw an opportunity and took it. Now under the name of Stearno he plots the downfall not only of governments but the whole human race. Next one to post can choose the new team
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    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Father An Ran should have known better than to read the books in the forbidden section of the Church's library. He should have known better to say the words inside some of them. He definitely should not have agreed to the deal no matter what. Now he attacks the Catholic church with his clerical powers, doing whatever he can to weaken its standing as a force for good CES
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    I'm guessing the people you mention above and their public platform, remind me of this ad in Australia.
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    That’s a coincidence, sleep deprivation made me write that sentence that way.
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    linked versus added

    Have you looked at Proportional on pages 139-140 of the Hero System Advanced Player's Guide? It does exactly what your looking for. The Advantage Table Value. Increase In Power Or Ability In A Situation Happens. +1/2. Ability has 1.5x as many points. +1. Ability has 2x as many points. +2. Ability has 3x as many points. +3. Ability has 4x as many points. +4. Ability has 5x as many points. Etc...and so on. Value Modifier. How Frequent The Increase 2 less Advantage. Veay Uncommon. 1 and 1/2 less Advantage. Uncommon. 1 less Advantage. Common. 1/2 less Advantage. Very Common. The minimum of the advantage is +1/4. There is also a Limitation version, but it is only a Partially Limited power using Limited Power. You can have both the Proportional Advantage AND a Partially Limited power with a Limited Power in one power.
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    linked versus added

    I've always thought of it as being a Naked Advantage variant (before Naked Advantage existed). If the slot was additional Running or Flight, people wouldn't have any question that it was allowed and would know instinctively to just add it to the rest of the character's movement that phase. There's no real reason why extra Blast should be handled any differently, which was probably why it was not specifically addressed. < personal opinion > I've done that kind of slot-splitting since I first started making characters. There's a huge character point cost difference between paying 6u or 12m for a slot particularly when most of the functionality of the 12m is never used. You might on occasion use only an inch or two of Flight but I don't recall anyone ever firing off a 1d6 Energy Blast...or a 2d6 or a 3d6. So I'm not going to pay an additional six character points to get a Blast flexibility advantage that I'll never use. If a Limitation doesn't limit, it's not worth any character points. But by the same token, if an advantage doesn't give me an advantage, I shouldn't have to pay character points for that non-existent advantage. IMO. Someone could argue that I should pay something (but less than the full six points) for the limited amount of flexibility I get from slot-splitting in a 60 point multipower. But that would require a heck of a lot of additional verbage in the rules and a re-write of a heck of a lot of published characters for a very small benefit. < /personal opinion >
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    Yes, but what you write is usually worth reading more than once.
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    HFFL '19: Revenge of the Browns

    We have one waiting to (re)join with Collie, but we need another for even numbers. Somebody must have a friend dying to play!
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    In other news...

    Godzilla and Middle-Earth?
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    Star Hero Miscellany

    The Cloud (With sincere apologies to Fred Hoyle and Gene L. Coon) From the 1930s, mankind was aware of complex organic chemistry in deep space. From the discovery of methylidyne in 1937, to the confirmation of fullerenes in the century following, it was made clear that organic chemistry was not confined to planetary surfaces. What mankind did not know was just how complex such chemistry could be. In dark nebulae, organic molecules cluster inside carbon fullerenes, shielding them from UV radiation and allowing electrical connectivity between self-replicating molecular structures. It is a short trip from there to animation. From animation to intelligence is a longer journey, but it is one the universe attained at least once. What I’m saying is the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex is alive. Not only is it alive, it is intelligent. Energized by its proximity to several bright stars and churned by the shock front from the Scorpius-Centaurus Association of O- and B-type stars, intelligence arose in the Cloud Complex millions of years ago and in that time, largely sat and thought about things. After a time, on what to some lifeforms would be a Thursday afternoon in late autumn, it hit upon the idea of shaping ambient carbon in its own mass, creating gigantic diamond mirrors and lenses. It used these to view the universe and extend its understanding of itself. It discovered tiny worlds, strange stars, other dark clouds and on another Thursday just two hundred years ago, life. A mis-jump brought Raymond Nix and his one-man hyper-pod into the nebula. His drive smashed and his life in grave peril, he faced death alone in the dark. Carbon nano-tubes, like soft fingers, ran over his tiny craft, understanding it to be a small self-contained world. Using spectral analysis, it formed a plan. Quickly spinning up a diamond sphere and filling it with free oxygen and other seemingly important gases, it pried open the pod and allowed Raymond Nix a second chance at life. Floating in a diamond bubble 132.5 parsecs from Earth is the last place Nix expected to be. Terrified yet hopeful, he spoke in his characteristic Lupus/Wauwatosa accent (one that always make the listener think you’re from somewhere near Milwaukee), politely requesting what the hell was happening. More nanotubes extended from the inside surface of the diamond sphere and infiltrated deep into his body. They probed, queried, sent test signals that gave Raymond hallucinations and alien thoughts. Full communication followed, and understanding blossomed. The Cloud requested that Raymond take some portion of itself with him, to let the Cloud explore the universe. “Your vacuum adapted form won’t survive in a gravity well.” Raymond explained, “You would collapse without a physical form like mine.” “Not yours.” It spoke, “hers.” The Cloud probed again and began copying memories and spinning up bones, organs and a functioning human brain. Within a few hours, a perfect copy of Raymond’s dead wife Riley stood in front of him. All of the Cloud’s millions of years of knowledge and observations flooded into the new being. A spark animated the body and she asked simply, “Can we go now?” At first Raymond resisted, this form was perfect, at least as perfect as he remembered her. Thus, she was an idealized copy, a clone the Cloud designed to tempt him into acceptance. “I could go without you. Spin up a pod of my own and venture across space for the next few million years.” It threatened, the implication that he would remain here, without hope of escape, for the hours his air supply would last. It hit him that this being, the cloud and its tempting avatar had no companionship, nothing to compare itself to, no instances of having to make rational or moral choices. This thing was a monster. A monster that was about to be inflicted upon the universe. It needs a balance. “We’ll go together.” He stated flatly. Maybe he could prevent disaster. So next time you’re at some seedy booze-pit on Remmick, or slumming with the Tribals at Collinz-Port, or even drifting through the cybernetic microcosm of the Quantum Jones Very Large Brain at Mercator University on Planet Clarke, and you see a couple laughing at the next table, and one of them looks very like long-lost Raymond Nix, just walk away.
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    Random SF Links

    Having trouble coming up with an adventure for your next Star Hero game? Here's a list of plot hooks.
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    Unpopular Opinion Challenge

    I beg to differ. The best Fantastic Four movie is The Incredibles.
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    Christopher R Taylor

    Western Hero Redone

    I like the riding talent idea, it fits the genre well. The trick is to allow impressive feats without them being too violent to the plausibility and feel of the setting. Another idea for Western Hero: The casual presence attack. The character doesn't have to say a word or do anything beyond a steely glare and causes the opponent to back down. You see it all the time in movies. By the way, Western Hero has a section on Showdowns, those "duels in the street" that were very rare in the real world but happen all the time in movies and books (and hence, should in a game). Its basically a set of modifiers to DEX or Fast Draw roll based on circumstances, weapon size, holster, and so on. Some fun: an example of a presence attack from a Western: Unforgiven William Munny crouches by the door of the tavern and is worried about ambush from the men he chased out of the room earlier. He does a Presence Attack to try to cow them: “Any man I see out there, I'm gonna kill him. Any sumbitch takes a shot at me, I'm not only gonna kill him, but I'm gonna kill his wife. All his friends. Burn his damn house down!” OK so he’s being played by Clint Eastwood so he has a pretty high presence, we’ll say 18, so that’s a base of 3½d6. William Munny has a pretty terrifying reputation already, so he’s probably riding that with a Very Frequent, Extreme Negative reputation; that’s +5d6 right off the bat. He has just engaged in Extremely Violent Action by shooting down multiple armed men including the very capable Sheriff, that’s +3d6. It’s an Excellent Soliloquy, so that’s +2d6. The men who ran off are in partial retreat, so that’s +2d6. The setting is appropriate, with a torrential storm, that’s +1d6. On the other hand, Munny is outnumbered and at a disadvantage; that’s -1d6. Still, he gets a roll of 15½d6, utterly terrifies the men, and they let him ride off without firing a single shot.
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    HERO Lmitations and Value

    "Only perceivable by people I want to perceive it" is not a Limitation. I think it's probably worth a +1/4 Advantage.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    Not film related, but TV. Black Lightening is getting its own super team the Outsiders. https://apple.news/AVoQueh87Sja1E0iJpL-rDw
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    Its on CW so its gonna be awful, it doesn't even really matter what the content is.
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    Doing a Batwoman is not that bad of an idea and could work out well. But they need simply make a Batwoman series instead of a emphasizing a political stance. Every single article to do with this is buried under identity politics. The movie Wonder Woman was prime example of how to do it right. The lead up publicity made efforts to ignore or play down the idiots (on both sides) if the identity politics. The emphasized the story and when it hit the theater you had a great movie with their "political statements" tastefully inserted with a humorous flair. And they tried to downplay the pseudo controversy that was laboriously hyped by agenda driven idiots pointing at a handful of anonymous internet posts. So far I have little idea of which version of Batwoman they are making, but I know that the main character is written as a lesbian and apparently is being attacked because she isn't the correct type of lesbian or something. I have given up in trying to figure out an agenda that changes hourly. Anyway I hope the show makes it. I love super shows. But I absolutely hate political platforms masquerading as TV shows. Marvels Runaways on Hulu is another example of a show done right. Did they have their political views and statements? Yes. Did they apply them like a 2x4 to the forehead? No. I am really hoping for another season.
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