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    It does include all the HDC files as well as the zip file with the PDF. I hope you enjoy.
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    " A lot of you will ask “why not use Hero System, Sixth Edition or Champions Complete?” And that is an excellent question. One which I have no answer to. Licensing is a strange mistress and the rites must be observed." Okay, when I read the blurb about this on the main Hero Games News page, I was excited. This is in broad terms the sort of product I've wanted for years, opening up the splendid world of M&M supers to Champions players. Now I'm just perturbed. I know many Hero gamers have a nostalgic fondness for Champs 3E, but for me its coherence and flexibility fall far short of later iterations of the system. I have to assume there are legal or financial complications involved, but I'm afraid this product went in seconds from "must-buy" for me, to "probably pass."
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    Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. I’m glad you find value in the supplement. As for wanting more, the second supplement is well in the works. The notes for playing the builds will be greatly expanded, with an eye on further assisting beginning players. The second supplement will also have some more complex builds than the first. Thanks for the feedback, we will see what we can do to highlight the CHAMPIONS focus of the supplement.
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    I just wanted to give the nod to Christopher (@ Khymeria) regarding The HERO System Book of Templates. This is an excellent book to get people started quickly with character concepts that are very well-known. At 5$, it is great value and I want more of this. The fact that the HERO Designer files are included makes it even more valuable. It might not have been your choice but why name this supplement The HERO System Book of Templates? I believe it makes a disservice to your product and does not convey the flavor, nor the utility value it's due. I believe Champions Heroes: Volume 1 (assuming there could be more) would have been better at illustrating the goal of the supplement.
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    Thank you very much, I am close to finishing another supplement, same idea, but a lot of trickier builds. I hope you enjoy.
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    Awesome idea! I’m going to have to get this!
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    Where would we find the Writers' Guidelines for this?
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    Wow. That took a while. Well done, whoever you were. Very well done, indeed!
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    Sorry, LL, But the same thing that makes you want to pass on it makes it the first true "must have" for me since Lucha HERO. Is there some sort of list I have to get on, or will it be available through the HERO store? Anybody?
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    So is it possible we could get some more clarity on the licensing issue? It would have seem to me that using 6th or CC would have been the portal to boost the presence, relevance and sales of both M&M and Hero.
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    You know - that's a good point Brian. Thank you: I didn't do a good job of explaining that. If we hit the stretch goals, I'm just going to send every backer the appropriate deck or decks, depending on what level they pledged at. (For example, electronic only backers will only get the electronic only files.) I'll do an update and see if I can change the explanations in the "story." Jason Walters, Publisher
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    There won't be room on the cards for human figures, attractive or otherwise. Just lots of text. The stretch goals will include a second "booster" deck filled with more Ability cards, and possibly a Dark Champions deck. We'll see how it goes. If the project does well, I'll think about a Fantasy Hero Deck KS. Jason Walters, Publisher
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