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  1. ccastan

    HS6E GM Screen

    Version 1


    This is a GM screen I created using a combination of tables from Champions Complete (mostly), and Hero System 6E Volume 2. I made minor tweaks to some tables because of spacing needs, but otherwise the tables are straight from those sources. The pages are laid out to use in a landscape 11" x 8 1/2" format. I use a four panel vinyl landscape 11" x 8 1/2" screen I bought online. Of course you can also use the tables on a laptop during play. Enjoy!
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  2. Version 2.6.0


    A 6e multipage HTML export format for Hero Designer In addition to using it as is, a user can also enable the "Notes 5" tab using HD's Campaign Preferences feature, allowing a given character using such a Campaign Preferences ruleset to opt into altered and / or enhanced output when exported using this template. The more prominent options available are: Combat Page: Hit Locations Hit Location notes Range Modifier notes Suppress any of the standard maneuvers that have common Martial equivalents For instance, on a character with Martial Throw, it can be convenient to omit standard Throw from the Combat Maneuver chart The format is "var flagShow<Standard Maneuver Name>=false;" Bio / Background page: Suppress the entire page from the output (useful for minions, and generic write ups) Other: Change colors (main, alt, link) Change fonts inject custom logic to interject whatever valid javascript logic you want function applyExportSettingsOverride(){ /* whatever js code you want here */ } Various header and subheader text replacements (which I should make the time to document, but currently are discoverable by reading the function applyExportSettings() in the template document)
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  3. Xotl

    Fantasy Hero Primer

    Version 1.5


    This is a quick, simple 28-page introduction to the some of the basics of the Hero System, especially as it applies to Fantasy Hero. It attempts to walk a new player through some of the system's principles, showing off why Fantasy Hero is worth digging into, but without getting bogged down in math or rules minutiae. The intended audience is someone new to Hero, especially those coming to Hero from D&D or other class-based fantasy systems. The reader is walked through the basics of character creation, three character examples, a sample combat, and a few other bits.
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  4. Version 1.0.4


    This export template will create a simplified XML document of your character. Please note that the HERO System Mobile app used to use the output of this file. As of 2021-06-20 the app no longer supports reading in characters exported using this format in favor of loading Hero Designer files directly.
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  5. Version 1.0.0


    A pack of Hero Designer builds and pdf write up of dozens of characters for Western Hero, drawn from books, radio shows, television, and cinema. Useful for your games as examples of builds, pre-mades, or used as NPCs in a game.
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    This spreadsheet is my attempt to make a workable 'Rule of X' for my own personal campaign use (and personal edification). I'm sharing it for others to use (or not use) as they see fit. The 'Rule of X' basically states that given a set of input parameters (OCV, Damage Dice, etc.) you should be able to calculate some number to represent a character's combat effectiveness. Read HS62.282 for a more in depth explanation. Personally, I found the official rules vague and hand-wavy so I thought this would be a fun project to take on and see if I could make something interesting. This is one of many tools and techniques GMs have to bring some hard and fast rules in to balance their campaign. This is not meant as a substitute for a GM's critical analysis of a character; it's an experiment that's attempting to make the 'Rule of X' workable for my own campaign. Consider this a tool in your toolkit and like any other tool it can be used and abused...munchkins will be munchkins. Campaign baselines are vitally important to the equation and the impact of them should not be underestimated! Everything is configurable; so if you don't agree with how I've weighted abilities, then change it to what you feel is reasonable. The same goes for your own campaign baselines. Disclaimer: I didn't invent the 'Rule of X' and I'm not interested in arguing it's merits endlessly on the interwebs, if you don't like it don't use it! Theory of Operation All campaigns have some notion of baseline stats like DEX, SPD, CVs, etc The spreadsheet takes those baseline statistics as adjustable parameters and assigns a weight to each The Rule of X is the sum of all weights Characters who deviate from the norm are affected like this: Going above the campaign average costs the character proportionally more depending on how much more they exceed the norm Going below the norm discounts the stat for the character in the same manner as going above it does (ie. proportionally) There's a column labelled "+/- %" that tells you how close a character is the campaign Rule of X I recommend trying to keep characters within +/-5% of the Rule of X, max Notes: All input variables (CON, DCV, oAP, etc) assume the highest possible values a character can generate (without pushing) it's not about what a character is likely to be at on any given segment of combat it is about what they could theoretically achieve if they had to put everything into a given task (like hitting a target or evading attacks) Do not factor in standard or optional combat maneuvers into the variables if anyone can perform the maneuver then it's not relevant to the calculation (everyone can Dodge so we don't include that in the DCV entry, for example) For Martial Arts: pick the greatest OCV bonus from your list of offensive maneuvers do the same for DCV except Martial Dodge counts as +2 only (the other +3 everyone has access to via standard Dodge)
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  7. Version 1.0


    This is an archive Lemming uploaded nearly a decade ago. He's not been on in over a year and since folk have been asking about character outlines. I thought that I would upload some of the ones that I have. Here's what Lemming has to say about this archive: From the ReadMe. ----- 268 different outlines. These were produced mainly from comics by Sam Bell, Don Satow, and myself. Each outline used to live on a page with several other outlines hence the odd numbering scheme. I scanned them in a few years ago and recently seperated the rest, indexed to 1 bit and left the background transparent. To be truly useful, you'll want to convert into RGB mode and use this as a background layer to draw around on. -Mark lemming at quirkyqatz.com April 10, 2005
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    A player-handout I originally created for 5E and updated for my 6E champions game. It contains commonly-referenced tables and charts along with explanations of how to do basic things like rolling to hit, rolling damage, complementary rolls and so forth.
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  9. Lord Liaden

    Hero in 2 Pages

    Version 1.0.0


    Created by Bill Keyes, Narf T. Mouse, and Steven S. Long, this PDF summarizes all the Sixth Edition rule mechanics players need to run their characters in a game, on only two pages. It makes an excellent handout to newcomers to Hero System.
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  10. 1,562 downloads

    The official character sheet from the 6th Edition rulebooks.
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  11. Version 5.0.0


    These are the rough drafts for Champions Begins, having been gone through with a few editing passes. Art continues to be worked on, so there are a lot of placeholder pieces and uncolored art, right now. Included is the GM Book, for GMs to use Player Book, for players Character Book, for players Villain Book, for the GM. All files here are for people to look over, examine for problems, give suggestions and critique, and offer assistance of any kind, especially artwork.
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  12. Version 1.6.0


    This is an updated and fixed version of Tasha's Ultimate Character Sheet - the latest version is awesome for printing with a great layout, but there were some bugs and inconsistencies to be corrected to polish it up a bit. All changes build on the work of the original author (v1.5.4) and their work can be found here: Tasha's Ultimate Character Sheet - Original Author the following changes were made to v1.5.4 to arrive at this version 1.6.0 - 2021-Jul-21 fixed invalid HTML tags on non-breaking spaces Untangled page 4 tables for skills,talents, etc. to be all aligned on the IF/ENDIF checks for those sections Gave more space for the cost and roll columns in all sections Highlight Multipower pool/Name, and List names in all sections Made Notes and character name style consistent across all sections/pages Added global replace for 1/2 dice fraction to use HTML fractional tag (at very bottom of file) Added "Combat Tactics" field to the top of page 2 making page 2 a complete combat detail
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  13. Version 2.0.0


    A selection of DC and Marvel heroes created in Hero Designer and laid on a simple RTF character sheet with a lot of the technical text edited out to make it simpler to read but also to have a character sheet of a single page (except for Batman. Because he's Batman). The sheet uses Calibri Light font. Section titles are size 10, capitalized. Standard characteristic names are size 9, bold. The rest is size 9 with flavor names in bold-italic. I have never printed it so it might look terrible on paper but it looks nice on the screen. Most characters were built using a combination of the Super HERO gallery, my own ideas but also ideas mined from these forums. The exception is Colossus which comes 99% from The HERO System Book of Templates by Christopher Hackler (which you can buy from this site). The file contains: Justice League Aquaman (700pts) Batman (800pts) Cyborg (600pts) New Flash (700pts) Green Lantern (700pts) Superman (800pts) Wonder Woman (700pts) Titans Beast Boy (400pts) Donna Troy (400pts) New Nightwing (400pts) Omen (400pts) New Raven (400pts) Starfire (400 pts) Tempest (400pts) New Marvel Colossus (400pts) Daredevil (400pts) Spider-Man (400pts) All the Hero Designer files are included (except Colossus which you ca find in the HERO System Book of Templates) New
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    From Bass Reeves to Wyatt Earp, and all points in between, this is a file packed with dozens of real-life gun fighters, lawmen, Native American heroes, and much more. This packet includes a folder full of Hero Designer files as well as a pdf with all the write ups and as a bonus, the details of how the special talents in Western Hero were constructed. GMs can use these as NPCs of history the players encounter and templates for NPCs under different identities. Players can use them as examples of how various types of characters can be built or inspiration for their own character. This is a companion file with the Greatest Guns Who Never Were, free for use and play with Western Hero!
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  15. 135 downloads

    In the 1990s Hero Games published three source books for an official setting for their Champions superhero game. Under the general heading of Champions New Millennium, these books describe a world history, campaign city, and a large number of NPC villains and heroes. Some of the latter resemble characters published under earlier or later editions of Champions, but with their own distinctive interpretations; while others were unique to the New Millennium line. Those books weren't written for Hero System, but another game rule set called Fuzion. However, over the late Nineties and early in this millennium, the Hero Games website hosted Hero Fourth Edition character sheets for nearly all the characters from the New Millennium line, for people who wanted to use those rules to play in that setting. Recently Hero Games has started selling PDF versions of the New Millennium books, and I thought it might make them more desirable to Hero System fans if I uploaded those 4E character sheets, which I saved from the earlier website. This download is a ZIP folder of over eighty 4E character sheets for characters from all three books, in HTM format. These are only the game-mechanic write-ups for the characters, not including their background text and illustrations from the original books. Those books -- Champions New Millennium, Alliances, and Bay City -- are available from the website store, under "HERO System Fourth Edition (and earlier) / Champions." Thanks to Jason Walters for permission to upload these files.
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  16. 983 downloads

    A large number of low powered heroes (250 Pts; 50 Complications). I created them as I am starting a new game with a number of players who have never played Hero. If you take a look at them please feel free to let me know what you think about them. I feel that they are rather powerful even for low point characters.
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  17. Version 1.0.0


    The PDF index for the Sixth Edition super-powers compendium book for Champions. Formerly offered for free on the Hero Games website.
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  18. Doc Democracy



    The EU explained for Science Fiction fans
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  19. 1,458 downloads

    A three-page PDF introduction to the HERO System. It contains a summary of the basic rules needed to play, and makes a good handout/reference for newcomers to the system.
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  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is an updated character sheet template that I developed for Champions, 6th Edition. It's in Microsoft Word format, making it easy to edit and print out.
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  21. Version 1.0.0


    This is a character sheet for 6E done in the 3-column style used in 4E. It is in Microsoft Word format, built with each column of the sheet inside a different table in Word (so that you can add or delete rows from any column without affecting the other two). The third column includes the Hit Location chart and a space for miscellaneous notes. Manually re-size a row in each column as needed to make the bottom border of the sheet line up as the size changes.
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  22. Version 1.0.0


    This is a character sheet for Champions Complete done in the 3-column style used in 4E. It is in Microsoft Word format, built with each column of the sheet inside a different table in Word (so that you can add or delete rows from any column without affecting the other two). The bottom of the third column has room for additional powers and skills. Manually re-size a row in each column as needed to make the bottom border of the sheet line up as the size changes.
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  23. Durzan Malakim


    Version 1.0.0


    This export template is intended to present everything you need to play in four pages as long as you keep the number of items to display within certain limits. Exceeding the limits adds a page, and usually doesn't look good doing it. The first page can support around 5 to 7 Perks, 5 to 7 Talents, and 10 to 12 Complications. The second page can support around 40 Skills and 20 to 25 Martial Maneuvers. The third page can support around 30 to 35 powers and equipment descriptions. The fourth page can support a page worth of Background and Personality description.
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  24. Version 1.0.0


    These are my old 4th Edition character write-ups for the DC Universe that I used years ago for various game events. They're in Microsoft Word format to easily edit and print. They are the following characters: Aquaman Batgirl Batman Black Canary Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) Booster Gold Captain Atom Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) Flash (Barry Allen) Flash (Wally West/1990s) Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Green Lantern (John Stewart) Hawkgirl Huntress Martian Manhunter Maxima Power Girl Shazam Supergirl Superman Wonder Woman
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  25. fdw3773

    DC Heroes II

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's the next wave of DC Heroes: Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Firestorm, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Ice. Not all characters have Hero Designer files.
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  26. Version 1.0.0


    The Westerlands calendar for the year 5000SE. Based on the description and information provided in the Turakian Age sourcebook. I had been looking around for one but in the end created my own. Including: Holy Days and Wyretha (the 6th Holy Day) Moon cycle showing Full & New moons * Months names are colour coded for the seasons. As mentioned on the calendar the Holy Days divide the year into 5 parts. When a year is divided like this a single part is usually referred to as a "Quinary" (plural is Quinaries). I imagine that having these divides in the year would be something that the populus might make use of. * included for "The Druids" given the entry on p.206 under Almandre; Obviously the following years will need new calendars in order to show the correct moon cycle given the Wyretha at the end of the year on every fourth year.
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  27. 119 downloads

    "Le Chat Royale Noir" was founded during the French Resistance and has ties to Savate. It is a quick brutal fighting style intending to dispatch opponents before they can raise the alarm. This was created by my son Jayderic, age 7.
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  28. Version 1.0.1


    A simple export template for the Hero System 6th Edition Designed to be a clean and minimalistic (relatively) template that prints reasonably well Follows the DRY principle (Don't Repeat Yourself) whenever possible I tried to make the template easy to read and well labelled Heavily influenced by Legendsmiths excellent RTF export templates
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  29. Version 1.0.0


    Herein, you will find all sorts of things. Many of them are incomplete, stupid, or just too weird to keep in my head any longer. So here you are. A glimpse into my Fantasy HERO campaign. If you like it, remember that it is the work of years, slaved over and pounded upon until it has reached the incomplete state you find it in. If you do not like it, note that I slept a great deal during those years, some if almost certainly while typing.
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  30. Version 1.0.0


    I recently noticed that the late great Aaron Allston's classic Hero campaign source book, Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes, is now for sale in PDF form from the Hero Games website store. That book was written for first-edition Fantasy Hero, before all the different iterations of Hero System were unified in Fourth Edition. However, Aaron himself created a document covering not only errata for the book, but Fourth Edition updates to a great many elements from the book: character templates (including the "basic god"), combat maneuvers, weapon and equipment game stats, and Powers as magic spells (but not the specific spells from the book). These conversions would make using Mythic Greece with any later edition of Hero much easier. Aaron provided this file for free, both on the classic Red October BBS and on his personal website. Hence I have no hesitation to post it again here.
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  31. Version 1.0.0


    This is a list of vehicle weapons for a Robot Warriors campaign ran via Hero 6.0. Let me know what you think.
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  32. fdw3773

    DC Heroes

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, Everyone! Here is the first wave of DC character write-ups that I previously used at the game conventions. They are Aquaman, Batman, Batgirl, Booster Gold, Black Canary, and Huntress. All have the Hero Designer file except Black Canary that was accidentally deleted at one point. Enjoy!
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  33. Brennall


    Version 1.8


    This is the hero exporter file to transfer your character into the new Tabletop Simulator Hero System Mod. The TTS Mod can be found here .. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023781168
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  34. Version 1.0.0


    The zip file contains a number of generic Fantasy Hero Characters for Hero 6th Edition. They are accessible via HERO Designer. The characters are 175 Points with 50 in Complications. I have not given them Complications or Equipment. Let me know what you think.
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  35. Version 1.1


    A simplified character sheet that I made for personal use. An example character is included, to show what I used it for. If it's in any way useful, great! I plan on tweaking the layout, as I get a better understanding of what I actually want in front of me during a game If anybody has requests/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!
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  36. Gauntlet


    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Fantasy Hero writeup for the D&D Monster "Beholder". It includes both PDF and Hero Designer formats for both the main Beholder body and the Beholder eyestalks.
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  37. Version 1


    This is a zip of the TIF files used in the book itself.
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  38. drunkonduty

    Fantasy Hero Basic

    Version 1.1.0


    This is a simplified version of the 6th edition Fantasy HERO Complete rules and is intended for players new to HERO System. It assumes no knowledge of the main rules set, but is playable straight out of the box. To keep things simple this document doesn't use all of the rules as presented in Fantasy HERO Complete, and simplifies others. For example the character creation guidelines use pre-generated templates that can be mixed and matched to create characters. The list of available skills has been reduced, with some skills being rolled into others. It also includes a simple magic system, with lists of spells available for characters, as well as lists of equipment and weapons. All the spells and other templates have been created using, and are compatible with, the rules as presented in Fantasy HERO Complete. I hope you find it a useful introduction to the HERO system.
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  39. Version 1.0.2


    This is a 3 page character sheet I whipped up for HERO 6th Edition. Here is a summary of the pages; Profile - characteristics, movement, senses, points, perks and talents and finally complications. All skills and powers / equipment. Combat profile - vitals tracking, to-hit chart, defenses, combat values, references and maneuvers. Design goals; I wanted a sheet that was more "newb" friendly. So I tried to include the full names of characteristics with abbreviations. I also wanted it to be easier on ink, hence the various watermarks. I also like my personal info at the top of the first sheet. I feel this approach makes it easier to use. During social or interpersonal scenes, you can have sheet 1 and sheet 2 face up. During combat, you can have sheets 2 and 3 face up. This allows for 2 sheets face up side-by-side depending on the focus of the "scene".
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  40. Legendsmiths

    Hero Compact (RTF)

    Version v1.7


    The layout is a clean two column format with indenting and bolding for clarity. The Hero System logo is in the document, and nearly all character tags/information are included. Redundant information is avoided (e.g. STUN is listed only once). Sections are by column. Usually you can condense a character to 2 pages just by rearranging sections. The RTF in this format is only supported by MS Word, which is supported with the MS Word Viewer (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=4). Other Notes All skill levels put along side Combat Skill Levels Encumbrance is only displayed if you have equipment Equipment lists in a more "equipment like" format Secondary STR produces Secondary ENC Table If you have an image file the file size will be bloated if you just preview the character. Use Export to File to ensure the smallest file size possible. Image should fit under background and must be a JPEG Please feel free to send me comments or corrections. Written by Shane Harsch (shane@tekhed.com)
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  41. Version 2.2


    A sheet that prints the background and basic Name fields. include the herologo.jpg file in the same directory as the outputted character sheet for best appearance (BTW any file 150px wide and 67px high will work in the place as herologo.jpg as long as it has that name)
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  42. feralucce

    Gear Catalog

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple gear catalog for those of you who are running a gear heavy campaign (Star hero, steam punk and fantasy hero can be gear intensive). It is based on the 6eHTML_UltimateCharacterSheet (Blue) by Division. Enter the gear type in the name field (Pistols, Survival Gear, Spy tech, comms, etc) Create your gear as individual powers. export. Print's well - there is no border. There is no photo slot in this export template. Printing to PDF works VERY WELL
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  43. Version 1.0.8


    This export template will create a HTML5 mobile app that you can use on your phone/tablet/laptop/PC. I've included a dice roller that is suitable for use in your sessions as a dice replacement...I've ran a session where we used nothing but this app and a pencil and paper and it actually worked out pretty well. In some cases (particularly around calculating damage) it's actually faster than rolling all those dice and calculating BODY, STUN, KB, etc. You can use this on a regular PC it is really meant to be run on a mobile device so I would encourage you to try it out that way. You can also use the developer tools in Chrome to simulate a mobile device dimensions by hitting F12 and hitting ctrl+shift+m...pick the device you want to use. You could also just shrink your window down real small Usage Windows and Linux Install the attached .hde file as you would normally Export your character using the new template Android (Option 1) Export the character using the new template Save the webpage to your Android device Open Chrome and type in file:///sdcard/<PATH_TO_FILE>. Example - file:///sdcard/Download/red_star.html Android (Option 2) Export the character using the new template Save the webpage to your Android device Install a HTML viewer like Visor HTML Browse to the saved webpage from step 2 in your HTML viewer (important - open the file from within the app itself, there's some issue with loading it from the file system that's beyond my ability to fix) Android (Option 3) Export the character using the new template Save the webpage to your Android device Install a webserver (I recommend kWS Server) Start your server Browse to the saved webpage from step 2 Mac I'm not a Mac guy but I imagine the usage would be similar to Android...sorry!
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  44. 47 downloads

    Basic description of how I have sought to produce a macro in Roll20 that generates a dropdown of other macros that do manoeuvres in play.
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  45. tiger

    Guilt Complex


    Article by Dennis Mallonee from Adventurer's Club #4 called The Guilty Complex, great article and help give me an idea for a villain group on a up coming project
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  46. 1,661 downloads

    form fillable 6e character sheet (pdf) Not sure who created this but I noticed it was not in the current download section. Enjoy. HM
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  47. 221 downloads

    This is the second set of character remakes for 6th edition from the Champions Presents adventure book. Includes a paper miniature page for printout.
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  48. 148 downloads

    This is a stripped down, simplified character sheet designed for new players. Its meant to have only the most basic info, without costs, modifiers, etc and show the 11+OCV roll for attack maneuvers rather than bonuses. Each section is color coded for easier reference: red for combat, green for characteristics, blue for complications, pink for movement, etc.
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  49. Version First


    This is a rebuild of the old Campaign Rules sheet that was offered in 4th Edition Champions. It gives the GM a single sheet to fill out with all the things players may need, including power level ranges, point bases, optional rules, house rules, everyman skills, and so on.
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  50. Version v1


    Champ - Everyman Skills - Modern HERO System Sixth Edition Genre: Champions The Modern Everyman List, which is usable for Champions. Make sure you fill in the Professional and the Area Knowledge items once purchased. Downloads: 730
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