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    Version 2.0.0


    A selection of DC and Marvel heroes created in Hero Designer and laid on a simple RTF character sheet with a lot of the technical text edited out to make it simpler to read but also to have a character sheet of a single page (except for Batman. Because he's Batman). The sheet uses Calibri Light font. Section titles are size 10, capitalized. Standard characteristic names are size 9, bold. The rest is size 9 with flavor names in bold-italic. I have never printed it so it might look terrible on paper but it looks nice on the screen. Most characters were built using a combination of the Super HERO gallery, my own ideas but also ideas mined from these forums. The exception is Colossus which comes 99% from The HERO System Book of Templates by Christopher Hackler (which you can buy from this site). The file contains: Justice League Aquaman (700pts) Batman (800pts) Cyborg (600pts) New Flash (700pts) Green Lantern (700pts) Superman (800pts) Wonder Woman (700pts) Titans Beast Boy (400pts) Donna Troy (400pts) New Nightwing (400pts) Omen (400pts) New Raven (400pts) Starfire (400 pts) Tempest (400pts) New Marvel Colossus (400pts) Daredevil (400pts) Spider-Man (400pts) All the Hero Designer files are included (except Colossus which you ca find in the HERO System Book of Templates) New
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    Version 1.8


    This is the hero exporter file to transfer your character into the new Tabletop Simulator Hero System Mod. The TTS Mod can be found here .. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023781168
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